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So are you ready to hear about our trip to Jordan? This was my first experience in the Middle East and I had a totally different idea of what was waiting for me. For reasons I can't quite figure out, I imagined a lot of color, moorish architecture and souqs. WRONG! It surprised in other ways too. The impectably maintained roads for example. The little flocks of camels that graze right on the side of the highway and the the locals laughing at us as we snapped photos of something so mundane. The very relaxed attitude of its people. And that's just to name a few.

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Before I go on, I'll mention that yes it was HOT. A dry heat but still. As luck would have it, NYC was going through a major heat wave at the same time so it was probably a bit more comfortable in Jordan sans humidity than it was at home. Its worth noting that Jordan does have seasons and we just happened to come during the summer. I'm sure it would be far more plesant in fall.

We started off in Amman. A bustling city that has everything from run down lanes to five star hotels to ancient Roman ruins. My favorite memory from Amman isn't something I can show you in a photograph but rather hearing the dawn call to prayer over the hills and leaking into our hotel room. Quite a pretty sound.

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After sight seeing in Amman, we made our way out toward the Dead Sea. The area itself is essentially one big resort town - but the swimming or I should say floating in the waters definitely lived up to my imagination. Loved it.

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We made some stops along the way - a Madaba church to appreciate some beautiful mosaics and the ubitiquous stop at a mosaic 'factory'. (No, didn't buy anything. Souvenirs are quite expensive here. )

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After a day here we off to Jordan's most popular tourist site - Petra. One of the new seven wonders, seen in Indiana Jones, you get the idea. The site is huge and impressive. More on that and our night in the Wadi Rum desert in another post.


  1. What an amazing trip.  You did a great job putting such a large adventure into a concise post.  I have just added a location to my bucket list.  

  2. MrsLimestone10:21 AM

    Thanks Amy. Altho this is just the half of it - another post is in the works.

  3. Love this! Brings back so many memories. I LOVED floating in the dead sea!! And the mosaics were amazing but crazy spendy. Funny about the call to prayer as that was a part of my everyday life for so many years I forgot how cool it probably is.

  4. I spent 4 days in Jordan at the tail end of a 2 week trip through Egypt.  It was magical in so many ways.  I bet we were at the same church in Madaba.  When I was there they had throw rugs covering the mosaics on the floor.  You just went over, moved the rug and put it back when you were  done looking.  Unbelievable!!!  Where did you stay at the Dead Sea?

  5. katecreativesalvage katecreati1:00 PM

    How beautiful, love this post and your pictures.  You are right, it looks like magic.  
    Want to see more, thanks

  6. Jordan@the2seasons1:38 PM

    Great post I love hearing about Jordan.  It is on my list of places to go to in the future.  

  7. Gorgeous! That actually makes me want to visit the Middle East, something I never thought I'd want to do. What made you decide to travel there?

  8. Elaine Foley9:12 PM

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Wonderful photos and commentary.  I have to say I have always been curious about the Middle East. I'm sure it was a trip to remember.

  9. Gorgeous!! So many people are scared to travel in the Middle East, but I think it would be amazing!! Jordan has so many beautiful things to see. 

  10. LauraC9:38 AM

    Aww, I've been to Petra!  And the Dead Sea.  Ah, college.  Summer of '96.  Good memories, learned a TON (3 week class in Israel and Jordan)  Glad you went!

  11. jen topp9:14 PM

    DAMN.  Now there's ANOTHER place I have to add to my travel board on pinterest.  Truth is, there isn't really anyplace I DON'T want to go (other than Somalia, and it's just because of the political climate....I'd bet the people are awesome).  And I love the look on the mosaic dude's face.  

  12. www.ryanspearl.blogspot.com11:10 PM

    WOW! Your trip looked amazing! I love your photography.

  13. awesome trip!!:D
    i so envy you

  14. pieceof3_146:55 PM

    I'm going in November!!  I'm sooooo looking forward to it!!!!

  15. MrsLimestone7:58 PM

    Have a great time. I'm sure the cooler November weather will be a lot more pleasant!

  16. Hey...That means you'll post all the pics there. When is another post going to come?

  17. Wow.....really touching photographs.Thank you so much for displaying such a beauty.

  18. MrsLimestone7:46 AM

    The second half will be up next week.

  19. Adla Alhaddad6:14 AM

    always love reading your travel posts, so beautifully captured on camera and laced with such good story telling...look forward to hearing more . Regards from Dubai.

  20. lovetoreadtravel1:07 PM

    waiting for part 2 :)

  21. Great yeah....... agog to see it...

  22. What is the name of the resort you stayed at. it looks beautiful!


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