Whadya wanna know?

A year ago, I asked you if you had any questions for us (The original post, complete with rant about how Brooklyn is potrayed in film, can be found here.) Much to my amazement, there were quite a lot of questions that had absolutely nothing to do with our house. So thats when I finally "unveiled" myself and started to blog about things a bit more personal like our trips, etc. Before then I had no clue you'd find anything about me interesting. (I'm still a bit shocked by that part if Im honest.)

Putting aside my astonishment, I answered your questions here, here, here and here.


With a whole year gone by, I figure it would be a good time to throw the question out to you again. Whadya wanna know? Ask me anything - I don't promise to answer but I'll do my best.

Is there something you'd like to know that I haven't answered already?

Something you'd like me to post more or less about?

Anything else you want to share?

Photos (first taken in South Africa, second on Long Island) have nothing to do with this post but I just don't like posts without photos!


  1. Do you drink alcohol?

  2. Did the photo shoot happen yet?
    Paula Grace ~

  3. What do you do for a living?

  4. I'd like to see one of those "10 things I can't live without" posts from you. You have great taste, so it would be a fun read.

    I also like your Brooklyn posts, because I just miss Brooklyn like crazy.

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I have a few questions...they're random and mostly fall into what I'd call the administrative category (is that weird?). I ask because yours is one of my very favorite blogs and as a new (perhaps not-for-long) blogger, I'm curious as to how the best written blogs work.

    When do you write your posts? Do you plan anything out in advance or just write whenever you complete a project/have something fun to say?

    What does your husband think? How helpful/involved is he in your projects and/or parties?

    Oh - here are some others that might be more fun. How did you guys meet? What's the sweetest thing he's ever done for you?


  6. Anonymous5:47 PM

    This is really about bathroom minutia. Now that you've been cleaning your bathrooms for about 2 years, which bathroom grout do you prefer? The masterbath tinted green, the hex cararra grout(which I'm guessing is a pale gray) or the grout in the bathroom with the black and white floor(what color?). Would you change anything if you had the chance?

  7. I love your blog! I would like to hear more about your travels. Have you been to Japan?

  8. You do so much travelling to truely amazing, wonderful places. Is this business travel? Or do you and your husband just like to travel for fun? I love to travel and would love any tips if you have them about how to travel affordably...do you book your travel online and have any great sites that help save money when booking?

    Thanks! Love your blog and all of your design ideas! Especially love all of the awesome cards, invitations, etc. that you create!

  9. StellaSmithDesigns7:47 PM

    Thanks to your links I just read that you spent your 30th in Paris (you're right- elegant and gorgeous picture!) I'm planning a trip there for my 30th as well in October. Did you post a Paris blog - or do you have suggestions for restaurants/hotels/must-dos? I can't wait to use my D90 there!

  10. you commented on my blog the other day that you hate moving. do you and mr. limestone plan on being at your current pad indefinitely? do you plan on (or maybe you have already and i just missed it?) expanding your family? (i hope that's an appropriate question?)

    i really like your personal posts! i'd love to see you write more about what you think about things, what you're passionate about, your opinions, etc. it's more interesting to me when i have a face and personality behind a blog. humanizes it or something.


  11. What place did you use for your frequent flyer miles?

  12. I love all of your work stuff & parties, you're so damn creative. I also love seeing NY stuff, it's interesting to those of us not in the city. You already know you're one of my faves, so keep doing what you're doing.

  13. Ok...anything? Game on.

    Any Limestone chips planned for the future (babystones)?

    Best bagels in Brooklyn?

    Fave breakfast?

    Do you have a housekeeper...or do you beeswax and lavender your wood yourself?

    Fave NYC haunts?

  14. How do you decide where to travel to next? How do you recover from such quick trips? Do you ever struggle between spending on your house or traveling? Don't your inlaws live in the basement, do you ever see them? Do you have a car, if not how do you get your groceries home? That should tide you over for awhile!

  15. PhillyLass9:57 PM

    Oh, goody! As a newcomer to your blog, I have a million questions for you. But I'll keep it to a handful-- For starters, how much experience with home maintenance did you have before buying the limestone? And how much have you done yourselves as opposed to delegated to contractors?

    Also, do you have any advice on how to choose contractors? And how to manage a major renovation? I know you could write a book on the subject (and I hope you do!!!) but any tidbits of advice would be great!

  16. Love your blog! I love the collage you just created, as well as the art in the header of your blog. Did you create that? If so, how? It's so cool!

    Also, where do you think your next trip will be? My husband and I love to travel too. Recently we've just started to include our three year old in international trips. (It CAN be done!) Really, we realized this because we adopted him from Russia and he did well on the flight! I love your pictures and it always gives me ideas of where to suggest next! :)

  17. You answered so many questions before it's hard to think of more. Ummm... Have you lived in NYC/ Brooklyn your whole life and if not, how did you end up there? What's your alma mater? How did you and Mr. Limestone meet? I'm so jealous of your travels and you've been to most of the places on my bucket list, is there anywhere you are dying to visit?

  18. Do you work from home or do you go to an office?

    How many states have you visited in the USA?

  19. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I love your blog, never miss a day without reading your new posts. I especially love all of the creative work that you do. I have a MAC and was wondering what programs you use to create such great work?



  20. I did a post a week or so ago about my "10" being the stuff I wouldn't want to live without and tagged a few bloggy friends to play. I was REALLY wanting to tag you, but I figured you're much to busy, etc. to fool with it. Well, how about now? Would you do a post that calls out your everyday stuff that you love? Here's the link to mine: http://the-bright-

    That would be fun!

  21. I will have to think about this one! I want to know how you got so creative? ANd I would LOVE to more and more D.I.Y. I think you rule!


    Miss B

  22. LOl, that would be I would love to 'see' more D.I.Y. early here!

  23. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I have a Nikon D50 camera as well. However, my photo's aren't nearly as spectular as yours! After reading your previous answers, I am going to stop using my flash. I was wondering what lense you are using? Do you use more than one? If so, do you have any recommendations on when to use them?


  24. Just found your blog, and I already love it. I have a few questions. You obviously tried to restore original pieces of the house as you renovated. But you also made some significant changes to the floor plan, and moved pieces like the mirror, and got rid of a lovely looking built in. How did you decide what you wanted to save? Do you regret changing/removing certain pieces? Conversely, did you devote lots of resources to restoring specific areas without much to show for the added effort in the end? I'm scared of all the restoration/renovation that needs to happen in our 1810 house ("improved" in the '70s), so some words of wisdom would be nice!

  25. I have the Nikon D50 also and know I should turn off the flash but how do you do that? I have searched for the answer - I'm sure it's simple. Thanks!!

    Your best tips for someone who would like to start blogging?

    Love your blog!
    A Tailored Teen's Mom

  26. Looks like a Roller Bird!

    OK - so my question is of a frivolous nature; you mention you don't own designer jeans or shoes - where do you shop & what do you most often wear? (You look quite fashonable/comfortable in the photos I've seen of you here).

    Love your site BTW.

  27. PhillyLass12:23 PM

    I just thought of more questions for you! Is your limestone considered a historic property? And, if so, what constraints are you working within and how does the process of getting approval for changes work? Thanks!!!!

  28. Ooh, I love it when you do q & a.

    What's a typical day like for you?

    Does Mr. L read your blog?

    Brooklyn is such a melting pot of ethnicities. What's yours & Mr. L's backgrounds?

  29. Anonymous10:36 PM

    I've been so inspired by your blog that I am very close to purchasing and renovating a 100 year old house myself. :0)

    In researching renovation loans, it seems the only one available is the 203K FHA loan, which limits the renovation portion to 50% of the purchase price. That will put me on a very tight renovation budget.

    Did you have challenges staying within budget in your renovation? How did you keep costs under control? Did you get everything done that you wanted to within budget? Do you have any big projects left?

    [Money is a rather taboo subject, but I resent all the shelter media that portray homeowners with limitless funds and no mention of the costs of such improvements.]


  30. Valerie1:12 PM

    what does the outside of your house look like? what are the dimensions of it? Your house is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

  31. What's your day job? : )

  32. Well, I like to read anything you write about. . . But, as a new blogger, I would like to know: what is the one thing you did to best promote your blog in the beginning days?

  33. Hi, I follow your blog for a long time and must tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers. Keep it up.


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