Trimmed Out

Please come visit me over at MJ Trims blog today to see what fun I had with their mystery box project.


As someone who has spent more than my fair share of time oogling in their NY store, it was honor to be named their blogger of the month.


  1. Beautiful! Love the camera strap! I just bought a new one but now I want one like that! :) Gotta ask - where did you get the map fabric? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jill Stigs10:21 AM

    VERY cool camera strap that map fabric is so YOU! I admire your craftiness, I know I would screw up trying to use nailheads...congrats on the shout out of blog of the month!!

  3. Ms_Bright10:30 AM

    ooooh and ahhhhh!

  4. Would you please share where you found that awesome map print fabric?? I absolutely love it!

  5. Mr. Goodwill Hunting2:42 PM

    Really great job on the mystery box. Great work.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. What fun! I love M&J.

  7. Cara Gardner9:08 AM

    congrats sweetie!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  8. Amanda @ House Revivals4:30 PM

    Love how your projects turned out! I especially like the little "money pocket" -- how clever!

  9. MrsLimestone9:20 AM

    Thanks Christy. I bought that fabric in a shop I randomly found in Barcelona. (I can't resist fabric stores!) Im sure its not unique to Spain though.

  10. MrsLimestone9:20 AM

    Hi Laura - Got the fabric in Barcelona. (I tried to search for it online to share a source but I can't seem to find the same blue background fabric. Im sure its probably called something other than map fabric which is making it hard to find.)


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