And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who submitted a holiday idea for my blogiversary giveaway.

Not to get too preachy about this topic but I find that the type of person who puts the little extra effort in their holiday decorating/entertaining/gift giving is a dying breed and it makes me a little sad. I'm happy to see there are plenty of "us" still around. Thank you so much for letting me a peak into your minds and homes - its definitely a treat for me.

So down to business - picking a winner was REALLY tough. There were quite a lot of great ideas. So in the end, I threw a few favorites into a hat and picked out the winner at random. But first, here is a little collage of some of my favorites.
Can you spot the winner????
bloggiveawaycollage copy


Congratulations to Tricia of Fabulous Since 1961 for this simple but genius wreath made of pages from old books.
A great way to reuse something beautiful that might go unseen/unused otherwise as well as make a festive but modern adornment. Love it.
Honorable mentions to all the other fabulous entries from Preppy Mama, The Stamford Wife, Shoot Scoop aka Laura Bruen Photography, Shorehouse Chic, Nesting Place, Restyled Home, Pajama Mama, Pve Design, Lime in the Coconut, Melanie, Kimberly, Andrea, Carolyn, Colleen & Brooke. (I think I mentioned everyone but if you entered and I didn't mention, please let me know)
Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.
For those that mentioned wanting the photos, Im happy to send you a copy if you cover whatever it costs me to have them printed and mailed to you. (Probably about $5 each?) Just email me directly please.
Im sorry to say I don't have much to show of my own decorations because Ive barely done any. I had big plans but working late almost every night this month has put a kibosh on that. Darn my pesky career for getting in the way of blog fodder! At this point I can say for sure that my Christmas Day decorations will be on the low key side but whatever they are, I'll share with you. My Christmas cards should just be all but delivered in a day or two so I'll share those as well shortly.
Hope you're having a great December and warm holiday season.


  1. Great pic! Lovely idea!! Saw lots of great ideas! Hope things slow down for you, and you get to experience a lovely whatever carnation!

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM

    OMG LOVE it!!!!

  3. Congrats to the winner! Love your collage, certainly puts me in the spirit - love all the fabulous ideas!
    Keep your energy up with all the work and spreading holiday cheer, in doses, large or small!

  4. What an exciting thing to wake up to! Thank you!

  5. Just think you'll have all these ideas to plan ahead for next year!! Thanks for letting us play along it was fun!!! Happy Holidays!!

  6. What a lovely collection of submissions! I love how each person puts a unique spin on their holiday style.

    I totally understand your sentiments of work impeding with holiday decor! My holiday decor has consisted of what I can whip together in 15 minutes at midnight :) I know that your Christmas decorations will nonetheless be fantastic.

    Happy holidays!!

  7. the wreath o' pages! Great idea...I love a good recycling project.

    Thanks for the honorable mention for my glitteriffic postcards. :-) I think I might take you up on your (generous!) offer to buy your Paris prints...I will email you when I get out from under this holiday...*If* I get out from under it!

  8. Same pick here. Well chosen. I too appreciate the effort. Sometimes a character can be conjured with a costume, and sometimes a home needs a little house dressing to conjure up the spirit of the holidays. It's good of you to reward all these great home dressers and give them a little public recognition (and others a little incentive).

  9. That wreath is so unique and beautiful - love it!

    I hope your holiday craziness settles down soon.

  10. Congrats Tricia! What a fabulous submission!

    Thanks so much for the honorable mention :-) I would love the windshield wiper shot (you remember which one that was)! I will email you.

  11. i love the book page wreath!! the wine bottle tree is a close second favorite. great ideas!!!

  12. these are all so lovely and now i'm chalk full of ideas! i love your blog...would you like to exchange links?

  13. I nominated you for the Homies 2008.


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