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Don't ask me what rock I've been under but evidently both of the shopping channel giants have thrown their proverbial hats in the ring of home decor. Hmm....interesting. So I thought it might be fun to do a little bit of comparison between the two, all in good fun.

Ring, ring, ring...let the games begin.

In this corner we have HSN with a tag team made up of Nate Berkus & Colin Cowie.
QVC's gang of Jeff Lewis, Tracy Hutson, Ken Brown and Genevieve Gorder.

I was probably most excited to see what Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out had on offer. I love his homes and expect him to be fairly meticulous in his collection. Gotta say, I was let down. Maybe if there had been more to choose from? I did like this glass lamp (nice, classic, sparkly) for $115 and this set of white nesting trays (so many uses) for $44. The collection from Tracy Hutson of Extreme Home Makeover was also pretty sparse but the ceramic bird tealight holder (could easily have been found at anthropologie for twice the price) for $32 caught my eye. I want it. Moving on to Kenneth Brown he has a well reviewed and pretty sassy looking starburst mirror for $55 as well as a faux fur throw for $50 that might work if put in the right context. And finally Genevieve Gorder who ends with a whimper...not much to show you aside from these pretty textured ceramics.

Overall, a bit disappointed in both the quantity and the style of QVC's game play. I think they picked the right players but maybe the didn't give them enough room to build a solid collection? There are some bright moments though so it could be promising.


So how does HSN stack up? Obviously its a much smaller cast of characters. Lets start with Colin Cowie. I could not have been more disappointed to see his stuff. I heart him and think he has the most amazing eye when it comes to entertaining. I simply do not believe he would ever use any of the items he is selling here. They just aren't worthy of him or his tablescapes. Award for the most useless item has to be this $25 wine purse. Sure, its pretty but I can't even imagine walking around with a wine carryall. Its the home stretch with HSN losing by a mile, Nate Berkus is their only hope of pulling a win. Thankfully we have a real player in Nate. Not just a couple of items but an actual home collection. Reasonably priced (although not cheap) but with high end style. This $400 hexagon ottoman, a $500 fab velvet settee, $20 branch candleholders or a fun striped rug for just $9. Based on the clearance prices on some items, I suspect I probably missed out on a bunch of other great pieces as well.

So who is the winner? I think HSN beat out QVC by a hair. There were some gems on both sides but I have to give it to HSN for giving Nate a wide berth to furnish. Good job to him and his team for not pumping out just any ol thing. But this is a pretty subjective contest. What do you think???


  1. First, thanks for opening my eyes because lately, I have been confusing the 2. Actually, I thought HSN & QVC were one and the same! oops. I didn't know G.Gorder had home stuff out either. Thanks for that as well! I love the accessories on the QVC part but.. you're right. Nothing great on offer from both. I still think a physical store is the way to go for outsize larger furniture pieces. The rug at 9$ is hard to beat! My verdict? Stalemate!

  2. I have been buying Nate on HSN for over a year. I have a nifty pair of mercury glass lamps, an Ikat style pillow, and drum roll, I actually purchased 2 of the settees for a client in the graphite Ikat print, and they are very stylish and decent. His sheets look great too.
    I agree that the others have slim pickings.
    But at least high style design is being attempted and offered to shut-ins and people who don't have time to shop during regular store hours.
    xo xo

  3. I totally agree with you assessment. Jeff Lewis' $90 garden stool was pretty funny, too. But, I guess that's to be expected from a guy who has probably never stepped foot in a Marshalls, Home Goods, or TJ Maxx, where you see those things routinely sold for $30.

  4. I love the lamp and the candle holders (the brass ones). I'm on the market for some new lamps.

  5. Have not spent much time looking at what is offered, but was flipping through the channels one day and caught Genevieve selling her bedding. Wasn't very impressed. My perspective, on limited exposure, is that most of the offerings are watered down versions of what the designers would truly promote if left to their own devices.

  6. It seems these shows are trying to expand their market to people who wouldn't normally buy from home shopping networks but it almost seems like the products are somewhat in the middle of what people who would normally buy from here and people who wouldn't, if that makes sense and it just doesn't hit the mark because of it! I was disappointed in Jeff's line too, because I think his style is fab! I admit I don't even think to look at either of these shows to buy my home goods from buy some of Nate's stuff does look pretty cool, like the rug and candle holder!

  7. I knew Cutie Pie Nate was on HSN but I had no idea there were other heavy hitters warming up the shopping networks. Yipee! Great to know.

  8. Glad to know we won by a hair!

  9. Had no idea some of these big players were on QVC and HSN, I love Jeff, too bad he doesn't have much to show for here. When my babies were newborn I would watch the shopping networks at all hours of the night and packages would arrive I had almost forgotten about..Most likely a good thing those days are over :)
    Take care-

  10. Excellent showdown ! I'm so glad you took the time to evaluate, well done. My fav is absolutely the hexagon ottoman, but I'm a sucker for white ceramics too ! Thanks for sharing ! ♥ Kate

  11. Nate! I have been looking at all of his stuff for a while, but haven't purchased anything. But, it all looks great online! (Love your blog, btw).

  12. Plus Nate is easy on the eyes :)
    I agree with your assessment. I tend to like QVC but Nate brings this home for HSN.

  13. HSN has it hands down in my book, but it's all due to Nate!

  14. Yes I love Nate's collection! I especially love the settee which I am currently saving up to buy. Hope it's still available when I have the money :). Thanks for this post, great way to showcase whats available on both channels.

  15. Anonymous5:43 PM

    A wine PURSE?! Good grief. That really is ridiculous. I so don't see my husband carrying one of those to a dinner party. OR ME either for that matter.

    Nate Berkus has some nice stuff. My fave, out of all of these. That hexagonal ottoman deserves a new home at my house.

  16. Love it! I have the Nate rug in my living room and it was one of the best purchases ever!

    A 9x12 rug for under $200!

  17. I'm not a fan of shopping channels but I would be interested if it was Candace Olsen or Sarah Richardson.

    It amazes me that Genevieve even has a show.

  18. Such a fun wrap up! BTW, in the process of using that ottoman in a nursery and so far so good - pricey for HSN but very very nice...


  19. Don't know much about HSN but I used to be a heavy QVC addict. I have a few Tiffany inspired lamps from QVC, quilts, some very nice sheets, and a Bose music system.

    I do love that velvet settee, will have to check it out.

  20. maria teresa7:23 AM

    Good morning Mrs Limestone.

    Unfortunately here (in Majorca, Spain) we don't have such programs but I wanted to say congratulations for your wonderful blog. It is a great source of ideas and inspiration for me! And although I don't usually made comments, I stop by every morning after turnint on my PC.

    Con cariƱo (= lots of love in Spanish), mariateresa,

  21. I think Nate wins it for HSN hands down. I haven't bought anything yet but it is just a matter of time.

  22. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I have been completely asleep at the wheel. I had no idea the shopping channels had this stuff. Thanks for the head up.

  23. I love Nate and I would have thought that Ken Brown would have had better things. I have watched him redo some of his houses on House Hunters and loved them.

  24. wow. this seriously looks like its gonna be lots of fun. dont you just love tv shopping!!!!!

  25. Most of good/great designers have terrible home collections, at least those offered to the unwashed masses. Nate's stuff for Linens & Things was all terrible quality. I was horrified at the junk with his name on it, all made in China low quality, all fabrics with unidentifiable origins, nothing soft or lovely, all cheap and synthetic. There is a Canadian desinger Brian Gluckstein whose work is amazing but his home collection for the Bay is mostly cheap overpriced junk. I think it is disgusting the prices they charge for this stuff. I don't think things need to be expensive to be beautiful, but I could find no beauty amongst most of their cheap crap.

    Now designers like Windsor Smith and those who do it for the trade - another matter entirely. Only the rich get the nice stuff.

  26. i love colin cowie... he has such great style!


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