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I tend to focus my posts on things going on in my own little world. Not that I don't read blogs that comment on the rest of the universe but I figure you don't need to hear my opinion on everything!

nice photo ladies but the airbrushing is a little heavy, don't you think?

But I just have to say something about the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York City. For those that have seen it - what did you think of Jill's apartment?

I can't find any flattering photos but here is some video of the critism:

If you know where I can find some photos, please share it with us!

Personally, I think Jill is getting a bad wrap. Sure, its all way, way, way over accessorized. But that is easily rectified. I think the color scheme is great and the core furniture pieces were tasteful. I really liked her couch, her dining room chairs and the mirrored framed art on the walls. Those Pop tables should be thrown in the closest dumpster, I'm not crazy about her kitchen countertops and all those extra bibbles and bobbins on every surface need to be burned in a bonfire. But other than that, well done Jill!

To be clear, I don't know Jill Zarin and have no association with her decorator/friend Brad. As for being a fan of the show, I'm all the way team Bettheny & Jill.

Maybe Liberace's ghost lives on in me?


  1. oh man i am addicted to this show and comment on it almost every week. Silex drives me insane, as does the "countess" who is now count-less...

    Jill's apartment was a bit much for me...i agree with the over accessorizing.

    team Bethany!

  2. All of those things packed in that small space is an assault on the eyes. The textures, the patterns, the shine and sheen! Whoah! Each piece when looked at separately are nice. Everything together layer upon layer...ACK! Too much. A lot of things I really like but just way too much of it.

    The pop table is missing an 'O'. Simply put that table is pure 'POOP'

    BTW, those Jersey Girls are going to upstage everyone! I blogged up a storm this morning about Dina when I finally remembered where I knew her from.

  3. Girl could you believe Kelly talking to Bethany that way? Kelly was the one that came out looking really stupid! I can't stand her. About the apt., I like the color and some of the things in it but it was WAY too much! Can't wait for the Jersey girls:)

  4. I like K's statement. That's how I felt about it. I thought Bethenny's comment that it was like taking a shot of acid was pretty funny.

  5. I am totally addicted to this show. I Love Jill and Bethany. I think her apartment is definitely better than before, I like the color much better. I hate those POP tables. I think it was a bit cluttered for my taste, but I think it suits her.

  6. I love that show. I too am on team Jill and Bethanny. The remodel on the condo. . . eeeeehh not my taste but I don't have to live there. Some pieces are really nice. I think like you said it's over accessorized. Some editing would do it justice.

  7. Oooh, my thoughts:

    ~Love the elephant stand
    ~Way too much crap in the house
    ~Is that a real dog on the sofa or just another totchke
    ~Loved the dining room chairs too
    ~The living room rug is killing me-floating in the middle of the room! Why is it so small?

  8. I can't wait for the NJ ladies.

  9. I love this show! It's my secret obsession. I fully agree with you on the POP tables and I'm not so fond of the matchy matchy stuff in her curios either. I do love her dining room furniture. Oh, and I can't stand Kelly...

  10. I hated the redo of her apartment. I'm very disappointed with how much crap they had on display, total overkill. The small blue rug seemed out of place with the room. The "pop" tables are very childish, not stylish. The elephant table was around in the early 70's, not mid-century. Jill got ripped off big time and it's time for her to divorce her "gay husband Brad". He doesn't listen to anything she has to say anyway.

    Bethenny makes this show..!!! Love her!!!!!

  11. I hate to admit it but I am addicted to the show. Usually dvr it and can't wait to watch.
    I loved the colors in the apartment but agree the accessories and art was a bit much.
    I loved what they did with the kitchen cabinets. The patterned inset. They didn't show that enough.
    Watching is a nice escape from my regular suburbian life. Guilty pleasure.

  12. I like the colors but way to much overload. I hate the entry hall - oversized display cabinets and the other wall of weird mirrors. Made it so narrow.
    The sitting area - agreed, get rid of pop tables. And the mirrored pictures on the wall. It looked gaudy. If Jill is going to keep the elephant and paint it, do it in brown.
    Love the dining room and the kitchen cabinets.
    Next time get a real interior decorator and don't tell Brad. Maybe if the apt. was 2 or 3 times as big it wouldn't feel so crammed.

  13. Jill posted 29 photos of the apartment on her Flickr site. Nice bedroom but wait till you see the powder room.

    Cripes Suzette

  14. I have read that her apartment will be published in Traditional Home next month. That being said, I think I counted at least six Foo Dog statues, ridiculous.

  15. How much you want to bet Bettheny would not like your airbrushing comment? :)

    Watching this show is a guilty pleasure!

  16. I love both Jill & Bethenny, but I think B said it best when she responded to J's statement that she likes to keep her life simple by commenting, "oh, like this apartment?"

  17. I love the show...I think there was just to much much...enough is enough already...I think it reminded me of Liberace!

  18. Love this show but Jill's house redo is waaay too much for me. It's like an overload and I hate those POP tables.




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