Bird Watching

A few weeks ago, we made a small purchase that is having a big impact on our backyard. We picked up this Cedar birdfeeder at Kmart.
For the first week or so, it sat full of seed and completely untouched. We wondered why it was being ignored by the Brooklyn avian community.
And then one day the squirrels found it.
The birds followed.
We even had a special visitor in the form of a bright red cardinal visit a few times.

So its been quite a study in urban wildlife in our backyard lately.

But guess what animal is enjoying this the most? (excluding Mr. Limestone who just just so happens to have taken all of these photographs. National Geographic, he is waiting for your call.)
Our very own yard patrol, Big Cat.
That bird feeder has added hours of enjoyment to his daily routine.
'Cool it with the camera, those birds will never see me behind this plant!'
(If you will note, my cat doesn’t have poor grammar or punctuation like those other internet cats!
In fact, he did his thesis in the feline liberal arts of napping and begging for food.)
Alas, they aren't that easy to catch. The minute Big Cat puts one paw outside, the birds high tail it out of here.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this post.


  1. I love that the bird feeder has added hours of enjoyment to your cats daily routine. I think about that with pets, it is little things that make their day! :-)

  2. What a lovely patio! I saw the cutest bird feeder on sale at Lowes this weekend. We have an indoor cat and I'd love to put a feeder in a place where can can see the birds from his indoor perch. But alas, our townhouse's windows that face the back patio aren't in a good location for him to see the outdoor action.

  3. I spy sparrows... and a very cute cat

  4. Very cute, and your husband looks to be a good photographer as well! However, what really caught my eye is how beautiful and lush your patio and garden look in these the middle of the city! Great job...Janell

  5. What a wonderful addition to your yard - the birds seem thrilled!

  6. This post had me laughing so hard. Big Cat is gorgeous my Big Boy is the same exact way He lays in wait just watching the birds like he's on the Serengeti. It still cracks me up how serious he is about the entire operation.

  7. Oh, just you wait. You're going to join the ranks of the bird feeding nerds. We are charter members! We overthink seed and suet selections, we have cleaning accessories, replace the feeders when we decide the birds aren't adapting to them quickly enough...and we convinced ourselves that we got the feeders for Baxter's entertainment (he's my dog).

    Once you get songbirds in your yard, you wonder how to dealt with it being so quiet before.

  8. This is hilarious! Who knew one little purchase could provide such fun for Mr. Limestome, the cat, and all of us!! Enjoyed the photos!

    BTW, I just added your fabulous blog to my daily reads over at Sweet Dreams Preppy!

  9. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Great photos! I love Big Cat AND your fabulous backyard!

  10. Awesome, great pics! We stopped putting birdseed in our feeder because the stupid squirrels kept eating it all. Do you have any tips for keeping them away? (Do you think I have to get a cat?)

  11. It always takes them a bit to notice it...Love the patio!! I finally bought a bird book so that my kids could identify all of the birds....

  12. Your back patio area is just beautiful!! I am jealous you have such an awesome space right in the middle of the city.

  13. Sarah - No clue how to keep the squirrels away. We just feed them along with the birds I guess. My cat scares them and the birds away when he is out but his shifts are very short :)

  14. That is so precious. And doesn't the cat always seem to find a way to be involved in everything?!

  15. So cute. I just bought a hummingbird feeder for my backyard. We have 5 caged zebra finches on our screened lanai, but I love when the wild birds visit.

  16. Very cute and glad you have a happy cat. We are into birds and have two very busy feeders also. My cat is driven crazy since we don't let him out and he sits at the window and climbs the screen when we open it.

    Bird watching can be very satisfying and amusing, especially if you start getting interesting birds.

    Another path to success - a bird bath. We have two bird paths (one is fancy, stone and the other is a plastic plant basin sitting on an iron post), and both a VERY popular. They are full of birds most of the day and we refill every couple of days when watering the plants. We also have a bird bath heater (which keeps the water just above freezing, not hot, so doesn't take much electricity) and it is very popular in winter, as there is no open water. All winter, we have birds in the bath. It is so fun to watch them do a full spa treatment. We have robins who sit in there for, like, 5 minutes splashing around.

    Another tip - we spend extra and by sunflower seeds that are already shelled for one of our feeders so we don't get a mess of shells on the deck. Not a problem if you have ground that you don't mind covered in shells, as birds and squirrels will also forage on the ground. But for a deck or nice surface, the shell-less seeds are nice. I think it is black oil sunflower seeds my husband buys.

    Have fun, nice post!

    xo Terri

  17. LOL! He's so cute hiding behind that teent tiny bush!

  18. Anonymous4:41 PM

    My neighbor has a ton of bird feeders this summer and I have noticed that we now have hundreds of birds all over the place. They stomp across our roof morning, noon and night. Well with hundreds of birds and food guess what is all over our patio, windows and pool furniture...bird poop. It is gross. Our window cleaners even told us they might charge more because of the amount on the windows.
    I hope with just the one you don't get this problem. Maybe I should get a cat to chase them away.
    Glad you, your husband and cat are enjoying it though. MB

  19. What a cute post. So funny. Be sure to feed them year round!


  20. hahaha! i love the photo of the cat kinda hiding behind the plant. adorable!

  21. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Your patio is beautiful! What a nice place to spend some time! Great blog!

  22. love the last image. We too are in need of a bird feeder, I always seem to forget while I am at the store.

  23. Great post and lovely home you have,I knew Ruth was on to something,glad I came over,all the best,Chrissy

  24. lol! If you ever get tired of the squirrels eating all your birdseed, try buying safflower for the bird feeder. Cardinals and other birds love it, and squirrels don't love it so much.

  25. Dear Mrs. L,
    It seems as though your cat may have studied at the same school as my beloved pet. Enjoyed the pics, but what struck me most upon seeing them was that it appears you have 2 japanese cedars (??) in either corner of your garden!! We have a very large "creature", (as we call him), on the corner of our property, but have never seen another in a residential app. So cool! What are they really called?? I've meant to call the landscape arch. many times but if I'm being honest...I just keep forgetting. If you have any insight, let me know! Thanks!

  26. I love this pic (last one)..i had a small nikon class on monday and learned how to do baby nikon couldnt make that happen.

  27. Your cat is too funny! (love the shot of the birds taking off from the feeder!)
    -Hope all is well.

  28. LOVE feeding the birds... but I had to stop when RATS came visiting the feeders... le sigh... I need a cat to chase the rats away!

  29. I may have to invest in one of these - 3 kitties I know would have a ball watching feathered visitors :)

  30. That last photo is beautiful! Love the cardinal that comes to visit...I just get sparrows and finches at mine (cardinals aren't native around here, so that's why I'm all over yours, lol).

  31. I know you have a beautful home and incredible aesthetic, but truly this was my favorite post of yours. I love that your cat has great grammar, that KILLED me!


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