Blowing Glitter

Today's post just might be the most random topic of all time but I would like to let the Santa know that I would really love a photo of me, looking beautiful, blowing a beautiful cloud of glitter right into camera. It's like magic but easier.

image via cristine re

Hope your Christmas season has been practially magic.

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  1. Michelle9:28 AM

    I love this!  I would like the same photo!  Looking beautiful of course!

  2. Jen @ a place 2 call home9:37 AM

    Very pretty, and magical. I also love pictures where the white string lights are all blurry and magical looking. So pretty

  3. Lavenderandlilies9:38 AM

    I just "liked" you on Facebook.  I love the glitter as well.  

  4. I know, right?  I'd love to have a pics like that.  I friended you on FB.  

  5. Carmelraye11:02 AM

    What a great photo!  

  6. What a gorgeous shot! Life is so magical!!!

  7. Megan@twodelighted2:40 PM

    Girl, you should definitely do it.  My sister and I tried to do this with confetti and the pictures turned out cute but I have a hard time getting over how stupid my face looks when I am blowing.  :)  If you do it, make sure to practice a pretty blowing face.  I left you a comment under yours on our blog but wanted to say thank you again for coming to look at us.  We love you!

  8. Kirsten4:21 PM

    Merry Christmas to you! Thanks again for the adorable holiday tags and I agree...that glitter is so pretty:).

  9. Merry merry Christmas! 

  10. Well, ho ho ho and call me Ms. Claus because I could totally help you with this project. Just sayin'. You have my email. :)

  11. There really is something magical about all that glitter - I feel the same way about both glitter and balloons!

  12. Christine Lueschow7:28 PM

    That looks amazing!

  13. have a glorious and glittery holiday!

  14. Kathryn6:26 PM

    My sister saw this on your blog, and as I am a photographer, asked me to do this for her for Christmas as well! We were so excited at how they turned out!

    I say go for it!!! It was super simple as long as you have a heavy type of glitter!! 

    Hope you had the most magical of holidays!


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