Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

For those that didn't make it, I thought I'd share a few snaps of the action at this years Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair. Despite this being its 6th year, it was my first visit.


Its definitely a fun event I'd recommend to anyone who wants to see some hip unusual items. Seeing the creative ways the vendors display their wares was the hightlight for me...such great ideas that can be used in other ways. Most of the items for sale fall distinctly into the cool/clever/ironic gift category - not having a gift to shop for at this particular minute, I didn't actually purchase a thing but it was worth the trip anyway.

A tiny tee that sums up the feel of the event by heatherjeanny ;
great use for an old window frame from Molly Gee

I loved the chalkboard bunting by Paper Satchel;
Colleen Heineman's chair necklaces had me at hello

Minature Rhino's sign would be easy to DIY and be great for parties;
I was inexplicably drawn to these dolls by Mimi Kirchner

These Hero shirts were a standout in a sea of tees;
Amazed by NYC scenes set in tile by the talented DeLong Ceramics.

I left empty handed by this little guy was completely unfazed by the crowds and left with a handful of something good.

If you are in town for it next year, its worth a stop. And I'm happy to have been 'introduced' to some really talented sellers that I can shop online from when Im on the hunt for something different.


  1. i love that you posted the pic of the chalkboard bunting. i'm throwing a surprise retirement party for my mom (hope she doesn't read your blog comments...!) this weekend and am going to use that idea since the whole theme is chalkboards and apples. (she's retiring from 35 years of teaching elementary school.)

    looks like a great craft fair!

  2. Looks like a good way to spend an afternoon! I thought about going on Sunday, but I didn't wanna get caught in the rain!

  3. I absolutely loooooveee the Chair Necklaces. I also saw that lousy craft fair tshirt last week and thought it was adorable. The typography on it is great too.

  4. I seldom buy anything from a craft fair, but it's always interesting to look anyway.

  5. I agree. I usually don't buy anything but it's fun trip.

  6. Aren't Mimi's dolls just the best? I've been following her blog for a couple of years now and I think she's one of the most original artists out there.

  7. I am glad that you got to take some pictures before you got in trouble:)

  8. Those dolls are kewl!

  9. the chalkboard banner is brilliant!

    love that little squirrel too.


    btw - featured a pix of your office in this guest post...

  10. Oh I'm in love with those chair necklaces! So sweet.

  11. The shrimp looks scrumptious! Mmmmmmm :)

  12. Huge fan of the chair necklaces - I feel a blog post about them coming on...


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