Style & Skill Crush: After Dinner Design

When Christina of After Dinner Design emailed me to introduce herself and her blog a few months ago, I could hardly believe what I was reading. She and her husband are DIY renovating their Williamsburg apartment a little each night after they finished their respective full time job workdays . Thus, after dinner! I don't know about you but the only energy I can muster after working a full day is the kind that lifts the remote!

As if that weren't impressive enough, they had already accomplished the most adorable cottage makeover in their free time before they started working on their Brooklyn apartment.

As you can tell, I'm quite wow'd by their energy and dedication. As if that weren't enough, I spotted their bathroom and just had to share.

Isn't this gorgeous?


What a perfect way to take a simple white bathroom and elevate it to a whole other level without spending much money or hiring a professional. Just a few (ok, more than a few but still!) well placed mirrors make this something special.

Thanks so much to Christina for sharing. I can't wait to see what this couple can accomplish while most of us are watching trashy tv!


  1. We're renovation our kitchen a little at a time after dinner too!

    We've just finished the bathroom; come on over and have a look.

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  2. Jennaleelac9:25 AM

    Wow! this is a very creative idea! I love it! The frames are beautiful.

  3. Cher@NewburghRestoration10:02 AM

    sweet story and great write up in the NYC!

  4. Kristinsalazar11:10 AM

    Those mirrors are fabulous, I would be happy with just one of those oval ones in my home :)

  5. emilykate31302:13 PM


  6. laura @ the shorehousechic2:18 PM

    I totally remember that cottage from the NYT! So exicted to hear they have a blog...with quite possibly one of the best blog names ever. Would love to take on a bathroom project like would give me many reasons to hit yard sales/fleas on a regular basis (as if I need a good reason. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh so glad you did a post on her I can't wait to take a little look. And yes, love how they used all the space you almost never think to use the top wall space.

  8. It's very whimsical...I like it!

  9. Janette@The2Seasons8:02 AM

    We, too, are doing a total gut job on our new place. Lucky for us, though, we have a construction crew, but we are the general contractors. Whew! I enjoy your blog and have added it to our sidebar so my readers can find it.

  10. Ms_Bright3:26 PM

    what a great idea. adds such a great touch of whimsy! happy weekend!!

  11. crazy! i love it tho! i'm new to your blog! awesome job!

  12. Fabulous and very classy! Will go and visit her blog! Thanks for sharing!

  13. So creative and dramatic! Love it. :)

  14. Wow I love this bathroom it is gorgeous!

  15. What a stunning room! Never seen so many different mirrors put to such great effect before. They work really well with the chandelier too.


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