Maybe for the man room? What do you think?

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If you want real vintage poster inspiration, check out the amazing job Amy of ABCD Design did on her last apartement. Swoon.


  1. Kerry8148010:46 AM

     I forget where I saw this posted (seems like something I'd see on your blog!) but this ebay store has tons of cheap vintage looking travel posters from places all over the world!  They would be awesome for your man room, pick a bunch form your favorite places you've traveled!

  2. Susan Ator10:57 AM

    Or, if you're talking travel, really go for it with these:
    Vintage space travel posters!

  3. Absolutely! These are gorgious & classy! Way to go!

  4. Ms_Bright12:26 PM

    Love all of these, but I'm a bit partial to the Chicago one. Would be fab in the Mister's room!

  5. Oh, I like the one in the upper right best. Maybe because it is Halloween time. The others match your house well.  The world map on your credenza top, your passport art, your travel photos. It all works.

  6. Lavenderandlilies2:00 PM

    I like these. They would work for a man cave.

  7. rhorsley2:23 PM

    Oooh I don't know if this is bad or good! I was just thinking I needed some vintage travel posters for a spot in the house. I had no idea where to find any. Now I know they're out there and it looks like there might be links about it all. This could go badly for my wallet. 

  8. ramblingrenovators3:14 PM

    Definitely! They allude to your love of travel and all things vintage. Perfect for the man cave!

  9. I like that they are related but don't all match exactly.  Nice choice for the travel theme!

  10. I LOVE vintage travel posters.  Goes with anything.  Go for it.  (And that ABCD Design living room is one of my top favorite inspiration images of all time--the black casement window wall, the art, the chesterfield sofa--its all good.) 

  11. Pamelaj2:44 AM

    I'm loving them all.  They would look great in simple white frames on charcoal gray walls.

  12. Hugh_ruthven3:12 PM

    You might check out some old/reproduced automotive prints, there are a number of great ones from the Grand Prixs in the 50's. I really like one from the 58 Grand Prix of Cuba. 


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