Namaste India

We've been back from our India trip for almost a month so its high time to share a little bit about our adventures.


We had an amazing time. India was everything people say - both good and bad. It's an absolute overload to the senses and can be a lot to absorb but I really enjoyed spending time there.


Our itinerary hit the three cities of the "golden triangle" - a popular tourist route. We started in Delhi, stopped in Agra and Jaipur and then returned to Delhi for a final few days.


On our first full day, we met a local guide for a tour the old city's religious sites, browsing the bazaar, riding the metro and sampling some of the food. Talk about sensory overload. Just amazing. The feeling of not knowing where to look but wanting to look at everything is something I experienced a lot on this trip but perhaps no where more so than the old part of Delhi.


From visiting a Sikh temple (where thousands of free meals are given out daily) to touring a Jain bird hospital, from oogling lane after lane of tiny bazaar shops (selling every kind of doo-dad) to being squished in with (what felt like the entire population of India) down a few narrow crevices in the city - it was quite the introduction.


And that was just one day! We knew we would be back at the end of the trip so we said goodbye for now to Delhi and got in the car for a 5 hour drive to Agra.


Read more about our time in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.


  1. Janell Beals9:43 AM

    Beautiful Images! Janell

  2. Chanee Vijay9:45 AM

    How exciting! Your images bring back memories of northern India experience as well. I can't wait to see your Taj and Agra photos. I didn't make it to Jaipur when I went there to get married almost 4 years ago. We're going to southern India in Dec. and taking my mom this time! I sent her a link to your post so she can get a feel for the environment. I'm excited to see more photos of your trip. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous. My friends and I were just discussing taking a trip to India, but were nervous because of the "bad" you referenced. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  4. MrsLimestone9:56 AM

    Your mom is a lucky lady to have you take her along. Have a great time. Im told Southern India is a lot different from Northern India - not sure if its true but have a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. robynpurdie11:08 AM

    Beautiful, vibrant photos! Fantastic! I did the Golden Triangle myself a few years ago and I so enjoyed it-just wished I had more time in the country! Looking forward to the next instalment!

  6. Absolutely lovely pics :)

  7. Amazing photos. I especially like the one of traffic, both people and cars. The color on the roofs of a couple cars and the line of people carrying their stuff up high. What a brilliant, colorful city.

  8. Absolutely beautiful photos that captured the essence of India. Can't wait to see the rest. Okay, so how long did it take the henna to dry?  Did you ever solve the camera bag issue?

  9. you-wee because2:38 PM

    Great impressions from an impressive place - I like the colours of India!


  10. Marnie2:38 PM

    How beautiful is that last pic!  Almost like a mystery.

  11. Lisa Rozario3:25 PM

    Your pictures are captivating and certainly gives one an idea of the sensory overload. The mehndi/henna looks beautifully intricate. I hope you both kept well throughout the trip. Look forward to reading  more.

  12. Wow oh wow oh wow.  This is amazing.  I cannot wait to read and see more.  Your pictures tell such a lovely story by themselves. 

  13. Barbara6:21 PM

    Wow. I really love your photos. Especially those showing "real people". How do you manage to take these pictures, do you ask before you take photographs of foreigners? Just wondering, because I am too damn "shy". What is your trick? Thanks for sharing, Barbara

  14. MNTraveler228:59 PM

    If only it was possible to take scratch and sniff photos with audio... Your pictures of India brought me back to my trip there several years ago.  I had a love/hate relationship with India, but the culture and overwhelming feelings of India captured my heart and continues to fascinate me long after the Delhi belly has been left behind.  When I returned, I found it difficult to truly convey to people the essence of India.  Having traveled solo, I longed to "debrief" with someone who understood.  Thankfully, I discovered the book Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald.  One of the first chapters in her book so accurately described my first few days in Delhi It was fantastic!  If you're ever missing the chaos and looking for a quick trip back, check it out.

    Looking forward to more great photos!


  15. Lynett11:37 PM

    I have always wanted to go to India and seeing these pictures just made me want to go even more! Amazing!

  16. Jordan@the2seasons8:02 AM

    Great photos.  Looks like a great time.

  17. MrsLimestone9:14 AM

    There isn't a trick really. I ask permission when Im taking a close up portrait type shot (for example, the guy rolling the dough and the man stirring the big pot). Even with the language barrier, its very easy to point to the camera with a smile and questioning look to convey my intent. The desire of the subject is easily known with few words. But in the cases where Im taking more of a scene shot or shooting from a bit farther away (so if someone is riding past me or far below me on the street for example), I obviously can't ask permission.

  18. MrsLimestone9:17 AM

    No, never did find a camera bag. I guess Im not willing to lay down a few hundred bucks for a bag I'm not sure about. If I ever figure it out, I'll definitely post about it.

    After the henna was applied it took 30 minutes for it to dry. And the design stayed on my hands for about 2 weeks (growing lighter each day)

  19. Dave Pilgrim10:40 AM

    Thanks for sharing.  I have a new game app that is being coded in India.  I have never outsourced my life before.  So I feel very brave.  The vendor is now wanting my wife and I to come to India before the game app goes live at Good Apps.  After reading your post I might have to go....Ok I am going. lol... I just need to find out when the kite festival is...

  20. MrsLimestone10:51 AM

    You should totally go. But try to see more than the office. As with any place, you really can't see the best of it in the suburbs.

  21. Rhorsley12:40 PM

    You have such a talent for capturing a place and bringing it alive for those who aren't there. That henna design is amazing. The whole experience looks divine. I would love to experience it all. 

  22. Alison7:00 PM

    What beautiful images!  Please forgive me if you've addressed this already, but I'd love to know what type of camera and lens/lenses you used.  If you used a DSLR, how did it go carrying it through the streets of Delhi??  Do you have a favorite lens for traveling?  

  23. Amiedaya2:17 AM

    Your India pictures are AMAZING. I am Hindu ( born and raised in America) and go back to India often; your pictures tell the story of this country just as it is :)

  24. MrsLimestone6:43 AM

    Thank you - what an amazing compliment.

  25. sarah7:31 PM

    love, wish i could go!


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