English take on HGTV

It will probably come as no surprise that a house peeper like me loves to watch HGTV. Their logo is probably burned into my television screen since Im tuned in so often.
Well what do you know? Our friends across the pond might have a similar need for all things home decor. Last week I received this article from UKTV which prompted me to spend a little time looking at all the pretty photos on their website. Unfortunately, I can't watch any of the programming from my Brooklyn living room :( Any of you lucky enough to get this channel?
Who would have thunk Ty Pennington would appeal to a British audience? UKTV seems to think he is an "American Superstar". Hmm..interesting.

Ty's Great British Adventure ???

Ironic categorizations of overenthusiastic handymen aside, there is some lovely eye candy on this site. Particularly loving the Christmas inspirational photos:

What do you think?


  1. auughh...am I the only one that thinks Ty Pennington is just way too much to take? I hate it when he tries to sound really sympathetic on Extreme Makeover.

  2. My son does a great impression of him... and we laugh so hard! Why does he have to scream, guess he really loves what he does.

  3. He gets on my last nerve too...but I guess from afar, he may seem like an "American superstar". He is super annoying as far as Im concerned.

  4. Love everything British! Thanks for the link!

  5. What are those Brits thinking? Ty "Loudmouth" Pennington???? There is just no accounting for taste.

  6. Oh Ty, Ty, Ty. As irrititating and grating as the sound of his voice is, Extreme Makeover Home Edition makes me cry everytime. Perhaps I have bigger problems then I think...

  7. Ty's Great British Adventure aired here in England some months ago... it was terrible! I felt very sorry for Ty, the project was too big - to makeover a tired, dirty, unemployed village in Cornwall in a matter of days.

    The main project was a community play area, which became mired in bureaucracy on about day 3. There was a lack of volunteers - maybe no more than 20 hardcore people willing to work all night & the project spent a lots of money on a traditional cob wall that lent neither beauty nor practicality to the playground. All in all, a mess.

  8. LOL!! I think it's a bit like American's saying how yummy Hugh Grant is and then Brits just look a bit blank ;)

    I adore Extreme Makeover mainly because there is no way it could ever be made here in the UK. For one you couldn't build some of the houses that big here and secondly our planning laws are soooo restrictive (you can only have a new house with maximum 2 parking spaces for example) that you'd never get permission. Let alone a builder to do it in 7 days....18 months if you're lucky!

    Btw I've been meaning to say for ages I love your blog and I look forward to reading more in 2009 :)


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