Guest Post: Melanie's Pink & Green Guest Space

Another new face joining the party is sweet Melanie of Southern Comfort in a Northern Life who has been nice enough to open up the doors of her home to us today. As luck would have it, she and I both picked the very same headboard and a similar wall color for our guest bedrooms (you can see mine here ). I always find it interesting how two people interpret the same basic elements in different ways, don't you? Enough of the decoration philosophy, let's take a trip to Mel's...

Hey y’all! My name is Melanie and I’m a southern girl who just moved to the north. I am tickled pink that Stefanie asked me to be the guest blogger today.

For those of you who don’t know me, I just moved from Florida to a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio. Hence the name of my blog. We had our home built while we were still in Florida and didn’t see it again until the moving van pulled up in front of it.

Let me just start off by saying that this bedroom just about finished me off. It started off as my craft room but then we decided to make it the guest bedroom.

The room was builders beige. We didn’t have the room painted because it was going to be my craft room and I knew that I could paint it myself at a later time.

Well, all that changed.

Once we changed the rooms around, I had to paint it. I had a gallon of khaki paint so that is what I used.

I didn’t like the results.


It looked fine but it didn’t have the feeling that I was going for. With the tufted headboard, I felt like it should be soft and feminine.

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I then painted it a soft pink. I used Behr paint that had the primer in it. A gallon didn’t cover the room so I went back to Home Depot and took the can and told them that I wanted regular Behr but matched to the color in can that I had with me. I got home and finished painting and as I was touching up the walls, I noticed that the color was off just a bit.

When I realized it, it was to late. I had touched up spots all over the room and I had to REPAINT the room with the new gallon of paint. That was the 5th time all together up to this point.

I had a ‘meltdown’ right then and there. I had already painted 4 coats of paint and now I was having to go back around the room and the color wasn’t even the same. It was LILAC!

006 (2) copy

I know that it looks pink in this picture but believe me, it was lilac. I hated it.

005 (2)I had already picked out Olive Green 4 from the Laura Ashley collection but I thought it was to dark so that is why I went with the khaki. Since I had the green, I painted the wall that had the headboard on it and let it dry to see if I was going to like it.

041 copyI did. (just to let you know that ALL of the pictures look different in color because of the sunlight coming in the window. I couldn’t get all the pictures to turn out the same)

I knew that one gallon was not going to cover the lilac paint so I went to Lowes and got another gallon. I took the can in and told them the color name but said that I wanted it made with the same numbers that were on the can. When he gave me the can, the numbers were not the same. I told him and he put some of the paint on the outside of the other can and Kelly (who was with me) and the guy thought that it looked the same, so off I went.

007 (2) copy

Do you think this is the SAME? No, it is not. Of course I had left off in the corner so I painted the other three walls before I made it back around and noticed this. When I was cutting in, it looked green. When I got back to the corner, I saw this.

009 (2)

If you look closely, you can see the blue dot on the left side of the plates. I got smart though…..I used the new paint on the three walls and didn’t touch the wall that I used the first gallon on. I knew that if it was off a hair, it wouldn’t be noticeable. I just used the first gallon to touch up the corners and the few spots where I had painted on the wall.

What are the chances of two stores & four gallons of paint all being different shades? It happened to me! I will not be painting anything else for quite a while.

042 copy

I am happy so this color will stay. I love green and it is not to much green or to dark for the room.

039 copyIt is girly and frou frou even with the dark green paint. I still would have loved for it to be pink but that is just not going to happen.

007 copy

I have talked about the headboard before. It is my favorite thing in the room. I ordered it from Target before we left Florida and I fell in love with it. (Stef has the same headboard)

006Nothing better than tufted:-)

002 copy

This little lovely came home with me last Sunday when Kelly and I went to Home Goods. SWOONING! Love it! By the way, Gary said that it was so me and fit the room perfectly. Ya gotta love a guy that doesn’t freak out because you bought a piece of furniture without asking;-)

023 copyIt’s creamy, painted, and has glass knobs. What is not to love about that?

036 copy 005 copy

It’s just perfect.

004 copy

It has three drawers for storage and I love the curves of the piece.

037 copyI like the painting on it. It is green also.

035 copyThe lamp is from Home Goods too. I wanted the lampshade but I didn’t really want the base but they wouldn’t let me change it. I might eventually spray paint the base.

032 copyThe frame is from Home Goods too and that picture was taken at Crater Lake in Oregon.

027 copyI don’t remember where I found these pink roses but I had them in Florida so they are oldest thing in the room.

022 copy

020 copy_edited-1

I have been eyeing some pillows at Pier One but didn’t want to pay $40.00 a piece for them. I go in there from time to time to see if they are on sale but they never are. When I was at Home Goods buying the nightstand, I saw these frilly pink pillows. I got two for the price of one from Pier One, so I would say that that was a good find.

008 copy

They make me smile:)

017 copy

This is the picture that started it all. It is a print from Janet Hill Studio. I bought it on Etsy. She has the greatest paintings and prints.

013 copyDon’t shot me but I took this picture with a flash. I know that that is the cardinal rule that I broke but there was no other way to get a photo of the curtains. I bought these at Bed Bath & Beyond. They are silky and match the headboard. I really wish I would have gotten pinched pleated ones but I didn’t so these will be fine.


So all in all, the room was a lot of trouble and has caused me a lot of stress but in the end it turned out really lovely. I have one long empty wall that I am going to put empty frames on when I get them painted. I will post those when I get finished with them.

041 copy

I hope that y’all have enjoyed the tale of our guest room. It just about made me lose my mind but in the end, I think it turned out great.

I really hope that I did Mrs. Limestone proud and I want to thank her again for inviting me to be a guest blogger.

Please stop by and visit me in my little corner of the world.



  1. That guest room is perfect. Just lovely!! I want some girly pink pillows like that!

  2. A painting tip I learned somewhere along the way: always "box" your paint. Even if you buy two gallons of the same color at the same time at the same store, the shades will always be off. "Box" your paint by dumping both your gallons together in a big five gallon bucket with a air tight lid. Mix and shake those together. Now your paint is "boxed". :) Better yet, just buy a five-gallon container of paint from the get go.

    BTW, I love that color green. It's so fresh and cheery.

  3. ruth ann10:01 AM

    Melanie, I love seeing what you did with the paint!!! Your room is lovely!! I hope you are enjoying Cincinnati!!!
    Iam just across the river in KY.
    Hope to see you on here again!
    Ruth Ann

  4. I love how this room finally turned out, it's amazing what a change in color can do. Those pillows - they make me smile too, I just love them :-)

  5. I love the headboard and how it all came together in the end. My tufted headboard from Z Gallerie is my favorite part of my room!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous room. It turned out perfect. Love the green and pink. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  7. Ruth Ann,

    I live in Florence just over the bridge. Where are you?


  8. I LOVE it, you did an awesome job!

  9. It looks great! I'm impressed. I can't believe that headboard is from looks terrific! AND, I wouldn't have guessed that you got that cute dresser from Home Goods. It looks hand painted! Good for you!

  10. I'm not a fan of the paints at Home Depot. The one time I used Behr paint I noticed it faded after a short time. Now I always use Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

    Great job on the final outcome.

  11. How awesome to see my blogging friend guest posting over here. I love her guest bedroom and how cool that you both have the same headboard. Hard to believe that comes from Target.

  12. I love the green and the tufted headboard!


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