You already know I am a big fan of Flickr. Its a pretty amazing tool if you love photos like I do. One of the cool features of the site is that they allow other companies to develop add on tools. Enter Dopiaza's Flickr Set Manager that allows me to see which of the photos I've uploaded that Flickr considers most "interesting". What is the criteria for more interestingess vs. less? No one seems to know but its still fun to look. Kind of surprised at what tops the list here - not a single travel photo, only a couple of house photos (despite my insane number of house photos in general) and mostly entertaining. Not sure what I should infer out of that but here is what is topping the list.

cookie bar feather and branch centerpieceGuestRoom1SpreadCandyBarBirdhouse Placecards in Feathered NestsFavorTagsCheeseplatterChristening Party Favors

Am I the only one fascinated by this? What are your most interesting photos? I'd love to see.

Forgive the relative lack of house or project posts this week - its been a little bit busy at the limestone household lately and I just haven't had as much of a chance to finish things. If you're wondering what I am working on, here is the list.

  1. Halloween party invites. Don't you just love getting something fun in the mail? It seems to happen so infrequently lately. Anyway, Im working on them but they are taking a while to piece together.
  2. Halloween outdoor decorations. I have the concept but Im a bit lost on how to execute. The crux of my problem is how to affix certain things to the exterior of my house without any nails or glue.
  3. Figuring out a game plan for the little room. I think I'll use it for sewing because the dining room table becomes quite an eyesore otherwise. But I don't want to spend much money in here at all. This one is a far way off from being done but hopefully I can show you a budget friendly product before the next century arrives.
  4. Looking for guest bloggers for October. Its going to be even crazier next month so I thought it would be a good time to call in the troops. I already have my first guest post all lined up from the lovely Paula Grace. A few others have offered as well so I can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve. Any other takers?


  1. I have a great photo of cicular stairs in the Vatican (looking down from the top) that's hanging in my office. My photography skills are quite inconsistent, but every once in a while I take a good picture and that's one of them.

    I bestowedn an awared upon you today! Stop by to check it out. If you're still interested in guest bloggers, please add my name to the hat!

  2. I've yet to use flickr...yet another thing to learn! What is my favorite photo? Several of the kids together, having fun, making faces... actually my favorite is taken of them while sleeping in a big huge hotel bed surrounded by piles of white linens! Too adorable!

  3. Those are definitely some of my fave pics of yours. My favorite one of my own is probably any smattering from our wedding pics (which I put a few up last week in honor of the big 5).
    P.S. I'd be totally honored to guest post next month!!! Pretty please?!

  4. Love all of your photos. Those eyeballs look so great! How did you make them?

  5. #2: I don't know what you're trying to hang but what about fishing line secured through your windows?

    I've never guest posted but throw my hat into the ring anyway.

  6. you should us 3M command hooks. They're the best! I use them for wreaths on my door & they leave no residue!

  7. I cant believe I have not seen some of these photos of yours?!? Going now to see the rest.

    PS- I posted my Halloween invites today, but I know yours will put them to are the queen of fun/funky/awesome invites :)

  8. I'm so excited LindsB posted a link to your blog! I'm already hooked! Love finding new blogs that I love! Will be back soon!-carlee

  9. Lovely pics...the ones of your home especially!

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with for Halloween! I am completely obsessed with the is soooooo much fun to decorate for. I'm hosting our 3rd annual Halloween party this year. 50 plus people crammed into my 1800 square foot house like sardines. Fun times!

    I would love to see the invites you're working on. I have yet to even think about mine yet. I better get on with it. Time's a wastin'!


  10. It picked some really great photos for you. I did my Flickr account and I'm not sure I totally agree with it's choices. I think the most interesting are these two (it got both of them so maybe it works)

  11. i absolutely adore your entertaining posts & photos. you're so creative and everything - from the food to the decor to the table setups - always ends up looking SO GOOD. i'm curious, i know you have a day job and another own job, but have you ever considered event planning? or even table design/setup a la amy atlas?

  12. WOW!! So many of your photos are on their top 50 list! That is such an achievement! Not only do you have the most gorgeous of homes but others obviously love your photography skill, too. You must be pretty proud. I'm proud for you!

    I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the Halloween party. I can't imagine being able to top last year's, but if anyone can, you surely will.

    If you would consider me up to the task of guest blogging, I'd be honoured. Not sure if I am fit for the job, but it would be a fun experience!


  13. This has nothing to do with your post, but I really need your help over at my blog today! A designer's eye like yours could really help. Thanks! :)

  14. Anonymous9:22 PM

    of course I had to sign up and try this all out but I don't think I even get it! hmmm...
    love the pics you posted! and what are those businessy (yes thats a word I just made it up) type cards, those are too cute, even though I don't know what they are ;)

  15. Anonymous9:23 PM

    ...oh and what is a guest blogger?! I could fit profile of a guest blogger. And my fave photo? not sure yet still waiting for Mr. T and my wedding pics to come back!

  16. HI!!! I am a fan, Love, love, love your blog, your ideas, your style, cant name everything! I live in CA, and if I could Id sell here, and buy a brownstone!!! You have done so many beautiful things, I wish I can reach my hand through the comp, and move the camera so I can see the other side of the room! I love the elegance of your home and Blog! Please continue sharing!!! God Bless!

  17. I added your limestone sketch to my home page!
    Love to be your guest blogger - you inspired me to take to leap to renovate and do an addition so I will have my own home art studio.
    I love your kitchen, your sense of style on a shoestring budget.

  18. I'm not surprised in the least that so many of your photos are in the top 50. Your pictures as well as your blog has always kept me interested.


  19. Oh no, these aren't on Flickrs most interesting - they are just the most interesting of my own photos. Sorry, I must have confused everyone with this post. I didn't mean to imply I have the most interesting photos at all.

    Pve - Oh, thank you for adding my house to your sketch page. I look at your sketch every single day and its the first thing all my guests see as well. Of course I'd love you to be a guest blogger!

    Lindsay - I'd love more guest bloggers. Please email me and we can chat about it.

    Kay - It would be my dream to have a job like Amy Atlas but I have no plans to take that plunge. I have a very non creative day job that pays the bills.

    Mrs. Bright - I'd love a guest post. Please email me.

    Koodeker - Will 3m hooks work outside on stone? Im a big fan of them indoors but I didn't think they would do the job in the elements.

    Liz - I'll share how I made the eyeballs in another post but of course they are Martha.

  20. This is kind of related, but mainly just a random note for you. I wanted to let you know that I used the canvas printing company that you did and had linked on your site and wanted to pass along how great they turned out. For our 1st wedding anniversary, I had 6 photos printed on canvases of different sizes (from 10x14 all the way up to 20x30). I made the wood frames and stretched them over myself, arranged them on one of our exposed brick gallery walls, and surprised my wife with them. She loved them! I wanted to thank you for posting about yours-that company was great to work with and very affordable! I guess this fits in with most interesting (wedding) photos question.

  21. mrs.limestone yes they should :) i have used them on brick before. i don't know about limestone...but i would bet that it would. esp if you're not planning on hanging something really heavy.
    good luck :)

  22. I'd be interested in guest-posting in late October if you are still in need.

    What are you doing for Halloween invites? Two years ago we went all out with a Martha-Stewart rip off, but we delivered them with no notice to guests' doorsteps in the middle of the night. People were scared, but loved it!

    Here's the link to photos of the invites:

  23. You smart girl! You deserve an award! Stop by when you have some time, i have a little something for you!

  24. Anonymous4:40 PM

    It is funny how flickr labels certain photos INTERESTING... some have comments and lots of hits, but some others don't... so I don't get it. Here's what Flickr considers to be MY most interesting photo (out of 3000):

  25. I love all of your pictures and these ones are magnificent. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend and I can't wait to see your Halloween invites.

  26. I know about being busy this week. Feels like a whirlwind! Please fill me in when you decide on your Halloween. I am my daughter's room mom and I received an email about what appars to be a very complicated list of ideas. When I was in school, for parties, we had just that ~ cake, punch, little good bags. Now they are talking about stations for different activities ~ um, what??? Guess I should find out.....

  27. Wow. I never really looked at flickr. There is a lot of interesting photos on there. Great post. I'll probably start using flickr now!


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