Halloween Invitation Reveal: This Won't Hurt a Bit

With just one more week to Halloween, its time to show you what I've been up to for this years party. Today's reveal is all about the Halloween invitations ( if you are new to the blog, check out last year's carnival freakshow invite or the prior years creature survival kit)

As you might have guessed already from those sneak peeks, this years concept was a creepy abandoned asylum for the criminally insane. So spooky its oft used in Halloween movies (Pennywise from Stephen King's IT, Michael Myers, etc, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.) I gave it my own little twist by relocating it right in my front yard. But on that in tomorrows post.

Today is all about the mailing. Just some simple amber bottles with a taste of what is to come.

Halloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (8 of 10).jpg
Halloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (5 of 10).jpgHalloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (10 of 10).jpg

The front is a faux apothocary label and the back label reads:

When the voices in your head
threaten to overtake,
commit to confinement
for society's sake.

When the ghosts in your mind
become too much to bear,
we'll sedate and subdue
with the greatest of care.

We'll listen and treat
whatever your claim,
before we label you
criminally insane!

Your admittal is confirmed
on October thirty one,
processing starts at four
at Kings County Asylum.

Halloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (9 of 10).jpg
Halloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (7 of 10).jpgHalloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (1 of 10).jpg

For those who like to know the details:
-Labels designed and printed by me
-Bottles were purchased at SKS
-Skull and crossbones stamp by besotted brand.

More on the decor in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned.


  1. Michelle9:09 AM

    I always love your invites!  And your halloween parties, even if I am not into the scary stuff myself!

  2. MrGWHunting9:18 AM

    So when is the party? LOL.

    Now I will be in New York this weekend, just in case you had an extra invite left over. LOL. 

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. MrsLimestone9:32 AM

    Its on Halloween of course! Dying to know what your costume is? Are you revealing?

    With Halloween on a Monday this year, party is going to be really small. It will just be a few close friends and their kids coming over to parade around in costume and help us give out candy to the hundreds of kid who come to our door. Lots of fun but not really the same thing as a proper party really.

  4. Cottage and Broome10:07 AM

    Your invite looks great, looking forward to seeing more of your decorating. Laura Cottage and Broome

  5. So fun.  How did you package them up to mail?

  6. This is great! The invite is very unique, I'm sure your guests will love it. Have fun at the party!

  7. robynpurdie10:23 AM

    So great-the effort and time you have put into them show. i would love to get that through the mail!

  8. Bontempsbeignet10:26 AM

    You are just too creative with this Halloween stuff. Every year gets better and better. Can't wait to see the decor!

  9. MrsLimestone10:29 AM

    Just put them in a padded manilla envelope. These were definitely easiest ones to make and mail.

  10. Susan Ator10:34 AM

    Whiile I love perusing your blog at all times, halloween is my favorite time of year for brooklynlimestone! You are really outdoing yourself here. Can hardly wait for more :D :D

  11. Ms_Bright10:38 AM

    Clever as always. This one may be my favorite. It's simple, but terribly creative and the wording is brilliantly witty! Brava!

  12. Laura Weimer Quinn10:39 AM

    This is awesome! :)

  13. trickortreat10:58 AM

    Great poem! You sure know how to lure guests to a party.

    Thanks for providing the source for the bottles; I was hoping you would!

  14. So awesome! How do you keep coming up with these fabulous ideas!!!! I want your mind!

  15. Steph, what's in the bottles?

  16. MrsLimestone11:49 AM

    Nothing - just a prop. I might have included something fun to drink inside but who would have really tried it?

  17. Wow! I'm lovin' this year's theme, and those invites are brilliant!!! Can't wait to see the decorations, etc. I know it will be incredible!

  18. Lacy @ downmodernhome.com12:11 PM

    Your invitations are always so creative!

  19. Lpalfey12:45 PM

    LOVE! I can not wait to see the decorations! I sent out a test tube invitation for my son's mad science birthday party last year with vintage " poison" stickers on them and some of the recipients actually called 911 when they received them!! I even got permission from the post office to send via usps. I'm pretty sure if i'm going to poison you i wouldn't label the poison! Lol!

  20. KStarr12:59 PM

    So good.  Creative.  Ghoulish.  Just perfect!

  21. Melissa @ HOUSEography1:49 PM

    Absolutely love it! Halloween on a Monday is really kind of a bummer but I am sure your party will be really fun. Maybe people will bring their bottles back for a 'refill'?!!

  22. Joanne2:02 PM

    Hands down you do the best parties and your invitations are out of this world!

  23. MrsLimestone2:48 PM

    Wow, that is crazy! What is wrong with people?

    I brought these to the post office and the lady at the counter got a kick out of the label. She realized it was a joke but maybe thats because there aren't lunatic aslyums anymore?

  24. Liisa_f4:34 PM

    Absolutely brilliant!!!Your so freakin amazing my kinda blog indeed!!I will send you pics of my Vintage Gothic Halloween Tea party i'm doing for me  /Mr Snipps and a few mates of ours... have a good one
    Cheers liisa!!

  25. love 'em.  absolutely love 'em.

  26. goagainstthegrain7:14 PM

    these are so great!

  27. The pharmacist in me is LOVING these!! 

  28. MrGWHunting9:38 PM

    I havent even decided! I have only a few days left!!

  29. Christen10:18 PM

    You are seriously so talented!    Can not wait to see your decorations too!

  30. Your Halloween invitations and your Christmas send outs are some of my favorite diy's of yours! These definitely stand up to the reputation - the bottle labels are amazing!

  31. I think I need a good dose of that elixa!

  32. I am more excited this year then before which is hard to believe, to see what you come up with! This is gonna be totally creepy and fantastic!!!! Just thinking of all the old asylums in your area gives me goosebumps!! Lori

  33. Jordan@the2seasons8:38 AM

    I love how creative your invitations are for parties.  This sets the tone and mood and shows you are going to have a great time!

  34. MrsLimestone9:10 AM

    Oh I should have consulted with you on what to put on the label :)

  35. MrsLimestone9:10 AM

    Would love to see!

  36. Mizgmoss6:54 PM

    I've also been busy decorating my haunted old place, just finished my chandelier today, and I've been dying to get over here to see your invites. Once again, you didn't disappoint.
    Love the asylum idea! 

  37. flan5912:44 AM

    My brother spent over 20 years in a state psychiatric hospital dye to severe, treatment resistent, schizophrenia. It is nothing laugh at. You are making fun of people like my brother who died at the age of 48: after years of smoking in these hospitals. Callousness like this is why people with brain illnesses are treated so poorly in our society. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  38. MrsLimestone8:12 AM

    I am very sorry you lost your brother and of course you are entitled to your opinion but I am not making fun of anyone here. No more than a halloween graveyard is making fun of people mourning the real dead, this is a spooky scene of a haunted/condemned hospital. Its not real, is not a social commentary, its not making fun of anyone.

  39. Laderamommy2:42 PM

    I admire your talent and creativity.
    I only wish it was not at the expense of the "insane"...mental illness is real.
    My 18 year old son has struggled for years with his deamons...and the embarrassment that comes with the social stigma perpuitated by misinformation, crule jokes and fear.
    I hope next year I can look forward to a different theme for you fantastic haloween decor.
    Take care,

  40. Patricia5:19 PM

    This is amazing.  You do inspire!!

  41. Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute1:34 AM

    I'm dying (ha-ha) to use this idea.  You have the best Halloween ideas.  You've already got me thinking of Halloween.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  42. beaglemom12:34 PM

    love your ideas,I have used some of them for my own party,and some of my own ,everyone has a great time.thinking of trying asylum next year how do you get the spoon to look old?

  43. I have a son who's birthday is on the 29th and every year we choose a new theme for his Halloween birthday party. Last year Zombie Apocalypse was the theme and we homemade an underground newspaper invite with headline reading "Zombie War Is Upon Us". We hand-burned and bloodied 50 of them and man was it a hit! This year his party will be a sleepover and I wasn't sure how I was going to top last years invite until I stumbled across this! How perfect for a Halloween birthday sleepover! Can you tell me where I might procure the labels? Thank you! Love it!

    1. Thanks. I designed the labels myself.

  44. Love them! What size bottles did you use? 100 or 250ml?

  45. Love them! What size bottles did you use? 100 or 250ml?


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