Favorite Nook: Jeremy & Kathleen

I've mentioned them before and I'll no doubt mention them again, Jeremy and Kathleen are fabulously stylish yet fun - their blog is always a great read. Today Kathleen kindly is sharing her favorite corner. Take a peek...


My favorite nook is a cozy little reading area I've carved out of the corner of our living room. Our living room has an old fireplace and built-in shelves flanking both sides.
I made it my own by decorating the shelves in memories and books. The vintage chair I won in my first auction ever - my heart was racing so fast each time I raised my little auction paddle. The sheep skin makes it that much cozier to curl up in (for both me and my cats).



  1. Thanks so much, Mrs. L, for featuring my favorite nook! I'm loving the series.


  2. Great nook! I love the vintage fan and those ampersands. The chair is fabulous and I could spend hours paging through those books. So... pretty much everything.

    I love their blog! It's one of the first I check in my reader.

  3. I am also loving this series of nooks =) This one has been my favorite so far. I love the arches in the bookshelves, the letters on the shelves and the little magazine holder. Love, love, love!

  4. What a great series! I love their blog. They are so stylish and chic!

    I want to get my hands on all those books!

  5. Love the top lines of the built-in and the chair is just adorable. How fun that you got it at an auction...Janell

  6. LOVE your little nook! Those brightly colored books just make it all that much more cozy!

  7. I love the typography! & the books add so much fun color!

  8. I really like the first pic of the nook... I had all of our books huddled together in the office, but lately, I've peppered stacks around the house, and find I am enjoying them more...

    Beautiful blog...
    :D Lynda

  9. How cute are they?! I have to agree~ I ♥ this series of nooks!

  10. What a great little nook- I think the auction chair makes the space!

  11. oh i am absolutely LOVING this series. especially because i love bloggers spaces. they are the most creative homes out there!

    awesome job!


  12. I <3 Jeremy & Kathleen, they're such a fun and cute couple. I'd love to curl up in that vintage chair - what a great find!

  13. Love this nook....all the books just make me want to curl up there!

  14. Great vignettes and wonderful photography!
    xo xo

  15. I love books and I can tell that you do too.

  16. That is such a cute bookshelf. I think the ambersands are perfect for the top rounded shelf.


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