Steal this Idea*: Classic Colorful Napkins

Its Friday (yippee!) - time for another Steal this Idea* feature - a tiny show of appreciation for a well executed tutorial.

Today's project is just perfect for everyone getting ready to set their holiday tables. Its an oldie but a goodie from the Purl Bee (which happens to be the blog of one of the most inspiring crafty shops in NYC).

Personally I can't seem to sew a straight line to save my life but I sooo want to make some of these. They seem easy enough (pardon the pun!).

I just love the gradiation of color. A set of these could round out one gorgeous DIY table, don't you think?

Run over to the Purl Bee to check out all the deets on how to make your own!

postscript: *When I say steal, I really mean borrow nicely and give proper credit!

**If you have an idea/tutorial you would like me to consider for a feature, email me. I'd love to see!


  1. CourtneyOutLoud1:42 PM

    I love a properly banded napkin!  It's beautiful!

  2. Love this idea! Just a touch of color. Hey, even I could do this. Thanks for the tweet that led me here. I'm off to RT it.

  3. They are darling...thanks for the link!


  4. Kewl site you've got. Trying to figure out those superimposed snowflakes.

  5. Lisa Rozario9:44 AM

    These are perfect! I love mixing up napkins which work together whether because of pattern or similar colors, colors of the season, and so on..makes for an interesting setting.


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