Fish Wall

Who else is watching Million Dollar Decorators half fascinated and half disguisted? Its like a car wreck - I can't look away.

One thing I am completely in love with is Jeffrey Alan Marks fish wall. It lives (or should I say 'they swim'?) in the home he shares with his too beautiful partner. Thanks to this fish wall treatment I can almost forgive him for saying his job is harder than the presidents. Yea, he said that.


Where am I planning to hang this paper? In FANTASYLAND! That's because
a) this wallpaper is to the trade only sold for approximately 1 bazillion dollars an inch (it's hand painted, people!! Where is Walmart when I need them?)
b) I don't have a clue of how to hang wallpaper.

But wouldn't it look so cool on a little accent wall at the shore place? hehe


  1. Yep, it would look awesome. Love it and love the show too. Seriously, the way they throw around money kills me! It's amazing that something that would look like it came from Field and Stream magazine in my house looks so clean and sleek in this kitchen.

  2. Melissa @ Houseography9:42 AM

    OMG - I am watching it with the same fascination as the RHBH.  I cannot believe how these clients throw total hissy fits!! I wanted to see the Mexico episode but my DVR cut it off after 15 min so I missed that client crazy rant!

  3. Celine9:48 AM

    Wow! It's very life-like! I would feel like I was walking through the ocean if I lived in that house!

  4. Julie9:56 AM

    Your commentary is priceless thanks for a great early morning laugh! :)

  5. Laura Montgomery10:06 AM

    That show kills me and yet I watch it. They are so pretentious yet oddly fascinating.
    Love the paper too!


  6. MrGWHunting10:08 AM

    I think I've watched it about 2 times. Funny, but overly pretentious.

    You should get it. 


  7. Brittany10:10 AM

    He also said he works out because noone wants to hire a fatty, but I have to say that I love him and Ross. They're so dramatic and over the top!

    @Melissa- Joe Francis's rant at his Mexican estate was great! He seems like a bit of a jerk, but if I'd spent $30 mil on a house I'd want it perfect.

  8. Heidi @ Show Some Decor11:05 AM

    That is actually really cool!! I probably wouldn't get a thing done in that kitchen ~ I'd be too busy gazing at fish. :)

  9. Ha ha I totally agree about that show!!! I don't know who is more wacko- the decorators or their clients! Everyone is so stuffy and fake, and I had no idea that there were actually rich people who all call each other "darling". It seriously is disgusting. But oh, I can't look away!! I love watching it!!! My husband groans whenever I turn it on. He's always like "Seriously, we're watching this?!" 

  10. I've been wanting to watch it but haven't had the chance.  That would be really cool in a beach house :)Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I would pinterest it, then print a pix, then either make a stencil or use an overhead projector and paint my own :) it's fabby!

  12. That's sooooo different! I really like it!

  13. MrsLimestone12:06 PM

    I would agree with you if the fish were a simple shape but there is a lot of subtle gradients and blending on those fish. In other words, I'm lacking in the skills to pull it off without upping the cheese factor.

  14. I noticed this paper right away because when I worked at MSLO I sourced it for her furniture showroom for her Bernhardt line (I cannot take credit for choosing it...that was all Kevin Sharkey).  You can see it in some of her brochures.  It was so expensive that we couldn't do the whole room...we had to trim out the room and put it in the panels.  It was SO beautiful!
    I can't decide if I like this show or not.  Martyn drives me nuts...I make fun of his voice and accent like crazy now...but I love Kathryn Ireland.  She is a real talent.  I feel like everyone is such a stereotype, but they are all true stereotypes anyway so that makes it even better!

  15. Hschlotterbeck1:32 PM

    I fell asleep watching the train wreck this past week.  Just way too out of control.   I'm actually reading up on how to hang wallpaper b/c I'm very interested.   And I love those stools in that image!

  16. Jill Stigs1:58 PM

    I am like that with that Hoarders grosses me out but I can't seem to help myself!  Yeah, the fishies would look good at the Shore Condo!

  17. Prisinecristine3:58 PM

    Do you think that Martyn actually talks like that?!  Where do you suppose he is from? -  Iamthebombandmusttalklikethissothatyouwillbelieveittoo land.  

  18. I noticed that wall, too! Almost looked like the fish were jumping off the paper when the wall was viewed from the side. I love Jeffrey and Ross's house. Too bad they're so darn annoying. I was shocked that Ross is 32 - I thought for sure he was like 22 because his skin is soooo perfect! I bet he was an Abercrombie model before Jeffrey brought him home.

  19. Agnieszka Chmiola8:53 PM


  20. The show is pretty curious to me! But I agree, Ross is a cutie!!!

  21. Coastaldesigner11:27 PM

    I LOVE Million Dollar Decorators!  Though I have started to describe things as "delicious"... Umm... not really ;) Martyn is such a name-dropper it drives me crazy!

  22. I have it in the DVR but have yet to watch an episode. My husband - who has been remarkable tolerant of both my decorating passion and the random tv shows I want to watch - watched it with me for about 3 minutes and then turned and said, "really? are we REALLY going to watch this?" Sigh. I guess not right now.

  23. I also can't stop watching...   Would love this paper in my guest bath [that's the only room my husband will allow wallpaper - he's not a fan].  Have you seen his stairway handrail?  It looks like a rope, would love a better look at it.


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