Brimfield Flea: The goodies

Maybe some of you were wondering just what I brought home with me from the mega flea market that is Brimfield.

I swear, I didn't mean to bring home a little school house collection but that is exactly what happened. I guess my preferences are rather predictable.

Goodies from Brimfield

I spent a totaly of $92 for these treasures. I mention that because I as a lover of flea markets, I often wonder what people pay for their finds. Certainly some sellers want major bank and I'm almost always floored. Are there that many shoppers who dig through junk piles to pay top dollar? As I mentioned, I wasn't overwelmed by the deals on offer at Brimfield but there were some items at reasonable prices and this was my little collection.

Globe from BrimfieldP. Derby & Co Chair from BrimfieldGiant Measuring Stick from BrimfieldSign from Brimfield

My favorite find is this great old P. Derby & Co. chair. It will replace the Ikea chair in my little room. Don't you think this is a much better fit? And for $25 I could not go wrong.

The globe is going to the basement where Mr. L's 'man cave' awaits some serious attention. All in due time.

I'm thinking the tray will make it down to the shore to live on the coffee table or maybe even our dining room table?

The metal sign is for the hubs' office. Can you believe this very same sign was going for $275 at another booth? HUH?

And the giant ruler (longer than a yard) is going to be used for - gasp!- measuring fabric. Hard to imagine using something old for its intended purpose but I like to live dangerously. $5 seemed like a little steep but I just liked how it looked and how it was oversized so it seemed okay to go crazy with a fiver.

So what do you think of my goodies? For those that attended, what did you bring home?


  1. I LOOOVE it all - the globe is fantastic, the chair is totally charming and the ruler is fun. If you get tired of that globe there´s certain someone in Sweden who can take it off your hands... Just to be nice of course... ;-)

  2. ckampy9:17 AM

    Did I possibly read that correctly: swivel globe $15??? Why oh why did it take me so long to find out about Brimfeild flea... and why oh why are they finished for the season?!

  3. Melissa @ HOUSEography9:18 AM

    The sign is my fav and totally worth the price. I am still on the hunt for some better flea markets around here in the DC area. The usual places are over-shopped by decorators. I have to go further afield I think.

  4. MrsLimestone9:32 AM

    I was globe hunting the entire time and this one was a score. Saw lots of others for 50, 100 or more. Couldn't believe how much they wanted even when the globe was damaged!

  5. ramblingrenovators9:36 AM

    Love your finds mrs.L! And your Brimfield prices are so much better than what we have here locally. That globe would be about $40 here, the sign about $100 and that chair about $60. You made out really well! I think that chair will look great in your craft room.

  6. http://Jenniferrizzo.com9:43 AM

    Awesome finds~ ! love the sign!

  7. Camila10:20 AM

    Wow! I think you did great for less than a $100. I love everything, but for me my favorites are a tie between the sign and the office chair. Love them!

  8. Fabulous finds! I love them all!

  9. Swoon!! love all of that...especially the globe, and the chair, and the long wooden tray! Ah, feel the delight at such finds (and a little jealousy) I'm sending your way!! Happy Monday!

  10. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here Ca11:48 AM

    I love everything and especially the great sign.  I was wondering how the prices were at Brimfield so thanks for sharing.

  11. love the chair - would have bought it in a second. and love the ruler too - don't think $5 was too much (from girl who usually balks at paying over a dollar!)  thanks for sharing what you got...always interesting to see someone else's treasures!

  12. Melissa Irvin2:51 PM

    I love all of your goodies!  What finds!  I REALLY love that wooden tray and can't believe you got it for $7 - total steal!!  You can do so much with that.  I keep threatening to go down to Scott's in south Atlanta but when the second weekend of the month rolls around, my enthusiasm fizzles out.  Your finds have re-energized me.  I'll have to put a reminder on my calendar to look at this post a few days before Scott's is in town again!

  13. that tray would look great as a bar.  on a table with glasses bottles etc in it.

  14. Kate {domestikatedlife}3:22 PM

    Those are some good deals -- usually Brimfield can be expensive!
    I got a vintage tablecloth and some jadeite baking dishes when I was there.

  15. Michelle - www.4men1lady.com4:52 PM

    Score! I would have bought all those same things! Love your treasures.

  16. goagainstthegrain6:57 PM

    oh wow those are great purchases! that chair is my favorite I think

  17. These are such fun finds and for great prices! Makes me even more excited to go to the Round Top flea market thats coming up very shortly.. just am hoping that the baby in my belly doesn't come out by then!! Hope they have good prices like these, too.

  18. draga8:48 PM

    I was also underwhelmed at Brimfield - some of the prices were off the charts!  I saw a lot of industrial vintage (one of my weaknesses) for hundreds to thousands.....yikes.  and a big no.

    I did see a great oval sink with faucets - delicious and....sold opening day.

    However, we did come home with the sparkler we went for......  ;)

  19. Kendallsimmons29:04 PM

    Wow!! What a haul!

  20. Lavenderandlilies10:31 PM

    Love the finds!  Hope you are doing well!

  21. Elaine Foley10:38 PM

    I went to Brimfield about 10 years ago.  It was overwhelming. I think it is not a place to browse. You must have a definite idea of what you are looking for. 

    Love your finds.  You really scored on that chair.

  22. MrsLimestone10:51 PM

    Well maybe its different now but I really enjoyed browsing and picked up a few items I wasn't really looking for. I really liked the variety but it can be overwhelming if you try to see everything.

  23. Kirsten11:39 PM

    I love each and every one of your finds! Such great goodies. Awesome work! If only Brimfield wasn't so far away:)...

  24. Linda@lime in the coconut6:35 AM

    LOVING your goodies!! Each and every one of them!

  25. Cottage and Broome10:10 AM

    Great finds for the price.  Love the globe and all the other "school" finds. Will be looking forward to seeing how you work them into your home! Laura Cottage and Broome

  26. I always love to see what people bring home from Brimfield!  I love the sign and the wooden tray.  You did well!

  27. Nelly Gansekoele4:23 PM

    Thank you for this post. I also wonder about other fleamarkets around the world. I myself am from Holland. Love the office chair lots.

  28. cheap conservatories5:27 AM

    I really liked the globe and the chair. That's really prefect office chair or to work on a computer. But I am wondering what you ar going to do with that factory sign. Eager to see that. Please share with us once you come up with something for that. I really love your creativity.

  29. India Pied A Terre1:41 AM

    Oh my goodness! That sign is so cool. That green cross for safety is still around! At my employer, There's an architectural salvage place in Chicago that sells these old safety signs for a LOT more than you paid too -- what a great buy. And I'm so glad I've held onto a globe my grandpa gave me about 35 years ago -- I should bring it up from the basement!

  30. Great finds! My fav is the globe. : )


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