Coming Soon: Blogiversary Give Away!!

Technically, the blogiversary isn't until January but I'm in the holiday spirit so I'm celebrating early. Hard to believe its been close to two whole years!

I don't have any fancy gifts from from sponsors to give away. Instead I'm going to be sending a few items from my very own collection of goodies that I think you might enjoy. Lets call them mystery gifts for now but I'll share more next week.

pretty gift packing ideas ala Martha

In the meantime, I wanted to give early warning to anyone who wanted to participate. The rules are simple:

Share your best Holiday creation/craft/decoration/ideas.
It could be anything - your holiday card; a favorite gift you're giving; a clever centerpiece; a personal ornament; a beautifully decorated room. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Winter Solstice - whatever floats your boat. I don't even care if you thought up the idea yourself as long as you share the version you executed.
Enter as many times as you like, in anyway you want. (Emails, comments or links to your own blog post with your idea) All I ask is that you share at least one photo so I can pick my favorite. And don't forget ladies: POISE COUNTS! In other words, a good photo and description helps.

I'll pick my favorite to win the prize but we'll all be winners by enjoying the entries.
So get ready with your good ideas to get your hands on my goodies! Wow, that sounds really naughty. I promise they are very G rated prizes :)
**Feel free to start posting/emailing now...I'll post more on the prizes next week **


  1. well, as we are just starting our decorating...I'll post the wreath I made(not your usual colors and flowers...but it IS what we are surrounded by in this tropic clime), my fave part is the transfer that I added to the glass door inside of it...sums up the season for us beautifully.

  2. Fun times! I just posted a glitteriffic holiday crafty project. I gave them out today as favors at my cookie swap and the ladies liked them. (Or maybe they just said that to be nice to me. :-)

  3. Need.More.Time.

    One more deadline to go, holiday party this weekend so the house will be in top shape this Sat to photograph!


    Oh, and, my card will be in the mail next week to you ;-)


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