Happy All Hallows...

Halloween 2008 is now behind us. Our little get together to hand out the goodies went well and we're now cleaning up.

Here are a few photos from the nights festivities.

Thanks to another great idea from Martha, I made this no bake cheesecake the night before the party. The spider web design was super easy to make and it got oohs and ahhs from the guests.

I focused most of the effort on decorating the outside of the house but I did a few things to outfit the indoors as well. Like these mouse silohuettes which were a steal at $5/package at Michaels crafts. (Also from Martha Stewart.)

I made a coffee table centerpiece using a small skeleton I had in my old Halloween decorations box.

I created a little witches brew bar with some extra plastic spiders, black thread and green food coloring. I didn't get a great photo of this but this was a very last minute project and it turned out really cool with the spiders looking very eerie in the green liquid.

And of course the Wisteria candelabra looked pretty fab with its dripping candles on the buffet.

And yes, I decided to keep it but I bought some dripless candles for non Halloween use.

And in case anyone is counting, we gave more than two thousand pieces of candy out last night to all the tirick or treaters big and small. We saw some great costumes including an invisible man, the Mona Lisa and a bridge to nowhere. 364 days and counting til Halloween 2009...


  1. You did such a phenomenal job! Your friends are so lucky to have such a fabulous hostess to throw these amazing soirees for them.

    You have such a talent for decorating, entertaining, and photograpy. I enjoy your blog so much.

  2. Wow...You have the bestest parties!! Your ideas are far out...Love all your scary inspiration!

  3. okay, i'm officially in awe of the decorating you do for the holidays. i couldn't even manage to get my pumpkin carved this year.

  4. Excellent job and I loved all of it.

  5. oh my gosh this looks absolutely stunning! you should seriously become an event planner or something! i love all of your get togethers - so lovely.

  6. Everything looks amazing!!! If this was last minute I can't wait to see a planned party. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so I am dying to see your house with those decorations. xo, MB

  7. OMG. This totally rocks. I love all of it...The ideas, the photos, the food...Sigh.

    p.s. Bridge to nowhere costume...Ha! Fabulous.

  8. WHAT A SPREAD!!! Can you come do my house next year for Halloween??? PUUHHLEEEEZZZZ!

    You have such talent and I log forward to your posts.

  9. Wow, nice decorations! What a lovely job on the cake :)

  10. What a great job you did!!! Amazing.

  11. Ok, you did a fantastic job. Loved all your details!

    Jay and I went to a Halloween party last night hosted by a couple that loves Halloween just as much as you. It was a Dexter theme (Showtime TV show.) The entire party room was wrapped in visqueen (sp?) with all kinds of scary elements protruding from the plastic. It was amazing.

  12. Mrs Limestone - Can I get an invite to your party 2009? Seriously I would fly up north for such a fabulous affair!

    We are all jealous :)

  13. LOOVE it! This makes me want to really have a party next year! Fabulous ideas! Can't wait to see what you do for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  14. Wow...looks great. I am always in awe of your decor.


  15. I just found your blog via mabelshouse...amazing! I absolutely LOVE your beautiful home. She is a grand old lady don't you wish her walls could talk? I've been lurking and catching up on all your posts and just wanted to de-lurk and say hello. :) I have serious house envy! BTW, I have an etsy shop and I would love to send you one of my prints (if I may be so bold as to assume you would even want one.) I didn't notice an email address on your blog so I thought I'd post a comment here and if you are interested you can email or convo me. If not, no worries and no hard feelings! :)

    Thank you for the inspiration!


  16. Great job! You're very talented!
    Cannot wait to see your Christmas decoration!
    Irina from Hong Kong

  17. Thanks so much. You guys are too generous. I really love the holiday so I was happy to have great weather. Im already planning my theme for next year.

    Heather - thanks for stopping by. Your prints are GORGEOUS! Who wouldn't want one of those? My email is Bklimestoner@aol.com but Ill convo you on etsy.

  18. Wow...that is ONE awesome Halloween bash. My favorite is the mice. How creative are you?!?!? Gosh, I looked at halloween a whole different way.

    QUESTION: Post idea...can you share what your must-have entertaining basics are? I noticed your white ruffle cake stand and tall glass cylinder in several. Any others you always go-to?

  19. Not a huge fan of Halloween (more of a Thanksgiving person, I think). That being said, I LOVE all the stuff you did for your fabulous house and all your party ideas. Love your house, your decorating, love it ALL. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Another amazing post! Wonderful!

  21. OK - I have to know what an invisible man looks like !

  22. I love those silhouettes. I'm sure you have seen it but if not, go to http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com/ and look at the yellow living room photo from vastu on todays post. It looks like it could be yours!
    Lisa & Alfie

  23. Gorgeous!! I love those candle holders!

  24. Well done! It all looks amazing. And inspires me to "up" my Halloween decorations next year.

    Your career as a set designer is calling...:)

  25. looks like such a gorgeous evening!

  26. Gosh, what an amazing party! And I can't believe how many trick or treaters you must get where you live!

    What a talented girl you are!

  27. wow, what an amazing halloween it must have been at your house! love your blog!
    xoxo from las vegas


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