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Today's favorite nook comes from the talented Brooke of Oh Brooke. She not only has a blog that is beautifully designed (one of my favs!) but is chock block full of great ideas. She is sharing her lovely space AND has been kind enough to share a few thrifty tips as well. Read on...


My favorite nook is in my "croffice" {craft office}. My little condo has a very funny floorplan where two of the bedrooms next to each other have a yin-yang layout. This made a narrow nook in one of the rooms that I *had* to make functional. It's too narrow for a bed or seating, but it's the perfect spot for a craft table. I do all my sewing, assembling, cutting and crafting in this nook - the perfect size, and even a window for natural light. And since we all know we can get a little messy in the midst of crafting, all my messes get tucked at the end of this little room, instead of having it sprawled on the kitchen table for weeks. This sorta makes me want to look at the nooks in all the other condos here and say "Neener! I made mine functional!"
If I could change one thing, I would buy a chair. The chair I have here is from my dining table because it was no extra cost. I'd love to get an Eames office chair for this room.
My highlights in putting together this room:

1. Recycled paint. I took the paint I had and mixed them together to create these colors. This illiminates spending extra money on paint, and having half-empty paint cans clutter your storage.

2. Trash to treasure: Tin boxes were purchased at a garage sale, $5 for all of them. The wooden organizer on the desk was found by the dumpster. *SWOOP!*

3. Keep it cheap: The hanging chandelier was on clearance at Urban Outfitters for $10. It was online for $30, but when I called the store, they said they had one on clearance.

4. Spend money on the pieces that matter: The desk is my favorite light -weight ikea table
(perfect for small spaces and small budgets). The dresser is my favorite piece of furniture in my house, my Reeves Design chest of drawers. I wish I had the whole collection. Even for a splurge, this piece only cost me $350.

I blogged about my croffice here.


  1. Great use of space! I just love those Ikea shelves!

  2. Super cute! I have a similar office nook. I love LOVE the shelves.

  3. I love those tin boxes. Great space.

  4. Oh what a fun series! I loved taking a peek into Brookes space!

  5. Great croffice. I really like the tin boxes and love hearing good garage sale find stories. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  6. I love this series! Such a great use of space and so neatly organized. I need to find a nook to do all my crafts in. The dresser and lamp are my favorite pieces.

  7. What a wonderful space! Some really wonderful ideas! Have to love Ikea, I just finished up my frech guestroom and there are a few ikea pieces used, you would never know :)
    Take care-

  8. amazing ideas!!!!!!!! wow. i love this space. and i am so digging on this series.....

    its the best.

    happy weekend.

  9. Oohhh....loving that chandelier & metal storage boxes :)

  10. I have several little nooks I need to get busy in. Great inspiration here! I love how different each persons taste is, yet how beautiful each nook looks!

  11. Love this space (and thanks for introducing me to this blog)!

  12. Such a great use of space and so neatly organized. I need to find a nook to do all my crafts in. The dresser and lamp are my favorite pieces.
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  13. I love cheap and chic. I could definitely get my craft stuff pared down to fit in that size space... You've inspired me!

  14. I love the green. Every room needs a pop of color!
    Lila Ferraro
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  15. Paige5:23 PM

    Love the curtain and the magnetic board. I LOVE her blog even more.

  16. I adore this nook! How I wish I had my own corner to craft and "project it up". I'm totally lusting after those tins!!


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