How To: Stenciled Burlap Bags

Thanks for all the kind words about those Love is Brewing coffee themed invites I shared last week. So far the feedback from the guests have been great! Hopefully they are even more excited to come celebrate my sweet friends happiness now.


Several commenters asked how I got the text on the burlap bags so I figured I'd devote a post to it. It was very simple to do and the same technique could be used in lots of projects for home decor, gift making, etc.

I ordered the bags online. Thankfully they came in the perfect size because I definitely do not have the skills or patience to hand sew 100 tiny bags :)

I used my handy Silhouette SD to cut a stencil into some overhead transparency paper. (If you don't have one of these yourself, you could hand cut the stencil or do a reverse process using letter stickers you can find at any hardware store.)


Using spray adhesive on the back of the stencil, I got it nice and tight to the fabric.



Once that was done, I pulled out some simple spray paint (yes, the cheapest stuff they had in the store) and gave it a few short blasts.


When it was dry, I peeled the stencil off. VoilĂ .


See, I told you it was simple!



  1. Wow, looks great and so simple. Bravo!


    Art by Karena

  2. Clever idea! Thanks for sharing the process!

  3. Lowcountry Spoiled10:49 AM

    Adore this idea! Thank you for sharing - I needed a great idea for a garden party we are having in a few weeks. This makes a great favor bag!


  4. Wow!  I'm surprised the stencil adhesive worked so well on the textured burlap!  I would've thought the spray would have gotten under.  Good to know it's so simple.  Thanks for sharing.

  5. Loved this project when I saw it! It definitely did look like lots of work, but, as usual, you pulled it off beautifully! Thanks for the how-to!

  6. TwentiesGirl11:47 AM

    AMAZING! You are just SO creative! I would love to give these a try some day! XO

  7. Brian Bedell6:35 PM

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  8. Red Sees8:38 PM

    Great idea, thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Catia Kirillova20125:03 AM

    Nice idea! Looks great/

  10. Vinita8:48 AM

    Awesome idea!

  11. LauraC5:16 PM

    Last October my sister got married and I did the favors: coffee and tea.  Her husband is a big coffee snob (oh, I meant connoisseur!) and they wanted to give his favorite coffee beans and her favorite tea as favors.  I found burlap bags, this exact size, and instead of spray painting them, I just used plain old rubber stamp ink to mark a "C" or a "T" on the bags.  I wanted the printing kinda rough and imperfect like you would find on a real, life size coffee burlap bag (you know, the 50-100lbs sacks).  It worked perfectly!  We did 100 "C"s and 100 "T"s.  Wish I knew how to link up with a Facebook photo; they turned out really great.  

  12. daisy zhao11:46 PM

    Creative stuff.

  13. daisy zhao11:47 PM

    Creative stuff.

  14. I like very much this style, will need that I try :)

  15. Cara Gardner8:04 AM

    these HAVE to be the MOST CREATIVE invites EVER!

  16. Michael Woods3:50 PM

    You just saved me shopping for a few gifts come holiday season.. yay for being friends with coffee lovers!

  17. This is an absolutely incredible post!  Well-written, easy to follow, and it just looks great!  Thanks so much for sharing this!

  18. Jennifer Rizzo12:52 AM

    These are really super cute!

  19. MrsLimestone8:23 PM

    That is a great (and much easier!) idea.  I wanted to incorporate the saying on the bags so of course I made it a lot more complicated than need be.
    Where did you find the giant letter stamp?  I can never seem to locate anything big enough.


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