Junk Drawer Overhaul: Kate's Clutter free

Kate, better known as Centsational Girl needs no introduction. As you can plainly see, no overhaul is needed at her place. Her "junk" drawer looks like it was ripped from Real Simple. As if she wasn't impressive enough, now we find out she doesn't even have a messy spot! Let's take a peek at what's in her stash.


Hi all. My junk drawer is located in my kitchen where I also store some favorite cookbooks, a basket for takeout menus, my phone book, recipe binder, and family binder.


I keep mine very neat! My best tools are these two double layer drawer organizers I found at Bed Bath and Beyond several years ago.


They house everything from the everyday pens and tape, to those lesser used but 'need it right now!' things like safety pins and birthday candles.

And that's how this busy mom and blogger stays sane and organized! Many thanks so much Stefani for including me in this fun series!
If you want to see more of Kate's organized life and beautiful home, make a visit to Centsational Girl.


  1. My junk drawer is also in my kitchen and I use the same kind of organizer. Mine does get a little messy every now and then, but those organizers make it a cinch to tidy it back up!

  2. Now that is my kind of junk drawer. I organize mine about every other month. You've just inspired me to do it again!

  3. Love it and those organizers look awesome! I recently bought some junk drawer organizers that snap together and thus far, have managed to do the job right! :)

  4. I used the same snap together ones as Kasey above but mine done fit in my unusually narrow drawers! Ratz!

  5. To be honest I can really expose my junk because it is horrible But I am working on declutting my home as well as my life.Thanks for sharing this

  6. W-O-W.


    This is inspiring stuff. @Centsational Girl ... you go, girl! Thanks for sharing your "junk" drawer with us. I am filing away ideas for my continuing organizational game plan.

  7. Hellllooooo Mrs. Limestone! Thanks so much for having me today! This is such a fun series! While my 'junk' drawer is organized, you should see me laundry piles *sheepish grin* I'm not so good at keeping that tidy. :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  8. oh gosh. i suddenly am aware of the animal i am. everything seems so tidy & in place... where as i, suddenly, can't find where my glass of wine went...

  9. PhillyLass2:15 PM

    Those two-tier drawer organizers are genius! I'll have to look for some at BB and B this weekend. Amazing.

  10. Wow, my junk drawer gives a whole new meaning to the word junk. But honestly, everything in Kate's home is organized and polished so I would expect nothing less :) Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for some drawer organizers!

  11. I've got to check our BB&B to see if they still have these organizers!

  12. Okay this I do need to do right away! i know I will feel so much better! I love Kare BTW..

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  13. Walmart has the same ones. That's where I got mine, and they still have them as of last week!

  14. I'm laughing because I'm not at all surprised by Kate's organized junk drawer! She is one of those gals that just seems to have it all together!


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