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Okay, I think I've bored you all to tears now but I'll finish up the trifecta of personal posts by answering the specific questions posted in the comments. Those that emailed me should all have responses by now.

Debra of Lifescapes asked: I love your kitchen- just think it's the best use of space. Is it not a joy to work in? I have wondered how your blackboard paint worked on your pantry door? I would love to try it- but want to know it's merits first.
Thanks so much Debra. We really enjoy working in our kitchen. Our last kitchen was very ineffcient in terms of layout so I definitely love having everything in easy reach. I'm also so glad I insisted on not doing a tiered island as our architect suggested. It just gives the whole space a much more clean and open feel. As for the negatives, the storage space at the top is quite difficult to reach so I still haven't gotten around to putting much up there. And the galley style is a little cramped when we are both working on something together like one cooking on the stove and the other emptying the dishwasher but thats the way it goes when space is tight.
Chalkboard Door Done!
I have to come clean and admit that I have yet to use the chalkboard feature. I really SHOULD use it to write down what I need to get at the store, etc but I haven't gotten into that good habit just yet. I do use the magnetic nature to stick up announcements and invites which I find is a nice way to see them often without cluttering up the place. It was a very simple project so it was definitely worth it for me even if it's just for the smile that it puts on my face when I see it.

Debbiejune of Okie Needling asks: I do love Brooklyn. My daughter moved there from Oklahoma, to work in Manhattan. She got married and they live in Park Slope. I often wonder if I have walked past it on a visit there.

photo from New York Times article on my neighborhood

Well, I don't live in Park Slope so you probably haven't walked by. I live in Windsor Terrace which is a more residential side of Prospect Park. The brownstones & limestones you see on your visits aren't that different although they often have one more floor than my house.

Tamstyles of Get it Girlstyle wonders: I have never been to Brooklyn, but based on what I have heard in songs, read, and see, there are different sides. No?

Yes, that is definitely true. Brooklyn is varied. We have more population than most US cities even without adding the other boroughs into the mix. So there are distinct neighborhoods each with their own look and feel. All that said, most movies seem to exaggerate some of the characteristics where it becomes comical to anyone who lives here. Anyone who comes to Brooklyn for the first time generally says things like "Wow, I expected something totally different!" which just goes to show you how wrong the portrayals tend to be.

Katie of Bower Power asks: What celebrity do people say you look like?
I don't think anyone has ever said I looked like a celebrity. I guess this is weird since most people seem to have at least one answer to this question. Since you have all now seen what my mug looks like - what do you think?
JeepChick asks: I love your white dishes, can I ask where you got them? Also a question on your soapstone counter top, how do you like it so far and where did you get it do you have a number to research the product? love love love your kitchen faucet. Do you happen to have the manufacturer or name of faucet?
Christmas Centerpieces
My dishes are from Kmart's Martha Stewart Everyday line. Take that fancy china people! We got them years ago while getting ready to host our first Christmas. They were cheap and have been extremely useful.
Our black venata slab at M. Teixeira Soapstone
I love the soapstone. Its not for everyone but I did my research and its been exactly what I hoped for. Even Mr. Limestone has warmed up to it after being very against it at first. Our stone came from M Teixieira.
Finished kitchen, oiled soapstone
Our kitchen faucet is made by Rohl. I don't remember the model number but they only make a few bridge faucets so it should be easy to find.
Rayelaw wrote: Oh oh oh! I would love a walk-through via a video (youtube?) of each room.
Sorry, can't help you there because I don't own a video camera. I wish I had borrowed one before we started the reno just to have it to compare but we never got around to it.
Jeremy&Kathleen asked: Did you do a big move-in post?
Hmm...I don't think I ever did because we didn't do one big move in. We moved over a few weeks time slowly until one night we just decided to start sleeping here. If I recall, that happened last Feb sometime but I don't remember the exact day.
Jen wanted to know more about my graphic design business: Where can we see more of this? I love the invites and stuff you do, as seen in flickr. Do you have an etsy shop, by chance?
I haven't really mentioned this bit before because I don't want this blog to become a way to pimp out my business. I realize that is not smart from a business side but I guess I feel a little weird tooting my own horn when money is involed. That said, since you asked my website is here. I don't have an etsy shop up yet because I generally do all custom things but Im considering it. Not sure if its the right way to go for my business model or not.
Linda of Lime in the Coconut asks: When standing on your front stoop...what is your view of your neighborhood?
I don't really have a view of the neighborhood from my stoop. Just a view of the houses across the street. This photo I took out of my box room window gives you a good sense of my "view".

Joyce asks: I'm wondering, if you and Mr. are to have kids, which room is it going to be the nursery?
We don't have any immediate plans so its not something we have decided. I suppose we'd use the box room as a baby nursery since its right off our bedroom door. And then when baby limestone got a bit older, we'd move her into the guestroom or my office.
Linda of Restyled Home wonders: What type of camera do you have? Also, is Photo Shop hard to master? I have never used it before, but may consider spending the dough to get it, as the Rebel and the required lens is mucho dollars...
Most of the photos you see are taken with my Nikon D50 but I also use my husbands point & shoot when I don't want to lug the big one around. Whether photoshop would be hard to master would depend on your desire to learn. Its not that difficult if you don't mind fiddling around with it for a while. I'd say that if you don't know what you are going to use it for, its probably not a good investment for you. That said, photoshop is NOT a replacement for a camera and lens. For one thing, editing all of your photos on the computer is extremely time consuming. But more importantly, photoshop can't add details that aren't in the photo to begin with. If you take a bad photo with any camera, photoshop might be able to make it better but it can't really make it good. I'd definitely suggest getting aquainted with your camera and learning how to use it before bothering to learn photoshop or buy a new camera. It will be time well spent. On the same topic, you do not need an expensive camera. Most cameras are perfectly fine and do essentially the same thing. The camera is not what makes a photo good or bad.
Sheesh - another super long post. Sorry about that, I certainly can ramble on and on. Hope that answers all of your questions. Any else you want to know, just give a shout.


  1. personally I LOVE these Q&A posts, especially since I have been wondering some of these very same things about you.

    P.S. LOVE your new blog header!

  2. P.P.S. Totally wish I knew you had a custom design business because I LOVE them and would have totally used you for our wedding invites!!

    Sigh...maybe for our vow renewal

  3. Allow us bloggers to "toot your horn"...
    your stationary is amazing. i agree with mojito, i wish i knew about you before my wedding.

  4. Love these posts, it's always exciting to find out answers to questions I've wondered as well. And I LOVE your 'view.' So lovely. :)

  5. Love the fab products - and you should totally toot your horn! Thanks for letting us know about the goods - now we can toot it for you!

    p.s. you totally look like Marissa Miller the VS model or Kimberly Williams from Father of the Bride :)

  6. Thanks for being so specific about your paint choices! You just (hopefully) saved me a lot of pain and agony. We too painted our living/dining area a shade of grey and are so happy (relieved)with it as well. And we've had our share of painting mishaps too.

    Best wishes on all your future home renovation!

  7. Anonymous4:08 PM

    When I initially discovered your blog last year and saw those invites that shared above with the glittered box and your Christmas cards I knew that you did something with design. You are FAB!!! I am excited to see more. I think we share an affinity for the same fonts.


  8. My favorite kitchen, hands down! It's stunning! As for the invites, I would love to see a store full of your creations; they are gorgeous!

  9. Mrs.Limestone~ Thank you for answering my questions about your devine kitchen and your chalkboard. I had forgotten it was also magnetic. You have kept Sonicstef from us long enough~self promotion is difficult- but you must! I just took a peek and it is gorgeous! Thanks again! Now I have to go take a longer peek.

  10. love love love these q&a posts. and i totally agree with you on the camera questions - it's best to concentrate and learn how to make the best pic you can out of the camera.

    i forgot how much i love your kitchen.

    now to go check out your stationary website. certain it will be fab!

  11. I think you are swell! Love the inside scoop and how you can make things look like millions. Great Q & A.

  12. i LOVE your picture posted of brooklyn. did design it? if you ordered it, can you say from where?

  13. Anonymous6:16 PM

    These FAQ's are great!

    So are you a self taught designer? How did you get started on your business?

  14. For the poster who asked about Photoshop, I've been recommending Photoshop Elements to people who want to be able to edit photos and create graphics but don't want to spend a ton of money on the full Photoshop product. Several digital scrapbookers use it and it's quite a handy dandy tool.

  15. I just have one question about your kitchen cabinets. Are you finding the white cabinets hard to maintain? Do they show dirt easily? I've been hearing a lot that white cabinets are difficult to maintain because they show every speckle of dirt. But, I wanted to get an opinion from someone who has a white kitchen. I'm a complete clean freak, dirt or water stains on kitchen cabinets drive me nuts. Just wanted to know what your experience with them is. Thanks

  16. Toot away! Your portfolio is fantastic, amazing. Love it all. Well done :-)

    Great post too.

  17. Thanks for that wonderful post! It's been great to read more about you and your gorgeous home :)

  18. Thanks for the answers! I love these Q&A.
    Really looking forward to seeing more progress on decorating and accessorizing your house, especially those items on your new year resolution list.
    Also, are grandma and grandpa Limestone living in the garden floor now? I sure hope they share your taste!
    I know you've done quite a few of the before and after shots of your house, but maybe one of these days when you have ample free time, you could give us one grand tour, with the floorplan for each level, and before and after shots for each room, etc? I'd love that.
    Thanks again, Joyce

  19. Thanks for answering my questions, but I still think my camera is the pits...despite having played around with the settings!


  20. Consider myself one of your future clients b/c your designs are freaking amazing!

    No particular celebrity comes to mind, but I instantly thought you look like one of those classic, glamorous Hollywood starlets from the days of Casablanca and such movies. =)

  21. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Loved the Q & A's, thank you for emailing me.

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  22. I have SO enjoyed this series of posts. Learning more about you, and picking up some pointers on photography--fabulous! Thanks. And please don't worry about tooting your own horn. There is a difference between self-promotion and bragging and you clearly know that difference.

    P.S. You are really elegant, you know, like Grace Kelly.

  23. have fallen in love with my little black venata sample soapstone from m. tex, am taking it everywhere i go...very cool to the touch. lovely. you have exquisite taste, and i am shamelessly copying!

  24. Anonymous5:09 PM

    You are a genius. Your house is beautiful. You make it look easy which I know it is totally NOT.

  25. Cupboards? Where are yours from? How do you like the white? When we got our home the builder steered me away from white but it was what I really wanted. We now have a cream marble floor so I don't know what kind of counter top to go with. I need well made cabinetry. Any idease appreciated!

  26. MrsLimestone1:38 PM

    Cabinets are made by Plain & Fancy.  They are offwhite and I'm very happy with the color.  For me, wood cabinets really make a room feel too heavy but thats just me.

  27. Suzanne7:51 PM

    I popped over to your blog after finding a Christmas printable but the mere mention of Brooklyn would have been enough.  Your pictures and description made me homesick for our ten years of Brooklyn dwelling.  Thanks for sharing!

  28. Julie1239:47 AM

    This is by far my favorite kitchen ever!  I was wondering where the pendant lights are from?  I can't find anything like them and I have been searching for awhile.  Love your's beautiful!


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