Summer Snaps

If I could stow it in my pocket, I would love to carry my camera everywhere, everyday. But now that I have joined the 20th century and have a smart phone, I can do the next best thing. Here are a few snaps of the past few weeks.

Rainy sunset from cab windowYoga in times square?Verrazano Bridge Under CloudsRain rain, go away
top row: manhattan skyline from a taxi; yoga in times square
bottom row: verrazano bridge under clouds; raindrops keep falling on my head

All photos via iphone instagram app (my user name is mrs. stefanie)


  1. Love these - especially the one with the bridge! :-) Smartphones are handy sometimes. :-)

  2. I know the feeling. From high school right up until I got my DSLR I carried a camera with me at all times. Now I just carry a smartphone, but if my DSLR was just a tad lighter I'd totally bring that too! You never know!

  3. you-wee because10:16 AM long as you do not enlarge your photos, these retro style, vintage looking images are great to posh up your blog post. But...

    This is more than a trend - quantity in stead of quality. A flood of pictures in stead of a picture as a source of inspiration.

    No harm meant, you even use your smart phone camera far beyond the average smart phone snapshot photographer...
    ...and it's more the arrangement and collage of your photos that makes the picture!

    Regards, Uwe.

  4. jillian dieter10:36 AM

    that first photo is pretty sweet! glad you're enjoying your summer! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Vinita12:00 PM

    NYC is soo pretty and even more so in your pics. I think my most fave one is a tug of war between the skyline and the awesome bridge-seems-to-suspend-from-clouds pic.

  6. Laura Metzdorff, L.Ac1:12 PM

    Oh, you make me miss NY. Luckily I'm flying in tomorrow! Hooray! Thanks for sharing these great pics. Don't you just love how smart smart phones are!?

  7. I may be the last person on earth to NOT have a smart phone. I think my time is running out on my honkin' Saved by the Bell phone...

    Great shots!

  8. Jazz @ eyelovedazzle.com4:45 PM

    Gorgeous Photos, Stefanie!  Yoga in time square?!  How fun/cool was that?    

  9. Man... totally missing home now with that YOGA in Manhattan photo, only in New york, right?  Gotta love the city. 

  10. Lesley Whyte7:38 PM

    I love the photo with the bridge. There's just something so eerie and mysterious about it.

  11. Aimee@ the Functional Space9:53 PM

    Great shots!! I love instagram too. I'm fairly new to it and i'm just figuring out what to do with it. We all know you have a great eye and can even find beauty with a smartphone!

  12. Stephanie7:20 AM

    Really nice blog.

  13. the verrazano bridge pic is awesome. i like it. 

  14. I love the site! Please feel free to visit mine.

  15. Your blog is so neat!  I'm reading it backwards, and was trying to look up your instagram feed, but when I search for "mrs. stefanie," nothing comes up.  Is it still possible to view?

  16. MrsLimestone2:32 PM

    Hmm..should be. Let me check out what is wrong. Thanks for reading!

  17. MrsLimestone8:47 PM

    Ah, figured it out. Do a search for 'brooklynlimestone' and you should find me.


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