Snapped: Bedouin

Oh boy am I way behind on my chores. I managed to get through about half of my Jordan photos this weekend before I chucked it and went outside.

I promise I'll be more blog-productive once the weather turns and I lose the hubs to football. Until then, one of my fav photos from the trip. Why did the Bedouin cross the road?


  1. Oh, that takes me back! I went to Jordan two years ago and it was amazing!

  2. Janette@the2seasons.com10:34 AM

    When my blog partner/daughter and I bicycled through Africa for seven weeks, we saw this sight many many times - especially in Morocco and Mauritania.

  3. I can't wait for all the photos! Will you make these available to purchase? I didn't have any that were gallery wall worthy from my trip.

  4. Lavenderandlilies10:54 AM


  5. being from the middle-east i love seeing pictures of that area from other peoples eyes.  i can't wait to see what you pictured!  

  6. Marnie6:38 PM

    I love this one!

  7. Because there are no chickens in Jordan? :)
    That's a beautiful photo.

  8. I admire how beautifully simple this photograph is.  I'm a painter, and for me the lone figure with the flow of the clothing looks like a perfect subject.  Great shot!

  9. you-wee because1:57 AM

    Is there a McDonalds restaurant on the other side of the road???


    Have a great day outside and not too much in front of your computer screen!


  10. Shreya Shankar10:56 AM

    That is a beautiful pic!
    I cannot wait to see the rest of your pictures - thank you for your previous post on travel photography it was extremely helpful :)

  11. MrsLimestone10:21 AM

    Thanks Melissa.  Yes, I'll have this and a few other favorites posted in my photo shoppe (  as soon as Im done with the bunch. 

  12. MrsLimestone10:22 AM

    Uh - oh.  I don't really have a great answer for that question I posed. It was just a corny joke.

  13. MrsLimestone10:22 AM

    Thanks Shreya - glad you enjoyed.  Thanks for commenting.


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