Nate Berkus Day! ( #NateDay )

If you've made the blog rounds today, you'll notice there is a heck of a lot of Nate Berkus floating around. It all started when the hilarious moggit girls sent a note to Mr. Berkus himself suggesting design bloggers should be a topic on his new show. I don't know what happened after that but who cares? Today has been declared Nate day so let's celebrate!

Before we go any farther, I need to include a photo of the world's most adorable designer aka my BFF, best pal, Natey. Yea, thats what I call him.
This is not a doctored photo of Katie Lee Joel and's me and him and he has his arm around me and we are totally friends, damnit. Yes, I weigh 98 pounds and my head is far too large for my tiny svelte frame. Stop hating people.

So enough about our close personal relationship. Let me share my very favorite makeover he ever did. Believe it or not, its the very first he did on Oprah. He took a tiny, studio apartment in Boston and made it completely beautiful, feel more spacious while keeping it completely functional. Let's take a look at what he got to work with:
Not sure when this first aired. When was the last time jean overall shorts were something you'd wear on an Oprah appearance?

And then the after:

Impressive right? How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
1. Fashionable but still timeless. Its not less current now than it was then.
2. Uses dark colors in a small space in the most ideal way.
3. Gave her a real bed rather than the studio apartment cop out of a sofa bed.
4. Maximizes those high ceilings by building all the way up.
5. Uses silk drapes in a casual way.
6. Girly without being too frou frou.
7. Incorporates a tv (in the closet).
8. Rocks a brass chandy.

The only thing I don't like is that mirror over the bed. It just looks cheap and an afterthought to me. I think some cool art would have been a better choice. I'm guess he was limited in terms of sources, time, etc. so it doesn't even bother me.

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite?

And if you are looking for more of a fix check out all of the other bloggers who are participating in the Nate Berkus love fest today.
{If I've misssed you from the list, please leave a comment.}


  1. This is one of my favorite Nate designs, too! He features this Boston apartment in his book Home Rules. Happy Nate Day!

  2. This would have to be my favorite! Wow he's like a magician. You crack me up with the large head on a tiny framed body, but yes you are BFF, lol!

    Too cute!

  3. I LOVED this redesign...I think I remember it from back when I was first out of grad school. I worked where I lived and actually left my office at 4 PM for Oprah back then (I worked insane hours, so heading out for a little while wasn't a big deal).

    He did another Manhattan studio a few years ago that was even smaller. It was a bit "too much" for me, but it fit the older woman who owned the apartment.

    Maybe being able to design in small spaces is the true test for professional designers. I bet some would throw their hands up in frustration over a 250 square foot home!

  4. this is the design that i fell in love with, too. that boston apartment was stunning after he finished!

    thanks for the visual reminder :)

  5. YOU ARE SO FUNNY! I heart that photo of you and Nate! lol... Love that makeover too;o)

  6. That picture is hilarious!

    I did a Nate post also:

  7. HA! Love the doctored photo "stop hating people!"


  8. Happy NB day to you and thank you for explaining it's origins...I was wondering how I missed it!

  9. I love Nate Berkus. Honestly - I think he is smokin' hot. Yeah his designs are fab, but he is SO beautiful. Can I say that?! haha

  10. please add me to your list of nate-loving-posters, babe! thanks so much!

  11. I LOVE what you did to that photo! So funny:-D

    Yeah, I think that my favorite spaces by him are the tiny spaces! It reminds me to stop complaining about my square footage. If Nate can do it, so can I! Yeah right...

    Happy Nate Day!

  12. HA! I love that real picture of you and Nate... awesome :)

    You can add me to the list!

  13. My post is up as well!

  14. so i started reading this and saw that pic of you and Nate and I was like, "Ummm Mrs. Limestone looks really weird in that picture and is that some brown hair falling down her back? and why is her head slightly larger than the rest of her body." AND then i read your caption and felt like a first-class idiot. awesome.

    anywho, I love that makeover Nate did. I remember that episode well and if I also remember correctly, jean short overalls STILL were out of style back then.

    carry on...

  15. Too funny - please add me!

    I saw him last week at Harpo studios for a test taping of his new show!

    And yes you should all be very jealous! It was pretty awesome and he was very sweet and I cannot wait until his show starts!

  16. Janice11:06 AM

    Oh how I love Nate. The makeover he did of Rachel Ray;s apartment (also on Oprah) was a favourite of mine. I loved what he did with her kitchen eating area wall.

  17. Oooohhh I haven't seen this room before! He really did do a stunning job... those built in's all the way to the ceiling are absolutely amazing!

  18. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am not sure about the design of the items, or the style, but this is a very clever use of space. In a small flat/studio/room, you need a lot of wardrobes etc. to keep it tidy. Paradoxically, it makes the place feel bigger!

  19. "Rocks a brass chandy" - love it! Wonderful post!!!

    I am celebrating "Nate Day" too:


  20. Nate is both talented and cute - can´t go wrong with that! :-)

  21. Love this!
    Please add me to the list of Nate Love! Thanks!
    xo xo

  22. By the way, I'm celebrating as well!

  23. Okay, you are too funny! I love that picture of you and Nate! :)
    I too love me some Nate Berkus. I love his design skills and I love to look at him!

  24. yes, we all love Nate, what is not to love? I remember seeing that show and thinking how wonderfully talented he was/is. :)

  25. I love Nate too and his first one is my absolute fave too! Can't wait for his show! :)

  26. I love it! The hubs and I want a loft space when the kids are out of HS (four years). A bit bigger than that and possibly with a seperate bedroom but I love it!

  27. I blogged about this makeover too!! IT was a great one. Love that Nate.

  28. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I loved that makeover too! I love how he painted all the trim - it makes the condo look more architecturally interesting. Thanks for linking to me! Yay Nate Day!

  29. That photo is hilarious! I joined in too:

  30. Ironically today I just watched the show from last week. Apparently the 325 sq. ft. apartment in Boston is exactly the same as when he designed it 8 years ago. Personally I felt the woman could be a bit creative and at least change was on the coffee table. Eight years is a long time to keep a place exactly the same.

  31. I remember that episode! And I remember loving that room as well. It was an amazing transformation.

  32. I did a post on Nate...

    Thanks for sharing your favorite Nate it!

  33. I gasped for a split second when I opened your post!! What, you and he...when, where?!?! Oh...too funny!!

  34. Hey...saw your comment. I can understand not wanting to be on tv. I dont think I so much want to be on tv. I just want to be there to see the show, and watch all his fabness in person. The airtime wouldnt hurt though..with my name and blog name ...(Smile)

  35. Anonymous9:29 PM

    You're hilarious - that photo! - this may be my favorite Nate Day post. :) That apartment was the most memorable one for me. How much he packed into that little space was amazing. Did you see recently that she still lives there? I thought it was great that she still loves it.

  36. I love your photo with Nate, that is awesome! I did a #Nate Day post today too.
    I absolutely love Nate Berkus!

  37. That room is great--and the pic of you and your bff--hilarious!!!

  38. Thanks for joining in on our NateDay! It was great fun pulling it together!
    It was a wonder what he did with this small studio apt, I believe it was in Boston and at the time a bit bigger than my own place!

  39. I was all, Hey that looks a lot like S & Nate.

    Then I was all, The hell?! That IS S & Nate.

    How can I be so jealous of a photoshopped pic? Oh but I am.

    P.S. I once had a dream that Nate & his entourage came to redo my house but I was totally unprepared for him. They were all sitting in my tiny LR & when I asked if I could get them anything to drink, Nate said, red wine please. Never mind that it was like 9am in my dream. I could only find a little red wine (I must have drunk all of it) so I mixed it w/ cranberry juice & served Nate my concoction. BUt I woke up b/f he could tell me what he thought of it. So sad.

  40. Thanks for listing all of us! What a great day (and a great post--thanks!)

  41. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Would be great to see how Nate would react to your calling something "totally faggy."

  42. :) Everyday should be Nate Berkus Day! This is a fabulous list of links! It'll keep me busy until the next 363 days...but who's counting? :) {your photo is too cute and funny!}

  43. Wow! That is a whole lotta Nate love! he he he
    You look great and i his designs too!

  44. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I'm glad to know that I was not the only one who shook my head at the girl wearing overalls. I'm not on the list you have for #nateday posts.

  45. Nate is so creative! I love too his designs because of its uniqueness.. :-)
    Jane Taylor
    window blinds liverpool quick tips on selecting the right shape and styling your room

  46. I absolutely loved this makeover! It was so fabulous and so creative for such a small space.


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