Buongiorno Venice!

A little bit late but better than never, I'm finally ready to show you some Venice photos! Mr. Limestone planned the trip to celebrate my 33rd birthday (I still love my birthday but I don't love getting old!) We had been to Venice for a few days once before - on our honeymoon - and always wanted to return. Its terribly cliched to love Venice as its essentially one giant tourist trap but we could not help ourselves. Its just a fabulous place to get lost in for days and we fell under its spell just like the hoardes before us.

We got lucky with perfect weather. Since we spend the entire day walking the streets, rain would have definitely put a damper on things. We oogled ancient architecture, walked all over its maze like streets, ate and drank and overall had a fabulous time. Last but not least - lots of photos!



A lightbulb wrapped in campari bottles. Isn't this a cute idea for a pendant?

It only takes a couple of drinks for me to lose all stability with the camera.

We stopped into San Michele - the cemetary for all of Venice's dead. Quite a beautiful and moving place to spend a few hours.
While we were there, we spotted this beautiful monument of a female bust against the brick wall. I'm not sure if stone busts are even made anymore but this is the way I want to be immortalized.

The main island is quite small so it lends itself perfectly to just wandering for hours. Lots of window shopping and people watching ensued.


So that was about half our trip. More Venice photos to come later this week.


  1. darla9:22 AM

    very nice. postcard quality photos!

  2. Love that campari light fitting.....I think I know exactly were you were.....great shots, xv.

  3. I just want to San Michele last week! I have a picture of the same bust!

    Did you find the celeb sites? Stravinsky and Ezra Pound's graves?

  4. Venice is my absolute favorite. I love your pics.

  5. What a way to spend a birthday!! Janell

  6. I love Venice. I was lucky enough to "have" to go to Italy for work twice this year, both times I made it into the city. The first time we wrangled a Venice native into giving us a tour of the city before dinner. I didn't appreciate how quickly and unerringly he guided us until I had to navigate the city by myself! Venice really forces you to let go of any controlling tendencies and just go with the flow. Glad you had such a great time, wish I was there now!

  7. Awww, these pictures are bringing me back! I went backpacking through Europe a few years ago and was engaged in Venice...on a gondola!!

    Can't wait to see more photos!

  8. Great images! I love the night shots of Venince. It has been over ten years since my trip to Venice... need to get there one of these days!

    Today I am blogging about Grant Gibson's tween room at the ELLE DECOR Designer Showhouse in SF... pls drop by. It's gorgeous!


  9. Always fun to live vicariously through you and your awesome adventures! Gorgeous photos! That guys looks like he's going to fall in the water, and those masks are stunning!

  10. we hit Venice on our honeymoon and I would love to go back. Hoping I can convince hubby to take me in the next 5 years!

    I've heard you either love it or hate it and I'm glad to find another Venice lover!

  11. Anonymous2:01 PM

    When were you there? My husband and I just went to Venice (and a few others places in northern Italy) at the end of September. I'd never been to Italy, so the whole thing was an adventure. Venice was beautiful but we didn't fall in love and am not sure I'd go back. What did you love most about your experience there?


  12. Anon - We were there a couple of weeks ago. I loved a lot about it: how the architecture hasn't changed in hundreds of years (this is the only city I can really think of that doesn't have a lot of ugly building mixed in with the nicer ones). The food and wine was great everywhere we went (and Im not one of those people that think thats true everywhere in italy. ), the walkability gets big points for me too. Traveling everywhere by boat has a certain romantic appeal that can't be matched too.

    I didn't love the crowds but it doesn't really put me off either. The thing I like the least is that every shop is selling souvenirs so thats a turn off but its a small price to pay.

    But to each their own. There are a few places on earth that seem quite popular and I didn't fall in love with so I know what you mean.

  13. Such gorgeous photos! I have never been to Venice and would love love to go- it's just seems so magical- I spent some of my honeymoon in Bruges, which also has many canals through it and I was so smitten with the town- it was actaully my favourite stop of the tour. I think Venice would totally steal my heart- thanks for sharing your stunning pictures!
    PS- I just posted an amazing giveaway from Leigh Viner- hope you will stop by and take a look:)

  14. Anonymous4:08 PM

    You're a talented photographer Mrs. Limestone! Venice looks more magical in your photos than I remember it.

  15. So jealous! I've been all over Italy but never to Venice. Happy late birthday as well!

  16. Love Venice! We were fortunate to spend some time there and Lake Como...just beautiful.

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual. Venice is on my list for sure!

  18. Gorgeous photos. I love old buildings and their adornments. I love your shots.

  19. I've never been to Venice, but it seems to epitomize romance. I always enjoy your travel shots. So enchanting!

    I hope I don't sound morbid, but I too would love to be immortalized with a bust. I need to jot that down.

  20. I never tire of your trip photos. You lead quite the jet setting life!

    And, I meant to tell you I caught your Nate episode! It was weird for me to hear your voice with a NY accent....I don't know what I was expecting but it threw me off. Haha!

  21. I've been to Venice a couple of times and loved it. Your photos are amazing!

  22. Wow! You're good! I would totally sit through your trip slideshows.

  23. Gorgeous photos...can't wait to hear more about the trip. We're considering a trip to Northern Italy next spring and would love to know your itinerary (cities and routes) while you were there!

  24. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I just turned 66 so firstly, do not want to hear you say you don't like getting "old". I'm not the least bit old, in years 66 but in my mind, 23. I enjoy your blog very much, I'm a regular reader. And lucky you, you have already been to Venice - I am still dreaming and hope to go next year. Keep blogging and I'll keep checking to see if you are keeping young. Take care.

  25. You caught the guy jumping while having someone else take his picture. To cute.

  26. Looks so fun! I am always so envious of your trips.

  27. Voi fotografi sono bella! They bring my back to my first time in Venice!


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