Quick snapshots of my life

Completely random but I've been having fun with an iphone app called Instagram. A couple of quick images from my life lately.

FlatironKitty sleeps inAt my deskLovely flowers from a friend

They are low res so I only use it for the most random photos but its still a fun toy (that uploads more quickly than the apps like it so its great for those without patience, like me) If you have the app you can follow my stream.

postscript: For those that asked about the cat bed, I blogged a tutorial last year. Click here to read more about I repurposed a vintage suitcase into a cat shrine, er bed.


  1. Hannah9:27 AM

    awww i love the kitty photo. I had an orange tabby like that once, he'd sleep in the oddest positions and places.. :D

  2. On a funny note; in my Google Reader it said: "Snapshots of lie" - which sounded ever so fascinating! :-D
    Love the pics! :-)

  3. Kristinsalazar9:52 AM

    Love the one with the cat in the case, so cute!!!!

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous! And I always love seeing pics of your kitty. Good to see he still enjoys his suitcase. :)

    I've got a giveaway going on over on JourneyChic! Stop by to enter!

  5. Beautiful flowers! One more reason I'm sooo ready for Spring!

  6. Carmel10:35 AM

    The flowers are so pretty!

  7. Shelley10:49 AM

    I love instagram too! Also, lo-mob and diptic are fun :)

  8. OMgosh the cat in the suitcase with it's own gallery haning on the lid just totally made my day!

  9. your kitty bed is sweeeet. Are those little kitty pictures on the top?

  10. Lavender & Lilies12:48 PM

    I need to download that one. I've been using the polaroid app but it's so slow.

  11. Loving the kitty :)

  12. hmmmm... you are taking photos with an iphone now too? ;) color me tickled pink.

  13. OMG! I love that flatiron pic. I have vivid memories of a wedding in NYC where cocktails were held near there. Also, I love your ginger cat - what is his name? I have an orange guy too and he is a little wild but a cutey. :)

  14. Doorknobs And Daiquiris9:30 AM

    I was just looking into that ap yesterday! Do you know if there is a program or something similar for those of us who want an easy way to age our existing photos on our computer without having to take it into photoshop? Thanks! http:www.doorknobsanddaiquiris.com

  15. MrsLimestone9:57 AM

    Assuming you mean on the computer rather than on an iphone - sorry, i don't really use anything but photoshop and lightroom on my photos but Im sure there are options out there. I do know Flickr has a 'picnik' editor that allows those kinds of filters for a fee but I've never used it myself.

  16. The Mango Archives11:12 AM

    What's your Instagram username?

  17. Love me some instagram!

  18. MrsLimestone8:08 PM

    I believe its www.brooklynlimestone.com or @mrslimestone.


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