Hello again.

I'm back! If you thought we had flown the coop somewhere, you would have been right. We're back from 8 days in India and it was pretty mind blowing. Everything people said about it and more. I have a lot to share from the trip but its back to work today and I'm way too jet lagged to do anything but share just the one shot.

Pigeons Over New Delhi
pigeons flying at sunset over new delhi, taken on the masterji kee haveli tour
arranged by the wonderful delhi magic

Another huge thank you to my sisterhood in Halloween craziness for being part of the ghoulish guest series. I hope you enjoyed it!

Of course I have my own Halloween hijinks to share as well - invitations and exterior decor coming up.

Halloween2011InvitesBrooklynLimestone (10 of 10).jpg
skull stamp from the gorgeous new line from besotted brand

And finally just when you thought I had completely abandoned all decor topics, I have final room to tackle - the hubs man cave. Just thinking up a plan at this point but here is the way before to get us started. Anything is better than this right?

Basement Before
the man cave, before

Phew! See why October is always my favorite month! What do you want to hear about first?


  1. Amanda B.10:24 AM

    Halloween, man cave and then loads of travel pics!

  2. Lilnecklady11:08 AM

    Are you pulling a halloween joke on us with that man cave! Wow, that's some before shot.

  3. MrsLimestone11:12 AM

    Nope, no joke. Thats what the before looked like. Looks a bit better now but not exactly gorgeous either.

  4. Ah! Welcome back! The man cave project couldn't come at a better time. My basement looks eerily similar and I have no clue what to do with it. I need the space desperately. Looking forward to seeing your plans.

  5. I am looking forward to the India pictures as well as the creepy man cave progress. 

    But, I have to say, I am deeply disappointed that you would choose to base this year's Halloween festivities on a 'lunatic asylum' theme. Those of us that suffer from mental illness face enough stigma as it is.  

  6. MrsLimestone12:07 PM

    The man cave has a lot more work needed to get it looking good. Its come a long way from the dank basement look but so much more needs to be done. Hoping to get everyones ideas as well.

    As for Halloween - Im sorry to hear you are offended. Obviously its not meant to offend nor make light of the very real issues around mental illness. Its purely meant to creep people out (which as far as Im concerned, being in an old aslyum could not be creepier) Much like a halloween graveyard scene isn't meant to be a commentary on real death and dying but just be a scare - this is done in the same vain. But of course you are entitled to your opinion and dislike of it - but keep in mind its just a farce.

  7. Betty1:32 PM

    I am looking forward to seeing your pics from India!  It is truly one place that fascinates me!  Have you read "A Find Balance" by Rohinton Mistry?  It is excellent and a great story that takes place in India.

  8. MrsLimestone8:02 PM

    Its absolutely a fascinating place.  Certainly exotic and exciting. No I haven't read it but thanks for the recommendation, Ill definitely look that one up. 

  9. goagainstthegrain8:06 PM

    welcome back! can't wait to hear about your trip and see all your Halloween goodness!

  10. i can't WAIT to hear your take on india and to see your amazing pictures :)

  11. Yea! I knew you were on a trip. I've got the travel bug at the moment, so seeing your pics will have to suffice.

  12. Gah!  I am so honored to have made it in a little way into your Halloween creative genius.  Gosh these look amazing!

  13. India Pied A Terre7:39 PM

    So glad you went to India!! I can't wait to see it through the lens of your eye and camera. Surely the shots are gorgeous as your travel photography always is. I leave for southern India in a few weeks -- my fourth trip there!


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