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A bit of blog business today...

1. I ponied up for my own domain name.
In honor of Earth Day, you can now save energy by typing fewer characters on your way to the blog. I signed up for my own domain name! You can now get here directly from Please update your links!

(And yes, I'm only joking about it being an energy saving tactic. Can't say I'm a big Earth Day fan. I'm all for making earth friendly choices like using mass transit, having energy efficient appliances, avoiding waste, etc. But Earth Day itself just reeks of self-righteous pseudo environmentalists preaching about how one with the earth they as they shop for trendy tote bags. Not to mention how every company is now selling "green" products - seems like all the packaging they had to throw away so they could replace it with a "green" label is not very earth friendly. Earth Day to me is like Valentines Day - good intentions but mostly bad execution. )

2. Link Love
Unfortunately, in the process of signing up seemed to have broken my sidebar blog link list. So now I have to retype it all in. Annoying! Bare with me as I find all of your bloggy goodness again. Please drop me a comment if you have a home reno/decor/diy/project blog you would like me to to add to my links.

3. Want to be a guest blogger?
In other blog business, you may have noticed I'm looking for guest bloggers. I open to suggestions but I'm especially curious to see share your before and after room transformations. I'm not going anywhere but I want to have some good stuff lined up for you when I'm out of town. Thanks to one very stylish woman, I already have one in the works but I'm hoping for a few more.

4. Free Stuff
Don't forget to enter the giveaway. Thanks to everyone who emailed me. Please continue to post or email me your entries until the end of the month. I'll pick the winner then.


  1. I do need your feedback on my sofa..It will be ready in two weeks and I have 2 decisions to make..Im so happy.

  2. Loved this post! I so totally agree with you on the whole earth day thing, too. :)

    So glad I found your blog -- are you also on Flickr, by the way?

    Like you, I've been "embroiled" in a reno for what seems like forever. We bought an 1891 house that had been cut in half (YEP!) and trucked out from the historic section of town (where it was slated for demo) and moved out here to our 4 acres in "the country". Labor of love...

    Your home is just stunning and I can sure appreciate the work you guys have put into it! Wanna come down here to Florida and finish ours?? :)


  3. I love reading your blog. I try and post a couple of DIY projects on my blog. I do photography and design.

  4. hi! interesting comments on earth day - i've gotten similar opinions from people when i tell them that i've signed up to take the leed exam. i'm not really sure what my own thoughts are yet, but i can see their (and your) point. feel free to add my blog to your links! i love your house and can only hope that someday i'll be able to start accessorizing and putting the final touches on my rooms as nicely as you have done with yours. heck, i'd even take 1/2 as nice :-)

  5. Love following your delightful blog, you have incredible style and live in my dream house! Janell

  6. Everyone should be recycling regardless of what day it is. Just as cleaning up any trash that is outside. We don't need a day for it as it should be everyone's responsiblity everyday anyway. Good analogy on the Valentine's Day thing.
    I also wondered about Simon's tee shirt last night. It looked like a Fruit of the Loom special

  7. I could turn my play-by-play bathroom updates into a post for you to use over vacation. People won't even know the bathroom is from a different house. ;)

  8. Congrats on your new blog domain!

  9. I am with you about Earth Day. Something else trendy to do. We have had the coldest winter in years and all they want to talk about is global warming:(

  10. New blog domain! You are moving downtown (or is it uptown?) Now. Congrats!

    Love for you to add me to your link love. I've got yours on mine.

    It'll be fun to read your guest bloggers!

  11. Congrats, Mrs. L!

    Here's my blog address:

  12. Congrats to you Mrs.L I see a lot of people are doing the same thing for earth day.

  13. Congrats on the new domain name!

    I'd love to on your link list:

  14. Mrs. Limestone - I have some pretty good before/after kitchen and bathroom transformations that I can contribute.

  15. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Lovely new digs. Do I have to update my rss feed?

    I'd be happy to guest blog if you need one, but I'm terrible at thinking up topics, and you know I'm not in a renovation. Fine China and dishware? Equipping your newly-renovated kitchen? How to make your rental pretty?

  16. Hi,

    I would love to guest blog for you if you need any help. I'm also re-doing a house of my own so I have before and after's as well.


  17. I would love for you to readd me to your link list.



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