My House on Houzz!

So excited to share that Adi of asked me to participate in their blogger house feature! As if being in the company of past interviewees like Desire to Inspire, This Young House and Ish&Chi were not enough, they are even doing a giveaway as part of the feature. I won't share what I picked but I just happen to think its a must have for every household.

So what are you waiting for? Get over there and enter yourself for some swag!

In case you're wondering, Houzz is a pretty fabulous resource for anyone renovating or decorating. They have done the work of scouring the web for great design photos. As you already know, I get weak in the knees for pretty photos so it going to be a regular stop on my blog route from now on.


  1. You go Mrs. L! Your home looks great :)

  2. I have "lurked" your blog forever and am finally commenting to say that I am so glad your house was featured on Houzz! You do such a great job! :)

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Cool feature!! I actually hadn't heard of that site before. Thanks for introducing me to it! I really love your giveaway selection too. Classic, pretty, & practical; my kind of giveaway.

  4. Congratulations you deserve it after all the work you have put into your amazing limestone.

  5. FANTASTIC. You deserve it!!!

  6. Hey...regarding them not charging me for staining..I think they were just being nice honestly...the delivery she didnt charge because when we went to pick it up it was misting off and on and I didnt have a van and she wanted me to get it in perfect condition so she offered for free and I didnt turn that DOWN!

  7. Great interview (and that giveaway? FAB!). And as I said over there, you are spot-on with your comment, "It always takes 2x as long as costs 3x as much as you thought and is 4x more stressful." Amen, sista.

  8. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Loved the interview over on Houzz! And I'm so pumped I won the cake stands! Thanks for picking them out!!!


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