I'm having major project/decorating block. I know I have a lot of things on my to-do list. (Two months into the year and I still haven't crossed a single thing off!). I'm just feeling very unmotivated about it all.

I also have a list of 'fun' projects I have been meaning to get started on like learning to sew, trying my hand at silver clay, hosting a dinner party, etc.. But again, feeling very bleh about it all lately.

Maybe its the dreary dredges of winter or the constant bad economic news or just that I'm generally run down. No matter what the reason, I don't have much of interest to show you lately.

So maybe you can help. What should I do? What projects are keeping you fired up?

And since I have a strong dislike for posts without photos, I share with you the hilarious demotivation posters from Enjoy!


  1. I am crazy about your new look .
    Did you do that yourself???
    I need a makeover .

    I think you should learn to sew , it is EASY , and is very instant or it can be . Don't be intimidated its not hard.

  2. First off, I LOVE the new look.

    Second, I'm in a bit of a decorating/remodel slump as well. However, Holly at has a creativity:just do it! series that offers some really great exercises dealing with creative blocks.

  3. You know my project...the tile guy is here right now working in my bathroom and he comes out every once in a while and says "this is going to look soooo great!" and runs back in there. :)

    If the economy and bad weather have you down, you must come visit a college town in the south. While the economy is affecting colleges, our jobs are secure and many have a philosophy that would drive my venture cap brother up in Boston nuts: It's all cyclical! It'll be back to normal eventually!

    Come to Charlottesville and see the architectural awesomeness of University of Virginia and Monticello. Play in the sun. Drink Virginia wine (Dave Matthews' is quite good). Okay, that might not be plausible. :)

  4. I am with you. I hate posts with no photos so thanks for throwing that in...and I also feel the same way..just BLAH! But everyone in blog world seems a little sleep this week including me..whats going on here!

  5. Love the demotivation posters! Funny, I just finished reading another blog post about the writer taking a break because of feeling unmotivated. Must be a common feeling right now.

    My advice? Surround yourself with gorgeous fabric and sew something simple. If you are a tactile person, if nothing else happens-- just touching the fabric will make you feel good.

  6. I'm finding that feeling of restless blahness all over the blogsphere...myself included. I've forced myself to go into my studio and just do anything, even if its only organizing my supplies.

  7. Hey~ You answered all of the questions we had- very time consuming I know-but a very worthwhile task. Then, it may not have been on your list-but you completely reorganized and cleared out your "projects closet". And remember-that felt great, right? AND... you were on a little jaunt. I think you've accomplished quite a bit for a 'winter-slump'.

  8. I love those demotivating posters. Anything cynical makes me smile. I know precisely what you mean about the economy, the weather, and the general winter malaise. It affects me also. We (my company) have been on the verge of bankruptcy for a couple of months and it has been so stressful, but it was announced Monday that we've been bought by a company from the Middle East, so they will not do any layoffs for now. It gives a couple more months of work, at least, and hopefully it will all be good. It was so stressful. I literally went home every night and sat on the couch and ate chocolate. ;)

    Sometimes it is good to go through a BLAH phase. I think it is the body's way of saying it is time to just rest and read and watch some tv and give your brain a break.

  9. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Grey makes me so smitten so of course, I love the new digs. The color combo is really lovely.

    I can't offer much help. Perhaps plan a small party for me. That would be lovely. Suggest a recipe for me, that would be nice as well. But wait, these are all suggestions for ME. Opps.

    Sew, I think you should tackle that one. Why? Because you'll make something beautiful that I will then want. Good enough for me.

    Love the "posters." Too funny.

  10. that last poster made me almost spew my sparkling water...too funny!

    I am right there with ya in slumpville...I need to just get over it and start something but but you know what they say - if you wait till the last minute - it only takes a minute :)

  11. those posters are funny! I wish I had some ideas. I'm feeling the blahs myself.

  12. I am in love with your blog. I discovered it yesterday and I've spent the whole time catching up on your renovation and decorating. I think you have impeccable taste and your home is so lovely. I have quite the fascination with older homes with charm! I hate to admit it, but I'm quite jealous :)

  13. Same thing happens to me, I think its just your mind sometimes forcing itself into a creative hiatus to recharge the juices. Love the new look of the blog!

  14. LMAO!! Inspiring posters indeed.

    I hear ya. I think a lot of bloggers are feeling this way as I've noticed fewer posts as of late from the whole blogosphere.
    But that's what spring's all about. New beginnings and projects!

    Would love to see a sewing project.

  15. ha ha ha. those posters are awesome. SO feeling this way myself as well. i think it's part winter part economy part... i'm bored? seems like there's nothing new out there to get excited about. or maybe i just need to get out of the house...

    i'm going on a mini road trip this weekend and i'm hoping it'll do the trick!

  16. Eeeeehhh. It's just the midwinter blues. I am convinced we need these times to really reach into our souls. It'll come. Tincture of Time.

    Like your new look too!

  17. I have just the thing to send to you to motivate you.
    Hint, a little brocade and a bath... I always turn to water to motivate me to plan for greatness.
    Perhaps it is the jet lag?

  18. It is still a little too cold in Oklahoma to work on too many outdoor projects. Indoor projects are on hold since we cant seem to decide on colors. Like you I'd love to pull out the sewing machine and start on a few things for the baby's room

  19. There is a great place my daughter took me to on 5th in Brooklyn that had wonderful fabrics and great housewares. They may even have classes. I bought some fabrics and brought them home to make a travel quilt--one where you use fabrics you pick up from places that you travel.

    Also Denyse Schmidt and City Quilter also have classes plus that great stuff at Purl Patchwork in the city. That place is amazing.


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