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My unoffcial kick off to Fall starts with a bookstore run to pick up those 'special edition' Halloween mags. If you are anything like me, you might be able to understand my extreme excitement at the following: I am actually in one of those magazines this year. squee!

Edited to add: The article is online here.

HalloweenWomansDay (5 of 6).jpgHalloweenWomansDay (2 of 6).jpg
HalloweenWomansDay (3 of 6).jpg

Turn to page 86 in this year's Halloween Celebrations (a Woman's Day Special) and you'll see a 6 page spread of Halloweens past here at Brooklyn Limestone. Talk about surreal!

And if you are wondering how my current Halloween plans are coming, I'm afraid to say I've had no progress. Send me some betwitching vibes, will you?


  1. Melanie Crownover9:35 AM

    Wow! Can't wait to buy this!

  2. Cassie {hi sugarplum}9:44 AM

    Super exciting and so well deserved!!! you are fabulous and the world knows it!! Can't wait to pick it up...Halloween has eclipsed all other holidays in our house, so i'm looking forward to this year. Kids already have their costume.

  3. That's so awesome!! What about the all white theme that's in Matthew Mead's book? I'm sure it's hard beating each year's awesome themes!

  4. jillian dieter10:02 AM

    how exciting! congrats!! xoxo jillian:: enter to win Upper Metal Class Jewelry

  5. I saw your feature when I was flipping through mags at the store.   How exciting!  The photos were beautiful.  :)

  6. Congratulations! What a nice feature!

  7. Alaina12:59 PM

    I am excited for you that you are in the magazine because you sure deserve it.  Oh no, I need you to be excited about Halloween you are great inspiration.  I have to say, I have glanced through some of the Special magazines and I was not too impressed.  I have seen more inspiration in blogland. I hope you get your mojo.  I have to start early because we host an annual Halloween Adult party and I go all out.  I have already started working on my costume and my husbands and I hate to say it but I have already come up for the theme for next years party.  I work part time and I have 3 young children and we all get involved and enjoy the fun of getting the house ready. 

  8. Joanne Kennedy1:15 PM

    Well I'm not surprised to see you in a magazine.  No one does Halloween like you.  Wish I lived closer by so I could see it in person.  Can't wait to see what you do this year!

  9. Sixtyfifthavenue7:33 PM

    How exciting!! Your ideas are always fabulous!

  10. That's so cool!  I can't wait to grab the magazine - Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to decorate for.  In fact it's what led me to Brooklyn Limestone in the first place.  Can't wait to see what you do this year.

  11. goagainstthegrain11:30 PM

    oh wow so great!! you do such amazing stuff for halloween!

  12. I always have to grab up the Halloween issues, too! I'll be on the look out for this one...congrats, big time!
    ...and understand about the stall in getting to it this year, i think it's the more than odd weather, or at least i'm using that for now. maybe next week...?

  13. I use to love Halloween until last year when 200 people came to my door. My thrill of seeing all the little kids in their Halloween costumes were totally dampened by adults with their hands open. I even had a woman who was pregnant stating that she was "practicing". Hardly any of the trick or treaters were from my actual neighborhood.

  14. Helloloverofbeautifulthings7:55 PM

    How exciting!  I always look forward to your Halloween decor - you so deserve those 6 pages and more!

  15. Rachel1:11 PM

    2 words, YOU ROCK!

  16. Phronsie10:13 PM

    I hadn't read your blog in a few days (shame on me) and I picked up the copy of WD today.  I got it home and started perusing the pages.  I knew it was you before the glossy confirmed!  I think you may be my Halloween soul sister.  So happy for you!

  17. laura @ the shorehouse4:03 PM

    How amazing!!  Congratulations.  I always love your Halloween treats.

    Having a happy catch-up with your blog.  I've missed my free time...don't people know I have blogs to read? ;-)


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