3 Clever Creative Christmas Ideas

After our Buon Natale party, I've just left all the decorations up and called it a day. But just because I'm not doing much in the creativity department this year, doesn't mean Im not admiring some great ideas found on other blogs.

First up the amazing and stylish, Ish & Chi.

I don't know about you but I find it challenging to create modern Christmas displays. Well Vivian has nailed it. See for yourself. You know how much I love to hang things from the ceiling but this arrangement of muted silver balls just takes my breath away. Perfection.

Another hang from the ceiling gem comes from the ever clever Vintage Junky.

She revives the old school days snowflakes into a thing of beauty. She even posted an easy to follow how-to for her readers. A craft that doesn't require any special materials is a thing of beauty!

On a much smaller scale but no less adorable are the pinecone elves crafted by GreatFull Day.

Sure, it was a martha idea but I always find it much more inspiring when I see a fab version made by a real person rather than a team of professionals. Don't you? I think Im going to have to make these as gift tags next year if I can remember to pick up some pine cones.

I could have easily made this post 100 pages long with all the fabulous holiday decor ideas I see in the blogosphere every single day. These three are a just the ones that stuck in my head.

How about you - have you seen some fabulous holiday decor ideas out there? Please share them with a comment.


  1. Love those pine cone elves!

  2. I love that modern display! And thanks for featuring my snowflakes! I am a little obsessed with them...
    Quite an honor really, to be mentioned on one of my all-time favorite blogs ;o

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh wow! I'm so flattered you featured my little elves a la Martha!
    So neat to open one of my favorite blogs to see my little craft looking back at me.

    They were so fun to make and I too am going to try to make more next year. I like to think mine are a little different since I changed up their outfits a bit. :-)

    Love the idea of the hanging ornaments too. So lovely!

    { Lindsey }

  4. Oh oh wow! Thank you :) You are so nice for featuring my Christmas setting amongst these creative ideas.

    Like Lindsey said, it is so great to open up one of your favourite blogs and to see your photos staring back at you. Thank you and have a beautiful Christmas xx

  5. Really great ideas - love the cute little pinecone elves :)

  6. You have to check out the advent calendar that Katie made over at Bower Power, as to save money and not buy the pricey Pottery Barn one. It's amazing! By far my most favorite DIY/decor that I've seen on a blog this holiday season.

    Happy Holidays,

  7. i love the first one!


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