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Picking up where I left off, we had sweltered for a few hours at the floating market before driving a little bit further to a fishing village. We got into a long tail boat and picked up a welcoming breeze in touring the area. We saw a ton of shellfish, huts perched over the water a few hard working fishman.
Finally it was time for the much anticipated swimming monkeys. We weren't sure what to expect exactly other than our guide had brought along more fruit than we could possibly imagine giving away. At some point we stopped in the middle of nowhere, the boatman stood up and made some strange hollering calls into the marsh. Out came an army of monkeys looking for a free meal.
As you can see, it was completely insane! These monkeys wanted that fruit!! And they never got full no matter how much they ate. Finally we had to say goodbye but not before I filled my camera with monkey photos galore. It was a great experience albeit a bit scary (at least for me!)We were shocked the area wasn't loaded with tourists - we were the only ones in there! So as happy as I am we had the place to ourselves, I'm letting the cat out of the bag that this is a must do if you have a free day in the city.
Our final few days in Bangkok was spent in a more leisurely way. We took several tuk-tuk trips. We tried our best to avoid the protesters that were gathering in the streets.
We visited the huge weekend market on Sunday morning. I was impressed with the range and variety of things for sale here. (Generally these kinds of markets tend to sell the same things over and over but there was some really great items here in addition to the usual souvenirs and tshirts, etc.) If you are in Bangkok, this is a must-do.
The animal section of the market is incredibly sad. Adorable animals in tiny cages sweltering in the heat without access to water. I managed to get cursed out by this lady selling squirrels in dresses. I just couldn't resist snapping a photo despite her warning signs and she was not at all happy about it. After she gave me the evil eye, we decided to move out of the area entirely and see what else was for sale.

The protests going on at the time were only a minor trouble to us - closing off some of the main streets prevented us from seeing a movie at the fancy theater there and prevented us from visiting the Jim Thompson house one afternoon. But it was never anything that made us regret our trip there.
We had a great time in the city and would not hesitate to return. We stayed away from the red light district entirely so we didn't see some of the more scummy bits of the nightlight life prostitution, etc. Bangkok is a varied enough city that it has something for everyone and we were definitely entertained.

Smack in the middle of our time in Bangkok we took a 45 minute flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Despite the proximity, it couldn't be more different so I'll share that in another post.


  1. Wow, amazing photos of the monkeys! What a unique experience. I never would have thought I would want to go to Bangkok, but now it sounds like so much fun!

  2. what an amazing trip you're taking... waiting for tomorrow's images!

  3. Aww..that is horribly sad to see with the animals in the cages. :-(

  4. I'm impressed at your courage to take a picture of the squirrels in dresses. I'm such a wimp when it comes to stuff like that.

  5. I love that chandelier in the market.

  6. Wow, those swimming monkeys are incredible/crazy! How cool.

  7. I'm so happy you said that the swimming monkey's were slightly scary cause I was thinking I would have been terrified. What an awesome experience!

  8. The monkeys are amazing! I'm oh so jealous!

  9. Holy cow monkeys galore! I bet it was a bit scary.

  10. I really love your photographs! What an amazing trip!

  11. Amazing photos (as always). I don't think I could do it though, seeing all of those animals being treated so poorly. I get extremely teary eyed every time I open the mail and get PETA letters with all of their animal sadness. Oy.

  12. Great snaps! Those monkeys give me the chills...they are mean and aggressive everywhere I've seen them, India, Gibraltar etc..they will attack you if you have food....glad it worked out!

  13. Those monkeys scare me:(

    Glad that you liked it though. LOL!

  14. Anonymous9:27 PM

    While I'm extremely jealous of your vacation, I was glad to read that not too many people were viewing the monkeys. The fact that they are so unsettled with the human visitors is a sad testiment to the un-natural environment they must live in. While I'd have probably visited myself, I still can't help but feel bad about the situation. What is more upsetting is the animal section of the market, however. I'm sure it was bad to see.

    Can't wait to see the Siem Reap photos!

  15. Your pictures of those monkeys are incredible!! I especially love the shot of the baby monkey on its mother's back. What a wonderful, eye-opening vacation. I'm jealous!

  16. oh my gosh that monkey scene is insane! soooo cool! i would have been a bit afraid too ;) can't wait to read what your thoughts are on cambodia and the difference. i've often read that despite how close they are together they are vastly different...and of course, looking forward to the photos!

    (and squirrels as pets?!! so weird)

  17. Oh how fantastic. I've always wanted to go to Bangkok. Those monkeys are bananas. No pun intended I swear.

  18. Great shots! Yeah, there's something a little wrong with the animals dressed in clothes for sale - you'll see a lot of mistreated animals at the Weekend market too.
    Have an awesome time in Siem Reap - 'La Cambodge' is awesome - esp Angkor Wat at 5am - watch the sunrise and beat the crowds by getting there early. Check out the next temple - Bayon (lots of faces), as you're leaving this temple there's a spot of water/lake where you can get a reflective shot of the temple.
    Try to bring some sweets/colouring pens/toys to give out as there are loads of kids trying to sell you stuff. Loved Ta Prohm - the temple with lots of tree roots - a la Angelina in the Tomb Raider movie - I incidentally bumped into Mick Jagger there! That was the highlight of my day!

    Get the 3 day pass (you'll need a passport photo) - 1 day isn't enough! Plus hire a dude to take you round on a Tuk tuk - negotiate a price and for them to pick you up every morning.

  19. Thanks Sandee - Ive actually already come and gone so its too late for me to use your suggestions but thanks anyway. We didn't see any celebs so I missed out :)

  20. I would be petrified of those monkeys. Toto we aren't in Kansas anymore lol.

  21. What beautiful photos! Rich and colourful! So much movement and life. Really nice.

  22. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Those monkeys are FREAAAAAAAKY! That would've totally spazzed me out, all those monkeys running towards me. ::shivers:: Amazing photos!

  23. Amazed by the monkeys... I've never even heard of that site-seeing option for Bangkok! Even more freaked out by the squirrels in dresses. Because someone actually WANTS one of those? Hmmm...

    Did you catch the Jim Thompson house another day? Fingers crossed that you did... it was one of my favorite things in all of Bangkok! (And, um, not to mention the store...)

  24. no time to read all the comments, but I'm curious to know what the protests were about?? Animals??
    I would have been a bit scared of the monkeys too, looks like chaos.
    Your photos are gorgeous and I'm glad you had a wonderful trip!!

  25. Looks like a great trip! Although, the monkey thing would have probably freaked me out, especially watching them approach in such quantity. Great pics!

  26. I've been reading your blog for a couple years, but have never really commented, but just got a little kick out of the coinsidence (sp?) My hubby and I were in Bangkok as well from April 3-7th as well. Were you at the weekend market on the 3rd? or were we off by a week.

    I think my family actually heard more about the redshirts then us on the ground. The only minor prob we had was that they put tape around the sky train railing so we couldn't look over at see them.

    Overall it was a great trip, but definitly HOT!

    Your pics are gorgeous (as usual)

  27. wow..the showed my kids and they loved the photos were CLOSE!

  28. i am dying, those monkey's are scaring me. all i can think about is that movie outbreak!

  29. You're pictures are amazing. You're a great photographer.

  30. Oh my! I am not sure if I would have been scared or enthralled by those monkeys! Amazing photos - makes me want to book a trip there pronto. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I know I'm behind -- but I just HAD to comment on the monkeys! WOW! Amazing! You did a fantastic job capturing the frenzied scene. And the the baby monkeys with the Moms... ahhh! So cute!

    I would love to do that trip! Thanks for sharing.

  32. i have almost the EXACT same photo of the bunny booth...except for all the animals for sale in tiny cages, i was thoroughly impressed by the variety of goods (and something in every price range) at the market. i was with someone who lives in bangkok so she knew her way around, but otherwise you get lost in 3 turns in that place!


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