G'day Sydney

So back to Australia to wrap up my trip recap. We had already stopped in Melbourne and Hamilton Island and were finishing our down under adventure in Sydney.

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view from my airplane window. see the tiny opera house and harbor bridge?

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We had a mix of good and bad weather here but we didn't let that spoil our fun too much. We just mucked around in the rain. On our first full day we spent a lot of times in the Rocks area - exploring the weekend market and taking a formal tour to learn more about the history.

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The next day we scheduled a full day tour to the Blue Mountains to see the three sisters, have morning tea in a cute little town, visit an old mining site turned tourist attraction, etc - all the must do sites there. Honestly it was a bit cheese but maybe the drizzling weather put me in the wrong spirit. Regardless of the fact it wasnt a wow kind of day, we still had fun and I'm glad we did it.

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The latter part of the tour definitely was my favorite. For one it brought us to Featherdale Wildlife Reserve (I'm sure you know by now I can't pass up an opportunity to see funky animals) and take my favorite photo of the entire trip.

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Come on now people. Does that 'roo look like he is yelling at me or what? (Im sure native Australians are just rolling their eyes at my excitment over animals that are clearly run of the mill there but I can't help myself!) More animals!

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And the last bit of the day was returning to Sydney on one of their regular ferries. The skies cleared just for us and we got some gorgeous views of the Harbor Bridge.

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Our final full day could probably be relabeled "not pictured" As in we did multiple things I was not allowed to photograph (Boo-hiss!!) including shopping in some of the fun boutiques around the city, seeing the Annie Liebovitz show at the Musuem of Contemporary Art and climbing the Harbor Bridge. If you are wondering, we did the twilight climb, had amazing weather and got to see what seemed like a bazillion bats start their night hunt from the most amazing vantage point. Expensive but totally worth it.

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So that was our trip in a nutshell. We had a wonderful time. Australia was a lot less exotic than I imagined it to be which means it was a lot easier to feel comfortable and relaxed right from the get go. Aside from the bats flying around in downtown Sydney and the fact that Australians call raisins 'sultanas', it felt very much like home.

If you are still reading, thanks for letting me ramble on. I hope you enjoyed reliving the trip with me.


  1. Ms_Bright8:45 AM

    Been wondering what your fave pic would be! Once again, it looks like a fantastic trip. The 'roo was definitely tellin' sayin' "ey! whatchu think yer doin?!" It's always been a dream to visit Sydney and more specifically the opera house. Wouldn't it be great to have a boat out in the harbor and just listen to some Verdi??

  2. Robyn @ Imperfect Nest9:51 AM

    The third animal picture is hysterical. The little guy looks like he's ready for a big kiss. I love your pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Liz Bradley10:40 AM

    Such a wonderful trip! You must bring home the bottle opener! It could even be a blog give away!

  4. Lavenderandlilies12:19 PM

    So jealous... Again! That last pic is gorgeous! Hope you had fun!

  5. Erin Herzog1:25 PM

    the last picture is a piece of art! thanks for letting us travel along with you!

  6. the cape on the corner1:57 PM

    not only does the one look like he's yelling, but the other one is all puckered up for a kiss! that's great!


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