The Good Mood Board {Master Bedroom Edition}

When Cassidy of Remodelaholic asked me to play along in her Good Mood Board challenge, I thought what could be more fun than imaginary decorating without budget constraints? So of course I said yes.

Since I kind of already love my master bedroom, I didn't want to start reimagining that so instead I came up with an alter ego who would just happen to have a pretty fabulous bedroom. She'd be single, live in a fabulous spacious rent controlled loft in Gramercy, have an obscene closet full of amazing shoes and clothes and spend lots of time traveling the world while living off a healthy trust but love to come home to lounge in her apartment entertaining all of her fabulous friends and lovers. Oh and her name is Ava. Can you tell I got into this just a tiny bit too much?

Ok, come on in.


So what do you think? I know I would not mind living here. How about you?

Now that you have seen whats lurking in my head, go on and check out the other lovely ladies who participated in the challenge and let me know what you thought of them all. Click on the banner below to take you to the next good mood board.


  1. Looks like a nice place...I love her story you created. : )

  2. rhorsley9:39 AM

    I absolutely love it. There's nothing like fully committing to a project! Go Ava!!! lol. 

  3. Amanda9:51 AM

    Love that bedroom (and your actual bedroom)!

  4. Soma Pradhan1:56 PM

    I've been staring for at least 2 WHOLE minutes.  I love every part of this!!!  Esp the nightstand and the bedding!!!!!

  5. argspam3:27 PM

    i love that!

  6. May I ask where that cool painting of the shoes may be found ?

  7. Cassity @ Remodelaholic6:14 PM

    Stefanie!  I love it!  Sorry I am so slow to comment today - no babysitter!  But I agree I could totally live here too!  I love the space and that light!

    I also am really loving the finish on that dresser!  And the color in the painting is fabulous!

    Thank you SO much for doing this!  I hope it has been a great day for you!

  8. Great bedroom.....I own several pieces in the board so it has to be :)

  9. Roeshel8:13 PM

    Love the room and your alter ego sounds like a fun girl!  :) 

  10. MrsLimestone9:38 AM

    If you click into the board, you can see the individual pieces and their sources.

    Its actually a print from Janet Hill so I cheated and made it a lot larger. If you wanted something like that, you'd have to have it made or paint it yourself. Naturally Ava is talented :)

  11. Looks fabulous. I could absolutely live here. The bed looks particularly comfortable and I love the suitcases.


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