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As you may remember from my Top This post last week, Ive been struggling with what to put on top of the tree. I did buy a tree topper from Target but once it was placed on the tree, it just didn't look right. So I decided to take Linda's suggestion and use our monogram initial.
I had the glitter and glue and I found a cardboard letter at Michaels. Not too shabby for $3. I wish they had a more formal script as this looks a little collegiate but it will do.
Big Cat doesn't care too much for the topper but he definitely approves of the velvet tree skirt. Comfy!


  1. this looks great what a good idea! and you really can't beat the $3 price tag. definitely looks like it cost more.

  2. gimme an "S" - for a cheery tree topper!
    clever and cheeky at the same time.
    I cannot wait to see the script letter font you create.
    I would also love a number, that way you could keep record of what year, for every holiday.

  3. Ha! That's brilliant! I love Michaels. And that picture of Big Cat is adorable!

  4. Love it!!
    Now, show us more....please??!!

  5. Great idea! And I agree with Big Cat - the tree skirt looks like a fine place to curl up for a nap.

  6. OK, so I searched a bit more and found it at the same company's retail store for $4.00 each + $7.95 shipping = $12.04 total.
    You got a much better deal for $3 and it looks GREAT!

  7. Lovely!

    Your cat is adorable. My orange tabby has been doing the same, on my green velvet skirt. I vacuum it every day. It is especially warm because our tree sits in a sunny window.

    Love your "S". Show us more of your decor!!!

  8. How did you get it to stay? It looks fabulous - love the sparkle :)

  9. What a great idea! I love it!!

  10. Oh, what a great idea! It's always kinda too bad for me though because I have two initials for my last name.

  11. How original and can't bat the price!

  12. Its especially fitting for me since my first name and my last name start with an S. Double score :)

    I cut a hole out at the bottom to get it to stay up.

    heartartz: What are you seeing for $4?

  13. Oops! it was $4.99 at Craft Pedlars.


  14. I just realized my first post never made it on your blog so you did not know what I was talking about.
    I found the script letters.
    $4.99 + shipping at Craft Pedlars retail online store.
    Paper Mache, 8" Script Letters, UPPER case - Kraft - 1007251

    The initial on the tree top is a super idea...unless your initial is a P or F, which might be heavy on one side.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  15. That is different...beats placing the same OLD bow...!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  16. Great tree topper! Love the cat on the velvet tree skirt, too. Big Cat obviously thinks you put that out just for him.

  17. I came across your blog from your post on Rate my Space. I love your blog, you have so many great ideas.

  18. Mwoolf216:34 PM

    Love the Initial tree topper...How did you get it to stay?

  19. MrsLimestone7:39 PM

    I poked a hole in the bottom and stuck it on the top of the tree.

  20. Love the tree w/ the topper but how do you get it to stay on?

    1. Answered multiple times in the comments above: I cut a hole out at the bottom of the letter. Hope that helps.


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