Hello November...

With Halloween and Election day behind us, I think that means its officially time to start thinking of the best holiday of the year: Christmas.
Snowflake Light Show Saks Fifth Avenue 2006
(Saks Fifth Avenue, Dec 2006)

I know, I know - many of you out there will say its too early. I know all you grinches who complain when you hear Christmas music in the stores or decorations going up before the twelfth month is upon us. But not me: I love Christmas.

Think of the beauty of a city lit up with twinkly lights and greenery. The fun of giving and receiving gifts. Cheery music with a message of joy to all. George Bailey running home to hug his wife and kids. Christmas is symbolic of all the best things about humanity. What could be more wonderful?

Restyled home started off the season with a great post that rings in the spirit. I hope I can live her advice to prepare in November and enjoy in December.

My first order of business is to work on my holiday "cards" for 2008. I tend to go a little overboard with my holiday mailings. No hallmark cards from me. Last year I sent out a package of mixed greeting cards that I designed and packaged wishing everyone happy occassions to celebrate all year:
The year before that I sent out a trifold of good luck wishes along with a lotto ticket (can't find the photo of that one). In 2005, I sent out a little box with "sweet" holiday wishes and Christmas pez
And in 2004 I sent out a holiday music cd in a personalized tin

So you probably get the idea - I take christmas cards seriously. And I love to receive all kinds of cards too. I don't get nearly as many as I would like now that its a lot less popular of a tradition with people our age but Im hoping I can re-start a trend.

And speaking of Christmas cards, isn't this a fabulous idea for displaying cards?
(courtesy of the now defunct Blueprint mag)
Not sure if I'll have time or the need for such an elaborate display but I think its a great idea.


  1. I tried to do the xmas tree card display one year but I couldn't make it look right and so I just gave up. Now we just run them along the top of the wainscoting in the dining room since that's where our tree goes too.

    I'm trying not to consciously think about our cards while at the same time thinking about them. I'm torn - I don't want to start quite yet but I feel like I'm going to have to if I want to do them right.

    I was at Kmart the other day checking out some Martha Stewart bedding in person (sale!!!) and the store kept playing Christmas music - the day after Halloween. That was a bit unnerving for me.

  2. Wow, mrs.limestone, how do I get on your Christmas card list ? :) Awesome little packages. And I like the dsplay too.

  3. I'm so excited that Christmas is coming... I love when the displays go up and music starts playing.

  4. My husband and I were going to do the Christmas CD this year (good minds think alike!!) Where did you find the tins? Did you have any trouble mailing them? Like I said in my last comment, I can't wait to see your house decorated for Christmas. HURRY UP!! MB

  5. Marybeth - Its been a few years so I don't remember exactly where I got the tins but if you google "cd tins" you'll have no problem finding them. They were no problem to mail. I stuck a label on each, shrink wrapped them and mailed them at the post office. Easy peasy.

    I don't really do big displays for Christmas. A tree, a wreath and a few decorations will be the extent of it.

  6. Give us the tutorial on the fold out cards & pez boxes. CUTE!

  7. Wow, you really do go all out!! I LOVE Christmas too, and though I was the only one that went totally overboard with everything...but I think you have me beat :)

  8. Love all of your creative ideas! You're getting me excited for the upcoming holidays!

  9. Anonymous1:38 AM

    i have this same inspiration posted but it appeared in canadian house and home (or style at home - another canadian shelter mag) when i cut it out. it's great.

    and i would love to be on the receiving end of your cards - how cute!

  10. great ideas!
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  11. Yay!! A girl after my own heart! I, too, love Christmas cards and seriously plan out my card each year. I always refrain from the boxed cards (especially the cheap ones) and our annual holiday photo is quite an event!

    I love all of your ideas and the fact that you put so much creativity into them. Your work and style is wonderful and I love that you still take the tradition of sending out cards so seriously.
    I wish more people did.

    Thanks for the mention...I love this holiday so much and love finding others who do, too. My friends all seem to see it as a big stress and take all the fun out of the planning of it. Or maybe that's the problem...they don't plan at all!

    I was in New York a few yearas back and loved all of the amazing decorations throughout the city. You are so lucky to see this every year! When I went, it was in the middle of a major snowstorm (2003) and I could barely see as I walked. I was so disappointed..I couldn't even skate at Rockefeller Plaza, it was too cold and stormy!!

    Now...how do I get one of your cards??

  12. Restyled - Im glad Im not the only person who takes holiday stationery so seriously :) It is great to be in NY every holiday - the city always looks amazing. Im sorry your last trip was snowed out but you have to come again. Particularily if you don't mind the cold, its a great time to visit.

    Michele - Im afraid there isn't really a tutorial. The fold out card is just a long rectangular print folded into sections. The pez, green shred fill and box were all purchased. Hope that helps.

  13. i always enjoy coming by here.
    you have such great taste! these are such fun ideas for christmas (already). I loved all your halloween decor. i have never seen such a beautiful home like yours all done up for halloween - it was so cool! you did it right!

    love it all. that candlabra is gorgeous!

  14. Wow...I love your Christmas card ideas! I'm just working on a photo and have a stash of beautiful cards I bought on sale at a local stationer and put away.

  15. I share your passion for Christmas decor too! I don't think it's too early to start...the joy of the season should be extended as long as possible :)

    I also adore your Christmas card mailings!! They are so special, and I am sure they bring a big smile to the faces of your friends and family.

  16. wow! impressed again!

  17. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I am equally obsessed with my Christmas Cards -- I started thinking about mine this summer! I love getting a card in the mail and stringing them up for decorations throughout the holidays.

  18. I agree! Not enough people send out Christmas cards any more! I love sending out my cards. I started doing my mom's for her when I was in high school. Sadly for her she has to do her own now. I had so much fun doing our 1st married Christmas cards last year. I hope we can bring the trend back!

  19. OMG, I am so loving the board with the card display. Do you happen to remember how this was made and the dimensions. I am one of those stick exactly to how it is made kinda girls!
    Thanks so much.
    I am so LOVING your blog.

  20. JEEPCHICK: I just took an old message board I had lying around (I bought it for a few bucks years ago) and ripped off the buttons it came with. Then I hot glued a glittered snow flake to the center. Voila! I didn't make the message board myself but you could easily do it in any dimension.


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