Tool Talk!

A very quick thank you to JJ of the Blah Blah Blahger for asking me to participate in her feature, Tool Talk Tuesday.

If you're a long time reader, I bet you already guessed my favorite tool....
My new toy - electric staple gun

If not (or even if you did), read all about why I heart my electric staple gun right here.

Thanks JJ!


  1. I never knew such a power tool as a staple gun existed. Another reason you are my hero,for not being afraid of power tools.

  2. Yes, that would probably be mine too. But don't have a professional one like yours. I wonder how much they run?

  3. I want one of these SO badly! I've been wanting to find an old bench at a yard sale or Good Will, and I need a staple gun to recover it! I didn't even know you could buy electric ones. :)

  4. This one was about $40 if I remember. I imagine you can find one cheaper online for less.

  5. Oh, I have the manual one...but I like that looks of that one!

    Off to call my Dad to see if he will buy me one haha :)

  6. This is also my absolute favorite tool...I also adore the hanging level...Can not do without either one of them.

  7. I reupholstered and armchair recently and picked up an electric staple gun, and I had mixed feelings. While it DID make the job easier and go faster, that little button (it looks like yours has it too) on the left side of the tool that you have to push to make the trigger work makes these tools really only suitable for right-handed users. As a lefty, I was put off that they hadn't found a better way to design these that could appeal to both types of handedness. Still, a decent investment.

  8. cool woman son would have hacked it and had staples all over the dam place.


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