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Looking for something to do this weekend? The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is having their Sakura Matsuri festival this week. Visitors can enjoy over 50 events and performances and the blossoming of BBG's 220 cherry trees.
These photos were taken on a little walk we took to the BBG two weeks ago. Yea, I know Im late to share. I just managed to get these out of my camera yesterday:) Notice the ticket window - no one selling. Budget cuts? Nope - admission is free on Saturdays from 10 to noon! Who knew??
We were too early for the real cherry blossom explosion but we did get to see plenty of blooming trees scattered around.
And turtles!
The Japanese garden section was just starting to bloom and full of koi.
Outside the garden, all sorts of spring flowers were out in full effect.

I'll confess that despite this place being within walking distance to my house, I had never visited. I just think of botanical gardens as something for die hard gardeners (I have a black thumb) or the aged. But it really is a beautiful space to take a stroll for a few hours.

And it just so happens to be off one of the more happening corners of Brooklyn - Grand Army Plaza. Complete with monument arch, a grand public library and a great farmers market.

Have I pimped out my hometown enough for you? Ok, I'll shut up now. Go, enjoy the weekend!


  1. I lived in Brooklyn for 3 years and never managed to make it to the botanical garden. Now, looking at your photos, I'm kicking myself for not getting over there! It's so beautiful!

  2. I wish I could go the botanical gardens.

  3. Oh man. You just made me seriously jealous. Those cherry blossoms are gawgeeous.

  4. So cool! I love visiting NYC, but haven't made it into Brooklyn yet. Maybe that will be on the list for my next girls' trip. :)

  5. These gardens are so beautiful - I would want to be there every weekend, xv.

  6. I'm all for Brooklyn pimping. I don't think most people understand the wealth of amazing cultural, historical and just downright awesome things there are to see, do and experience there.

    I'm going to post a link to this on my sight.

  7. Waaaaaaaaa! I miss PS!! We lived on 2nd St. a few steps from Prospect Park and I miss that location almost everyday. What a great day you must've had.

  8. Gorgeous gardens in Brooklyn....who knew!!?? Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Ha! It would be the first stop I made after unpacking. I LOVE smallish botanical gardens, such a lovely place to just stroll and detangle and breathe in peace.

    Yours is lovely! Lovely1

  10. great pictures...and I just love your dam day!

  11. You can never pimp out the land of my birth enough. :-) This looks awesome. Your photos are amazing but I'm really loving the koi fish. Love!

  12. Our little botanical garden wasn't as "in bloom" as yours! When we went a couple of weeks ago we were able to get in free as well. Fantastic photo op for sure.

  13. Thanks for the tour! I go to NY every year and have never made it over the bridge! I must visit next trip. Great photos!

  14. We used to visit the botanical garden all the time when my husband's aunt lived in Brooklyn - your photos are inspiring me to make a weekend trip up there. Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love your photos?

  15. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

  16. gorgeous! nyc is one of my most favorite places. I love koi. xx ;)


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