Technical Difficulties & a Blog Rewind!

Remember how I was all excited about getting my own domain name? Turns out there was some kind of snafu in blogger HQ - my blogspot address no longer is forwarding despite my best efforts to correct. I'm hoping this will get fixed but until then I'm having some technical difficulties.

I'm preaching to the choir here but in case you still link to or feed from to my old address, I'd really appreciate it if you could update it to . Thanks!
Until then, I thought I'd rewind to a post I did more than a year ago about the parlor bathroom renovations. I will warn you, the before photo is not for suitable for young adults or those with a weak stomach.
If you are wondering how I've managed to decorate this space since then, I'll put you out of your suspence. I've done nada. Zip. Zilch. I know, I know - I really should get myself in gear but its on my very long to-do list, promise.


  1. Arg... So frustering! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is so cute! Let me know if you find out anything for how to fix!

  2. Wow- I did see the 'before' pics of the original bathroom while checking out your blog the other day but the 'after' turned out great!

  3. "decorated" or not- yours is beautiful and classic... and CLEAN! that is a pretty rough before - yuck!

  4. The before is so much worse, so I think you've accomplished a lot. My philosophy tends to be that if the project isn't going to sprout legs and run off, there's no rush.


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