My camera is on vacation.

In the hubbub of saying goodbye to our guests last night, my camera stowed away in my friends bag. So its on a little vacation until it can get a ride back home. That means I can't get at the photos I took for you to see. But I can show you the ones I took on Christmas Eve...

First off the tree. Let me say that I absolutely adore trees that are themed and the decorators that have the discipline to use only one or two colors. I open my ornaments box with a plan to be just as practical but then I see some of my favorite ornaments from my life and I just can't leave them in the box. Its as if they call out to me and demand to be displayed. So in the end, I never have a theme tree.


And some of my favorite ornaments:
Homewarming gift from a friend, my wedding favor, a blown glass souvenir from Venice

On the other hand, theme gift wrap is very me. Too many colors give me a headache.

Here is a close up of the message board I used to display my cards:

And the dining room just before I shut off the lights to wait for Santa.


As soon as my camera finds its way home, Ill share a few more.


  1. Really beautiful. I totally agree about the theme tree. I have too many special ornaments. Your packages are beautiful. I wasn't given that particular "gene." Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

  2. I love the way your decor looks. Totally classy and totally "you".


    How fabulous!

  3. gorgeous photos! so festive and wintery, but totally sophisticated. love it!

  4. *sigh* I love seeing your upholstered and chiavari dining chairs.
    I know what you mean about the themed tree. There are just too many memorable ornaments in our eclectic collection to pull off this look in our house.

  5. Your holiday decorating looks classy and elegant-- I lvoe the tree topper!

  6. 1. Your house looks AMAZING (as usual)
    2. CONGRATS on being nominated!
    3. I have been REALLY SICK and am now just catching up on my blogs, but I saw that you would be willing to make prints and send them to people if we cover the costs....welllllllll I AM EXTREMELY interested!!! Once I feel better I will be contacting you because I think your photos are AMAZING!!!

  7. i feel ya too about the themed tree - love it, want it, must buy another tree to have it :)

    everything looks totally fab mrs.BL - your snowflakes are so fun and festive!

  8. Your house looks so warm and inviting. I just love it. Sigh...

    And love using a message board as a card display. Perfect idea!

  9. your home looked so beautiful for the holidays!
    but it always does.
    you really do have the eye. :)

    happy new year.

  10. Gorgeous! The whole hous elooks so festive and inviting!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. So lovely. All of it.

    Your design aesthetic is inspiring - simple yet, warm with wonderful interesting touches.

    Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. Loved your Empire State Building favor!

  13. Beautiful! How did you attach your monogram tree topper to the tree? I want to do that next year.

  14. Anonymous10:11 AM

    OK, OK, I'm PMSing a little, but your home makes me cry- It's so beautiful! I love everything about it and I can just picture coming in, all bundled up from the snow, taking off my scarf and hanging it by the door, lighting a fire- Could I visit for coffee and a slice of that beautiful cake???

  15. I have a tip for your tree.

    When I want to do a theme tree, but can't bear to put up other ornaments... I have my lovely theme tree exactly how I want it.

    Then, I take my leftover ornaments, and a either decorate a small table top tree, or I make a garland, and I put the unthemed ornaments on the garland.

  16. I am completely in love with your Happy Holidays banner? Where oh where did you find or purchase it? Also, I simply must have those snowflakes hanging from your exquisite chandeliers? I am totally doing the initial tree topper next year, GREAT idea. Looks so beautiful. Did you use German glass glitter or just regular glitter and what color did you use? Looks beautiful.
    Thanks for all your help and Happy New Year!


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