Junk Drawer Overhaul: Nicole's Haute Haul

Welcome back to Nicole of So Haute. If you aren't already a devoted fan, check out her lovely living room featured way back when or just go right to her blog to feast on loads more decor porn.


Now that the New Year is here I'm working on getting myself organized at home and I have Stefanie to thank for kick starting my home organization marathon because the first project I tackled was the overhaul of my once-cluttered junk drawer for this super fun blog feature!

my junk drawer before

My junk drawer is in my kitchen and I use it to store a sea of random household utilities from batteries, tape and loose change to flower food, pruning shears and birthday candles. I already had some key organizational tools in place, mainly these handy acrylic drawer organizers from the Container Store, but my problem is that I have a tendency to keep adding things to the drawer until it becomes a complete, jumbled mess. It looks pretty bad but I really just needed to get rid of some of the unnecessary clutter and tidy things up a bit.

some of the stuff I tossed

I had a ridiculous amount of pens, pencils, sharpies and highlighters just sitting in the drawer that I know I'll never use so I got rid of most of them and kept just 3 pens, 3 pencils, 2 sharpies and 2 highlighters. I had about 3 lbs worth of loose change scattered about the drawer that I gathered up and took to my local grocery store where I used a Coinstar machine to cash them in for an Amazon.com gift card. I got back $23 and change Not bad! I also found 2 unused gift cards to stores that I'll never shop at which I cashed in on PlasticJungle.com - an amazing site that lets you trade in gift cards for either cash or an Amazon.com gift card. I ended up with another Amazon gift card for $54 and change that's on its way in the mail! I plan to use the gift cards toward the purchase of a new wide angle camera lens - my reward for getting organized! I tossed out a few more things aside from the loose change and pens and after re-organizing what was left, here's the end result:
my junk drawer after

I made so much extra room that I was even able to bring over a few new things to store in the drawer. Not bad huh? I now have a neat, orderly junk drawer and I pocketed some extra cash in the process! Thanks so much Stefanie for getting me in gear and giving me the opportunity to share my junk drawer overhaul on Brooklyn Limestone!
Thanks to Nicole for sharing a little bit of her hidden home. Hop over to So Haute for everything gorgeous in decorating and lifestyle.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Great job! Loving this series..............nice to know I am not the only one with a cluttered junk drawer!

  2. Nicely done. And cash back, to boot? Score!

    I just some acrylic organizers from Target to up the ante on my bathroom junk drawer renovation. I hope it turns out as well as this one did. :)

  3. Good job! And what a sweet bonus to get a couple of gift cards! Love it when hard work pays off :)

  4. Rebecca7:09 AM

    i've never had the fortune of an extra drawer anywhere in my house to have a junk drawer! my old kitchen only had 4 drawers and my "new" kitchen only has 2! i usually just have a big plastic tub filled with odds and ends... despite my lack, i love the series :)

  5. Stefanie! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share my junk drawer overhaul on Brooklyn Limestone! You've kick started my organizational marathon! Thank you!!!

  6. Great job - must be such a pleasure to open the drawer now!! You're inspiring me but I have unfortunately bigger issues to deal with (paper problem!)

  7. What a great job! I have 3, and I'm not ready to tackle them yet, but seeing Nicoles post gives me great inspiration.

  8. So inspired Nicole!

  9. Can you come clean out my junk drawer? It has about 4 times the amount of stuff! You can keep the change!!! :)


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