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You know we love to travel but sometimes we play tourist in our very own city. An errand brought us to Herald Square - the epicenter of tourist shopping - on Sunday morning.


While we were in the area, we decided to take at trip up to the Empire State building . I vaguely remember being there before but couldn't figure out when or with who. We had never gone together so figured we would make the morning of it.

It was surprisingly empty considering the holiday weekend and great weather.
It got a lot more crowded once we got closer to the observation deck but we only had to wait about 20 minutes before we got lovely views in every direction.

It was pretty packed once we got up there. And we timed it for high noon so it was also incredibly bright. Not the best lighting for photographs but I snapped away as best I could.
I was a bit bummed that the glare was the worst on the Brooklyn side. You can barely see it was so bright. You can still kind of see Brooklyn if you look hard - its on the upper left hand side of this photo.

One good thing about the strong sun is that it cast a very definitive shadow in this photo. Here is hovering over the ice skating rink in Bryant Park.
You know how much I love viewfinders!

We paid the extra to go to the 102nd floor but I wouldn't recommend it. The view was very similar to the 86th floor except that was entirely enclosed. So if you are visiting, save yourself the $15.


  1. I remember going there as a kid everytime we had out of town visitors. I loved it. Thats when you could go to the very tiny tippy top. Thanks for refreshing those old memories.

  2. One other hint for any one in NYC or visiting NYC - it's actually cheaper and more relaxing to go to the Rainbow Room instead of the Top of the Rock, grab a table and a cocktail and have front row seats to some of the best views in NY - the only drawback is it isn't outside.

    p.s. There is a similar situation at the John Hancock building in Chicago!

  3. Oh...I Love NYC...especially at Christmas. Your pics just sing!

  4. I love the first photo! What a great framed poster that would make. I will be in NYC next week and can't wait. Hope to get some great pics, as well; although, my camera is pretty dumpy :)

  5. We've only been to NYC once but we paid the money for the audio tour of the Empire State Building. Worth every penny.

  6. Great pics! I've been to NYC once, and have some similar shots from the top of the Empire State Building. Good times!

  7. INCREDIBLE PICTURES!!! Such a lucky lady to have been there! :)

  8. These shots are out of this world!!! I haven't forgotten about all the help you gave me in my living room!!! It's sort of a work in (long) progress!!!

    Hope all is well. Happy Holidays to you. I scheduled a quickie article re: you for monday afternoon...

  9. First shot is my favorite! A few years ago I took a trip to the city with a friend so we could do some shopping and experience the city during the holidays. It was great, but our trip was cut short since a major snowstorm was heading to town. We rearranged our flights to get out ahead of it and didn't get to do half of what we had planned. I hope to get back during the holidays soon!

  10. Lil B4:17 PM

    Great photos! My husband and I are driving up to NYC this weekend and staying in Brooklyn so your post is getting me so excited! We love the Empire State Building. I adore your blog . . . not to sound too dramatic, but it's breathtaking!!

  11. I just love the city during Christmastime. It's been years since I was up the ESB, so thanks for the virtual tour.

  12. How pretty. I love the Empire State Building. There is nothing like it.

  13. Thanks Mrs. L for the beautiful photos (as usual) as well as the blast from the past. Most New Yorkers would probably laugh at me for this, but in the 2 years I lived in NYC I went up the Empire State Building twice (I know, totally touristy - but I loved it). Plus I can see the building where Sherry and I met (i.e. our old office) in the pic with the Chrystler Building - we worked across the street from it. Ahhh memories...


  14. Not a bad wait at all! When the hubs and I visited in 2006, we waited for several hours...it was awful. I'm going up to NYC with some girlfriends next Saturday (just for the day). We never really see the big touristy things like the Statue or the Empire State Building, but it sure is fun!! :)

  15. There is nothing like New York City....I love the pictures. Thanks Mrs. Limestone.

  16. Great pics and those view finders reminded me of that cute, 'Sleepless in Seattle' movie. NYC is a wonderful town anytime of the year but christmas just about tops the list....Have a happy weekend, xv.

  17. Your pictures are wonderful! My husband and I visited the Empire State building on a trip to NYC this past summer, and I loved the views. My pictures didn't turn out as lovely as yours, though :P It was so windy up top, and I felt a little uneasy but the views (and the two hour wait!) were definitely worth it.

  18. I absolutely love the pics!

  19. Anonymous5:48 PM

    What kind of camera do you use? I need a new digital.

  20. I love your pictures. I took my daughter up there during the summer for auditions. We are planning to go back up in June to stay for a couple months. I'm sure we'll go back up to the top of the ESB. For me, it was one of the most magical parts of our trip. Well, that and seeing Lady Liberty! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I have a great shot of my sons when they were little looking down towards the twin towers. (before you know what) I get a little teary eyed each time I visit there. Your photos are gorgeous.

  22. Anonymous4:10 PM

    What great pics....I love your city....we did a December tour once....The Empire State building was great...one place I have not been to is the Statue of Liberty...I believe it's open again ??? My daughtter went to college in CT so we would drive to the city when visiting...

    Nice post and Merry Christmas,
    Kathy :)


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