Flashback: Baby Bird Bridal Shower

Now that blogging is so integral in my daily routine, sometimes its hard to remember that I had a life before I had a blog. I just happened to be going through some 'older' photos and found this baby shower I threw nearly 4 years ago for my closest friend. (If you want to see another baby shower, check out this entertaining flashback post).

The party was a simple brunch held in May of 2007. The colors were black and white and blue with a loose concept of using baby birds as a tie in.

I created a simple invitation with a tiny detail (that turned my house into a giant feather mess) of some furry feathers trim peeking out at the top. That lead to my discovery that feather wreathes are incredibly easy to make.

Feather Invitation - CleanFeather Wreath from below

Followed by some mixed centerpieces of white branches with little birds perched randomly.

FeatherCenterpieceswithoutbranchesbird on branch and feather centerpiece

It was held in a church hall - something very common in most parts of the country but very unusual here - we usually host showers at restaurants.


The mother-to-be didn't want to do the usual gift opening bits (hooray!) so I had to come up with some other forms of entertainment. So I created a grown up paint by number activity - it seemed to go over well. At least I enjoyed painting them :)


Oh and let's not forget the station for giving advice to the new mom and dad. I wonder how that worked out?


I whipped up a pretty blue punch to serve in place of cocktails.


A light lunch was on offer with a sweet finish of a cookie + milk bar, complete with custom printed bags that had various quotes about family on each.

cookie bar

Before the soiree was over, everyone got to take home a little black and white photo album as a keepsake.


There were a few other details I must have never had a chance to photograph that I wish I could share but I was much more lax in my photo documentation pre blog days.

Hope you've enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.


  1. Inmyownstyle9:13 AM

    Oh! I just love the idea of painting the paint by number fashion plates - what a fun and stylish idea instead of the yawn inducing present opening. It looks like you even had easels for them. Love seeing all the detail you came up with for the shower- very creative.

    My best- Diane

  2. oh wow! love the colors!

  3. I love your entertaining posts! I admire people who put so much energy and detail into their events. It just makes things seem so much more special! Great Job!

  4. I love it! Esp, the grown up painting activity. That could be fun for really any shower - bridal, baby, etc.

  5. That's one heck of an awesome baby shower! I bet your friend was thrilled!

  6. I love the idea of the grown-up paint by numbers. Where did you get the amazing pictures.

    Now all I need is someone to organise me a baby shower as cool as this one for when we have another baby. Anone? Please?!!


  7. wow you did a great job. And those fashion paint by numbers are perfect. I love it!

  8. Oh my gosh! Adorable! You had me at feathers ... but I am totally loving the blue cocktail. Can you share what's in it?

  9. The best part about this beautiful baby shower is that it's still chic even today, 4 yrs later. Timeless! Your friends are so lucky to know you. Wish I could have you plan my shower when I choose to grow a human. =]

  10. Thanks for sharing, S! My best friend is having a baby and we are lightly doing a bird inspiration. : )

  11. Chandra Chinnis10:06 PM

    Those are some great ideas!!!!!!!! Everything looked nice.

  12. Helloloverofbeautifulthings11:43 PM

    I love the wreath and I love the painting idea! Absolutely darling!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I am hosting a baby shower in April for one of my best friends and still trying to come up with a good idea. We are going with a Stork theme but that is the extent of it (we know she is having a boy)

  14. shannon11:42 AM

    Again, I'm amazed at your creativity! Everything is so beautiful!
    thanks so sharing

  15. Geez, what an adorable baby shower! The paint by numbers and the cookies and milk. It's so modern and classy!

  16. mysocalledhome1:46 PM

    So so cute and I love that is was not so boy-ish with trucks and monkeys everywhere. We are planning a baby shower for my sister and her baby boy and we are trying to get ideas that are not so typical. Love the paint-by-number pics also, they look like they turned out nice!

  17. you have such great out-of-the-box ideas! thanks for being an inspiration. LOVE the feathers!

  18. MrsLimestone8:09 AM

    Thanks. How I made the paint by numbers are a bit complicated to explain but essentially I bought some pretty clipart and then deconstructed them to have them set up to be 10 or so colors. Its not that hard but it took me a while to figure out how to get it done.

  19. MrsLimestone8:10 AM

    Hi Shanna - thanks. If I recall, the punch was made with blue hawaiian punch and gingerale. It actually got pretty good reviews if Im remembering right.

  20. So pretty, seems like you think of everything. I love the paint by numbers, so much better than that melted candy bar in the diaper game..grody.
    So funny that you posted this, I made bird cookies for a NYC baby shower on Monday night!

  21. Aspiring Kennedy7:54 PM

    oh my goodness. i'm kind of obsessed with your paint by number idea. did you find any extra of those lying around when you found the photos? i'd take them. :)

  22. Charmhomedesign9:52 AM

    Absolutely adorable. I'm going to have to remember this when it's time for me to throw someone a baby shower. I love this idea and especially love those invites.

  23. Helloloverofbeautifulthings12:52 PM

    I loved it when you first posted it and I still love it now!

  24. MrsLimestone11:46 PM

    I don't think I posted about this party before. Or maybe I'm going senile? ;)

  25. Erlage26:16 PM

    Where did you find the bags for the cookies?  I am having a cookie bar at my wedding and I am wanting a creative way for my guests to take cookies home.


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