Blogger Tag Sale: Make me an offer. #bloggertagsale

If you read my tweets, you'll know I've been hyped up for the Blogger Tag Sale and its finally here. I'm really much more interested in what the other participating bloggers have for sale but I figured I'd raid my closet and put up at least one thing. Would you belive I have 10 things I'd be happy to part with? Huh?? Thats a lot for someone who throws/gives everything away. Seriously, I don't like to keep or store anything I don't absolutely need so Im ruthless. Or so I thought.

Anywho, on to the wares. Come one, come all. Welcome to my booth. You like? You buy. No reasonable bid will be denied. Got something to barter? I'm down with that as well. The very low bar I've set is that the price or the trade has to be worth me braving the nut cases at the post office. Ready? Set. GO!


The first two items are still in the original boxes so you can't see them. In fact, I've even wrapped the very first one up in chevron giftwrap just for you! (Ok, it wasn't for you but its a long story.)

A. Pottery Barn Bedford Charging Station in White never removed from box. (See it here.) Purchased as a gift but it turns out that the giftee already had it and I didn't keep the receipt.
B. Bamboo Roman Shade 23x72 inches long. I had two sitting in my closet for ages. I used one in my office and its twin is just dying for a home. (See its bro hung in my office here.)

C. Pillow lovingly sewn by moi using gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. I still love the pattern but it doesn't really work in any of my rooms so I'm willing to give it to a loving home. It has been used in a purely decorative way and includes the insert. (See it when it was first born here.)
D. 1 yard of Vicki Payne Olive Oil Home Decor fabric.
E. Pair of old worn frames with Victorian women illustrations within. The frames and images are showing their wear, er charm.
F. A skinny bolster black and white floral pillow. Came with the Target slipper chair but this fabric doesn't work for the room. (See the get up here.)
G. Unopened Making Memories Distressing Kit. (Sold new here.)
H. Completely random framed carrot photograph. (Used this in the kitchen of my last home. I swear, it made sense in there.) Frame has subtle red accenting on the edges.
I. Set of 3 framed New York City photographs. Also used in my last home. Top photo features pre 9/11 NYC skyline taken from Brooklyn shore; middle photo features from the air view of midtown centered on the Chrysler Building; bottom photo features tree lined path in Central Park. They are all signed but the photographer although I can't read what it says.
J. Oversized decorative key made of some kind of metal (heavy!) in a distressed off white finish.

So thats the lot of it.

The tag sale will remain open for 1 week. If you have questions or would like to make an offer, drop me an email. I estimate shipping for these items will cost anywhere from $8 to $15 and I would love to combine shipping so if you'd like more than one item, that will go a long way in winning me over :) If you propose a worthy trade, I'll even pay for the shipping out of my own pocket.

So bid often and bid high people. Off to go shopping at the other bloggers tag sales. Here are the ones I know about but if you are participating, drop me a comment.


  1. I saw the tweets. What an awesome idea! I heart that key! I'll have to go check out the others as well.

  2. It's amazing what you can find to part with when you start looking. Great concept!

  3. wow. great items! i'm sure you'll get some pretty awesome offers!

  4. Oooh this looks like fun!

  5. This is such a great idea. I wish I hadn't sold my, ahem, treasures in a yard sale two weeks ago. :)

  6. What lovely items! I love the NYC prints...

  7. FUN! What a fantastic idea!

  8. I guess I didn't realize that that was Amy Butler fabric. I think that exact fabric was recently turned into stationery. My sister has used it for her save the dates, wedding invites, and response cards for her July 17th wedding. When she began planning her wedding, she said, "Lindsay I don't know where to start." I advised her that she would find something that she would give her inspiration and we would design the wedding around. She came home with a pad of paper, the Amy Butler prints. Very cool!

  9. I have such a soft spot for old keys! Thanks so much for sharing! Awesome stuff!


  10. This is such a great idea! Thanks for participating and sharing the other blogs as well!

    Morgan @


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